Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Countdown to C-Day...Continues.

What an amazing week this been...and it isn't even half over yet.

Polls show Ron Paul fighting hard to render my call on the Iowa results to be borderline Nostramaic in character.

Enough Iowans have read or heard about the extensive commentary I wrote regarding the Lizard...so as to take at least one of his 400 pound knees out from under him.

Mitt is pretending to have temporarily dismounted ffrom his high horse and is all blue jeans and fairy tales, from Des Moines to The Bluffs.

Rick Sanatarium has, as I suggested, apparently wrested control of the Christian conservative Mike Chuckleberry crowd from Mrs. Botchmann and Rick H. W. Bush. In the process, however, Sanatarium did restore my confidence in his lacklusterness...by telling a crowd that he was "for income inequality".

Sanatarium indicated he did,however, oppose "intellectual inequality"...and as such he did one day hope that a compassionate intellectual might toss a few IQ points his way.

Despite Newtie's inevitable loss of front-running status, in the end I strongly suspect that he will retain the bulk of the Anybody But Romney crew. Newt's 48 stop barnstorming exodus, slated to begin next week, will be his legitimate "second look" in Iowa, and probably keep him reasonably even with Romney when all is said and done.

Mrs. Botchmann and John Huntsman, and their staffs, are already sending out resumes. Ann Coulter continues to shill for Chris Christie. Jeb Bush is gearing up for his own ill-advised entry into the race. And...Sarah Palin hints that she herself...may have eaten a bad carrot...which could give her "the runs" also.

I do, however, have it on good authority, that John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney are managing the Palin Campaign. Apparently...Palin will announce, and then show up on stage at the next debate wearing a bomb vest. And...the morning after...Chris Christie will have to announce...along with Jeb Bush...since the rest of the field will have met their collective timely demise.

And yes...I confess in advance, that I will go for the obvious puns which so easily attach to both the Gov. of NJ, and the former Gov. of Florida. More on this later.

I've been seriously pressed for time recently...hence the limited posting the last few days. But...with so much happening in and out of Iowa this week. I assure all that the balance of the week will see daily posting.

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