Friday, December 23, 2011

A Virtual Cornucopia of Holiday Politics!

WOW! December 23rd, 2011...

Did you ever believe that you would live to see the day when Ron Paul was so relevant to the discussion of who should be the next President of the United States...that the internationally famous and world renowned GLORIA BORGER would be compelled to grill the man about racist statements attributable to a publication that Paul owned...which were printed more than twenty years ago?

I'm guessing that Ms. Borger probably had the same access to those statements IN AUGUST as she has today.

...Wonder why no one, including Ms. Borger gave a darn about what the good Doc felt about carjacking...way back in August?

Okay, so I'm even more excited on December 23rd, about the fact that this blog was the first blog NOT OWNED BY RON project him as the winner in Iowa. In fact, and for the record, Paul was polling 4th in most cases when we called the Iowa race for him nearly a month ago.

Now...onward to bigger, better, more interesting...and many more items...crammed into what I hope doesn't turn out to be way too long of a posting.

GE...General moving roughly 5000 jobs from Wisconsin to Beijing, PRC (China) in 2012. Now...let me get this straight. A company, with direct ties to the person that President Obama named as his JOB CZAR...and whose duties included CREATING JOBS IN THE USA...moves 5000 jobs FROM THE The People's Republic of China?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year...and oh, by the way..."SCRATCH MY BIG FAT GE ASS, you Cheese Head-Wearing Bastards! (PS...This is an exact quote from Mr. Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman of the Board of General Electric.)

It's a little ironic, is it not, that back in 2008, when GE Capital was in the process of dragging GE The Parent, right into bankruptcy...that it was Mr. Immelt who, literally on his hands and knees, begged a then republican administration for federal BANK STATUS for GE Capital...and got it...only to later be appointed as the JOB CZAR in a democratic administration...and, also, OH BY THE WAY...announces a move to shit-can an entire small town full of cheeseheads, IN A YEAR WHEN GE SHOWED A PROFIT OF FIVE BILLION DOLLARS ($5,000,000,000.00)...AND PAID NO TAXES!

Call me crazy...but isn't THIS...EXACTLY what "the 99%" were bitching about?

The only thing that makes me even crazier about this kind of situation, is the fact that the only real news entities which were moving on this story, were those that wanted the public to look at it from the perspective of, "WOW...THIS GUY WAS APPOINTED BY OBAMA...HIS COMPANY PAID NO TAX ON $5B IN PROFIT...AND HE'S MOVING JOBS TO CHINA!"

The real story isn't that Immelt is a high powered democratic sympathizer who milked the system while moving jobs to China.

Immelt is NOT a high powered democratic sympathizer.

Immelt IS, a high powered CONNECTED person...CONNECTED TO BOTH PARTIES...WITH ACCESS to ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY....FROM EVERY PARTY...and, who, in part because of his corporate status as a member of the military-industrial complex...CAN GET WHATEVER THE HELL HE NEEDS, WANTS, CRAVES, or even has a random notion regarding...AT ANY TIME! is sad, that so few news organizations thought the story newsworthy. It is EQUALLY SAD that the only ones who DID find the story worth reporting...COLORED THE STORY WITH THEIR OWN CRAYONS, so as to make it appear as though the moving of these jobs was somehow the fault of "OBAMA AND THOSE DAMN LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!"

To Whom It May Concern:

JEFFREY IMMELT MAKES FAR MORE MONEY BUILDING JET ENGINES FOR FIGHTER PLANES AND CRUISE MISSILES...THAN HE DOES MAKING LIGHT BULBS. being MAD at Jeffrey Immelt and General Electric, during this holiday season and beyond...BE MAD FOR THE RIGHT REASONS! Be madder than hell that ANY AMERICAN COMPANY, REGARDLESS OF WHO RUNS IT...moves FIVE JOBS, or even one job, to the People's Republic of China...BECAUSE THE JOBS ARE BEING MOVED! And, NOT...because the guy moving those jobs happens to be the Job Czar in a democratic administration. TRUST ME...if Insane McCain had selected an actual VP Candidate...and subsequently won the last election...Jeff Immelt would STILL be moving those same jobs to China...and had the full and complete cooperation of the Insane McCain Administration.

Part of the goal of these postings, at this time...was to help the TWO EXTREMES of our political spectrum understand that YOU ARE BOTH OUT OF YOUR MINDS.

Sorry to put it in such a sugar-coated capsule, BUT...remember, no one pulls at the end of the rope to bring people together. People pulling at the end of the rope are only trying to pull the other guys into the puddle of mud. And, for so long as a RIGHTEOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS SITUATION...which could EASILY inspire indignation FOR WHAT IT both ignored by most, and only highlighted by news operations who have NO INTEREST in BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER FOR A COMMON GOOD...we, as a people will be the ones actually pulling ourselves into the mud puddle.

