Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Sorry Maam, You Can't Return Speaker Gingrich...He Was Sold To You, "AS IS".

Merry Day After all of my family, friends, and both lovers and haters of this Blog. With the exception of "family"...we picked up a whole new crop of people in each of the other categories after the last posting.

I don't know why, but it always does trouble me when the largest group who decide to call, write, text, or drop an email...after I happen to say ANYTHING about the democratic party which doesn't include the phrase "walks on water"...are my own peeps, who just can't wait to call me a turncoat, favorite reference during the Christmas season..."JUDAS"! (...though one enterprising victim of home-schooling did actually refer to me as "Judis". This confused me greatly, as I was unaware any of Rick Sanatarium's kids could write...and they're all presumably pre-registered with the Fascist Party.)

However...before moving on to the post-Christmas smoregasboard of political claptrap ranging from the obvious to, "Are you F'in kidding me,"...let's get one thing straight. Why is it not right for me to compare the impact of President Obama's lies to get elected, to George Bush and Dick Cheney's lies which killed a generation of 19 year olds here and around the world...BUT...when Matt Damon makes the same basic claims...AFTER I had begun to spout that line...HE gets an article in Elle Magazine, another appearance on Bill Maher...AND nowhere near the hate mail that I found in my Christmas Stocking?

Republican friends of mine have routinely pointed out to me for years...albeit incorrectly so, for the most part...that "these liberals who are supposed to be the most accepting people, are the first to show how un--accepting they are when anyone says anything bad about them". I have customarily defended those being attacked by this suggestion. Today however, while I continue to defend...I am compelled to choose a response (this time to my own expression of concern) from "Column B".

I am bothered, particularly by about a handful of emails which sounded a lot like either 1. Bush people justifying lies about war by suggesting that Bill Clinton lied about blowjobs, or 2. Death Penalty advocates wanting to know if I would feel different about the death penalty, "If YOUR daughter was raped and murdered". And...quite obviously, what bothers me most about those the fact that they clearly DID come from people who refer to themselves as "progressives".

In five years of on and off blogging, and close to three decades of political advocacy in one form or another, I have made no secret of my political transformation, ideologically, or that today I am a Wellstone Progressive who doesn't need a Party Label to remind me who I am. I've voted for good people of both parties and no party. I've worked for people, paid and unpaid, whose goals were to enhance the quality of life of all people in their respective nation, state, political subdivision, school district, or animal control area. I don't "hate" anyone for their politics, positions, or outlook on the universe.The only thing I do honestly and legitimately inconsistency.

You can't be a death penalty advocate and oppose abortion. You CAN...but you would simply be using your own brand of rationalization in order to determine the value of life. YOU value the unborn. YOU don't value the life of an ax murderer, falsely adhere to the Old Testament principle of "An Eye For An Eye," AND call yourself a "Christian"...despite the fact that when CHRIST appeared in your own New Testament, HE said that the "Old Law" was null and void...and that HE brought the New Law...which was that we are to love one another as HE loved us.

You can't be a NO NEW TAXES, GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY LIFE person...and want the U.S. to police the world and eliminate the EPA...while you also want to drug test unemployment beneficiaries and make gay marriage the determining factor in who you nominate for president. If you want this country to maintain 1000 military bases around the world and pay $700,000.00 a pop for tomahawk cruise missiles...YOU CAN'T CUT CORPORATE TAXES TO ZERO AND NOT TAX BILLIONAIRES AT A HIGHER RATE THAN THE GIRL TAKING YOUR ORDER AT MICKEY D'S! And...if you want the government out of YOUR LIFE, so that you can run YOUR company without regard to the environment...and you don't want to be responsible for some poor bastard's health care...YOU CAN'T BE THE PERSON WHO DETERMINES WHAT THE SAME POOR BASTARD DOES WITH HIS UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT...OR, WHO HE OR SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH!

Consistency... the discussion I have had with literally hundreds of so called "hard core" people on both sides of the political aisle, which has caused them to realize that the hole "HARD CORE" a flat out freakin' lie.

VERY FEW people really are, "hard core" right...or left. If Ricky Sanatarium was a hard core right-winger...and as "Christian" as he thought he was...he would take his campaign to the gates of every prison where any criminal was about to be executed, and demand that LIFE IN ALL FORMS, BE PRESERVED.

I watched an episode of The Good Wife last night...where the lead character (a lawyer) lost a big case, because another lawyer went thru the Star's briefcase...while the Star was distracted by a family emergency. The other lawyer then removed a piece of critical evidence which he had not been able to get on his own, and used it against the Star...after the family emergency was over, in order to win the case. The second lawyer even went so far as to act as if his own concern for the Star's family emergency was paramount...AND, once screwing her over..suggested that she leave her current job and come to work at his firm.

I took two things from this episode which I had not anticipated would have anything to do with a tv show primarily about the hard core nature of the field of litigation.

1. These two lawyers, were the absolute BEST examples of the true political extremes of this nation. Each had a cause. Each was able to rationalize the legitimacy of their cause. Each was willing to go to extreme lengths to insure that their cause would be the one which the JUDGE...THE INDEPENDENT PERSON, SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD...would deem to have the greatest merit. And, when confronted with the fact that the "victorious" side...was "victorious"...only because of its' willingness to compromise ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IT SAID IT STOOD FOR WHILE MAKING ITS' CASE...the lawyer/hard core advocate indicated, in essence...ya do what ya gotta do. And, if in the process, you shit on the other well as your own made-up concept of what is good and still won, so who gives a shit?

2.  Those are the things virtually EVERY LAWYER has done, in order to "win".

I actually realized a third thing, as well.

3.  I couldn't be happier about not practicing law anymore.

So...back to Friday's Posting...with a PROMISE to get back to REAL IOWA POLITICS later this evening.

To my cadre of right-LEANING readers: Don't get as excited as you did over my open and notorious criticism of Obama. While I won't vote for him again...YOU STILL HAVE NO VIABLE CANDIDATE...meaning of course, that enough Independents will still see Obama as the lesser of two evils, to re-elect the time of this Posting, anyway.

To my RABID left-LEANING readers who are convinced it was ME who ate the last piece of pizza, farted in the elevator and scratched the car while you were out of town: Please be the Progressives that you keep telling the world you really are. Please be consistent. And, when YOUR GUY shits the bed...don't find a way in which you can use a stolen piece of evidence to blame it on Dick Cheney. Just clean up YOUR MESS and move on.

To Matt Damon: Call me, Dude. Great minds do think alike.

There WILL be a second Posting tonight...and YOU WILL LIKE IT!

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