Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mitch's Bitch Strikes Again!

Today was supposed to feature a Posting on the yet to announce republucan candidates for president. One of this crop of unannounced peeps will likely step up and become the nominee.

However, when greeted this morning by yet another Harry Reid fantasy, I felt compelled to move the Ann Coulter shilling for Chris Christie posting...until tomorrow.

When colleagues on the politically progressive side of the equation have less than kind words for my negative commentary aimed at any democrat...I get almost as frustrated as when my out of work republican friends talk about how much the Bush tax cuts have done for them.

After promising, yet again, that there was absolutely NO WAY he would accept an extension of reduced payroll tax rates, or a bill avoiding a government shutdown without a tax on millionaires...and a blood oath to kill the Keystone pipeline...the democratically controlled Senate caved on issues it wasn't even asked to give up...and then proudly claimed "victory".

Kinda reminds me of a Mike Tyson fight that lasted 13 seconds. After the loser woke up, hours later, he talked about how even just showing up could be thought of as a victory.

I think THAT LOSER'S NAME...might have been Harry Reid, too.

I always say that there is one primary difference between republicans and democrats, philosophically, which shapes and frames each and every if their respective substantive positions.
Republicans believe that a certain percentage of the population is expendable...and they are more than prepared to "expend them" at a moment's notice.

Democrats believe that there is a certain limited quality of life which all human beings are entitled to, regardless of the difficulties with which they may have been endowed by their Creator.

For years, I tended to ignore the fact that there is also one 800 pound elephant in terms of the tactical implementation of those core values.

Republicans tell the world up front..."we are fully prepared to compromise"...and never do.

Democrats announce they are committed to positions near and dear to some component support group...rarely if ever achieve any of their stated objectives...and then proclaim victory under circumstances that a child of four could plainly see that anyone who ever believed in what the democratic party was supposed to stand for...JUST TOOK IT RIGHT UP THE OLD HERSHEY HIGHWAY...AGAIN.

But seriously, Senator Harry Dweeb...given your 97% ownership in both KY Jelly and Astroglide...why would Mitch McConnell and Little Johnny Boner ever stop openly mocking you for being the ineffective, butt-munching, pretender that you have been, are and always will be?

What did you accomplish in this instance? You live by one and only one tactical principle...DELAY, DELAY, DELAY any final decision on any key issue, and keep the real heat off by giving away bits and pieces of your own position until by the time you actually have nothing left...even your most ardent supporters and detractors...forgot what the Hell you said you wanted in the first place.

You stand for nothing other than self-preservation, self-agrandizement, self-ishness, and routinely using both hands to hold your ass cheeks as far apart as possible while the entire republican caucus files in to cast their vote on any issue. I guess the good news for you, Sen. that you can always count on the fact that regardless of your public posture on any issue, Mitch McConnell and the boys will be "behind you...all the way".

In fact, Senator future commentary...please be advised that you've lost your right to be referred to by both your real name AND your involuntarily assumed name. From now will henceforth be known only as, "MITCH'S BITCH"...

Because that is who and what you are.

You do the ultimate disservice to any and every thinking, caring and compassionate human being, just by entering the Well of the Senate. Do the world a favor, Bitch. Take a year off and read everything ever written or spoken by Neil Kinnock.

Oh...and file yet another Missing Persons Report...

I'm sure one day someone will locate your balls.

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