Now...about Mitt Romney and his refusal to publish his tax returns...

C'MON, Mitt...We already know your real name is WILLARD. How much worse could it get?

Oh, that's incessantly piss and moan about the top tax bracket being at 35%...WHEN IN FACT, the revenue YOU receive from Bain Capital...IS TAXED ONLY AT FIFTEEN PERCENT (15%)...OR LESS.


Of course, I could remind Willard that when his daddy ran for president, HE released HIS tax returns. Both Bushes released their tax returns. And...when Steve Forbes ran for president, HE released HIS tax returns.

Of course...anybody with one live brain cell knows full well that one of the primary reasons why Donald Trump would NEVER SERIOUSLY CONSIDER running for because HE WOULD NOT release HIS tax returns. Being a person who used to be invited to Trump's Christmas Parties annually, and was intimately acquainted with the bulk of The Donald's legal team...I can say with a certain degree of confidence, that a multitude of marriages, a bad rug, numerous corporate bankruptcies, and the fact he is generally despised even by those he writes checks to...are much farther down on the list of "reasons not to run for president"...than the issue of releasing one's tax returns.

AND...can you just HEAR the uproar which would come from Fox, Newsmax, Breitdouche, and Adam's Apple Coulter...if ANY democratic presidential candidate EVER, refused to release THEIR tax returns? Hell...this same collection of misfits went into apoplectic shock when Bill Clinton refused to release medical records which would only have revealed that he had a major hook to the left.

In a sense, I can't get too excited about Mitt, himself, not releasing tax returns...because Mitt...even with the endorsement of King George the still likely not able to secure the far right, the religious right, the Ron Paul crowd...AND...if he WERE able to get enough of some combination of those groups...the only real result would be that a 3rd and maybe even 4th Party effort might throw the race into a centrifuge...with Willard being then the first substance to be cast off.  Like I said the other day, in one of my numerous promises to start talking about the REAL republican nominee...not yet in the race...Mitt can release tax returns...not release tax returns...admit that he once inhaled, confess to being a closet Coke (or Diet Coke) addict, or claim that he has golden tablets buried in his backyard next to the magic underwear he once soiled as a child. It just ain't gonna happen for ya, Will.

In other news...Gary Johnson dropped out of the republican race to seek the Libertarian nomination. Unfortunately for Gary...he did not get the memo which has already awarded that position to Ron Paul.  And, oh by the way...speaking just a little more of Ron Paul...As a KNOW you are speaking the truth, when not only are the White House spin doctors coming after you...but your OWN Party "Leaders" are the ones going out and dredging up 20 year old stuff that you didn't write in the first place, and trying to feed it back to you through your A-NOOSE.

Ricky Sanatarium continues his rise in Iowa...AND, I am told...IN SOUTH CAROLINA. As you all know, I've actually sat down at the same table as Tricky Ricky and broken bread. And, I am compelled to tell you, DESPITE what you read in various medical journals to the contrary...ego-maniacal, psychopathic, borderline sociopathic narcissism, IS in FACT both airborne AND contagious., am I lucky. If I had stayed FOR DESSERT...who knows WHERE and WHAT I might be today. For all I know I could be the kind of guy that would ABANDON MY DYING CHILD just so ALL THE WORLD KNEW, how F*#@ed UP me and my views on the universe really were...AND...that back at home, in the privacy of my own REALLY DARK CLOSET...all I can think about is...The Eiffel Tower...and man's desire to marry sheep.

In closing...A brief follow-up to a piece I posted earlier...It is WONDERFUL to see that President Obama finally found HIS BALLS...since of course we knew that Harry Reid's have been relocated to a jar on Speaker Boner's mantel. Here again, however...I am NOT PLEASED by the actions of the president. I am in fact SICKENED by them. All this goes to show is that "The Bully Pulpit" HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR HIM TO UTILIZE...and that his going THREE YEARS without taking up a position therein...makes it even more glaringly apparent than ever before that Barack Obama is nothing more than an empty suit who has gone along to get along...just like each and every of his predecessors. The man could have made the kind of change he preached about when he got my vote in 2008. Sadly, he was lying then...and in my humble lying now. I did NOT support Hillary Clinton in 2008 when "my Democrat" dropped out of the race. And, I am not prepared to say that Mrs. Clinton would have done anything other than what Mr. Obama has done. The difference would have been...I would have ABSOLUTELY gotten EXACTLY what I expected. Bush lied...and people died. Obama lied...and at least some part of 53% of the entire population died, too. I'm not really sure at this point...which is worse.

I will try to post again over the weekend....Thanks to all who have written or called to say that you have missed the every day postings. I am truly sorry. A number of family related issues have caused this minor interruption in posting. I am hopeful that we will be back to every day in the very near future.


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