Thursday, January 19, 2012

And Then There Were 4

Rick Perry will make it official in a few minutes. The campaign I told you was on life support and that would have its plug pulled Saturday evening, decided to save the world the additional three days of drooling all over itself and repeatedly soiling the linens.

Yes, Virginia...Texas Governor, Rick.Dubyah Perry, is officially out of the race he was never in. And, for a.candidate and campaign who were never worthy of the three votes likely to be received in South Carolina...Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail are surely on tap to be the topic of conversation for the next 48 hours.

A quick recap of a few of the morning's event will illustrate how wacky the race has become  on a very short period of time.

The Iowa Recount is complete. Originally, final counting gave Romney what he referred to as "a great victory"...where he carried an 8 vote margin over Tricky Ricky Sanatarium.

Now, after the Recount...and admittedly numbers from 8 precincts were "unofficial" since those hard ballots couldn't be located...Santorum had essentially won a margin of 34 votes.

Romney's reaction to the to announce that, in Iowa, he and Santorum have finished in "a virtual tie". win by 8 votes = great victory. You lose by 34 votes = a virtual tie.

Kinda like the way in which numbers crunching at Bain Capital showed a profit to investors...but huge losses when it got to tax time.

On a lighter note...almost two months ago, I wrote that the first four republican primaries/caucae, would be won by four different candidates.

There was mocking...some of a very intense variety.

Where are these cackling hens  NOW, Ann Coulter et al.?

Iowa - Santorum
New Hampshire - Romney
South Carolina - The Fat Lizard
Florida - ?

I can't believe, in one sense, that Rick Dubyah would go home after Iowa...quit...unquit...tell his fan that he was going balls out to win South Carolina...and then duct tape a hefty bag over his own head before the opening gun had a chance to put two in the back of of most immense denseness.

But then...I guess...what else might you expect from the man who has single-handedly shown Texas to be the backwoods, jerkwater, single strand of DNA, brother & sister marryin' cluster fart that would elect, re-elect, and re-re-elect a single digit IQ douche...such as hisseff?

In light of Rick Dubyah's public performance in the presidential primary race...I'm guessing Mexico is about one Cabinet meeting away from reclaiming Texas and moving forward with formal annexation.

And, franky...I'm not sure we should stand in their way. Something tells me watching Rick Dubyah fightin' off bein' annexed...just so's he can attempt to secede from General Santa Ana's great, great, great grandson...would be exceptional halftime entertainment at next year's Super Bowl...AND, make a killer video game.

Back to politics,2012-style.

New poll out Thursday morning puts The Fat Lizard in tongue-lashing distance of Pretty Boy Mitt, in South Carolina.

Big CNN Debate tonight.

Newt expects to shine.

Perry's 6% could split down three middle between Gingrich & Santorum...or, go all one way or the other.

Either way...with the perpetual 8% undecided, plus the 6% that frees up from Perry...all bets are really off in South Carolina.

And...should The Fat Lizard end up with a mouthful of fresh meat, not attached to yet another new mistress on Saturday night...all bets might be off in Florida and the rest of the way, as well.

More on this and MUCH, MUCH MORE...right after the Perry News Conference.

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