Monday, January 2, 2012

The Beginning of the End...

Before the first pitch, puck drop, opening top-off or kickoff...everybody's still a winner. The best laid plans of mice, men...and republican presidential candidates all remain untested, and as in the case of virtually all of the polls relevant to the sports analogies previously expressed still have to actually play the game to see who wins.

And with Iowa being an Open Caucus, where independent and crossover participation is permissible, the last 36 hours of what for some has been a decades-long campaign, will be just that much more interesting.

To those who either missed Thoughts at Three A.M. over the last week, or thought that I had been kidnapped by Angry White Males on behalf of Newtie the Lizard...please, yet again, accept my humble apologies. Truth be told, while vacationing, I suffered a minor injury which will be surgically repaired in part, tomorrow...and in toto, later this month. me, my friends & others...nothing short of the rapture would prevent your being forced to endure my ongoing insights relative to the gear up and wind down of the presidential campaign of 2012.

Having said all of that...quite a bit has happened since we last spoke. Newt has gone from boom to bust, thanks in large part to, well...he's Newtie...and, about $5 Million Dollars in attack ads purchased by Restore Our Future...which is known in Country Club Locker Rooms of course, as... "RomneyPac".

As I listened to multiple talking heads early this morning, I still have to both wonder and worry about Newt. He is every bit living proof that lizards apparently have more lives than the entirety of feline residents at the North Shore Animal Shelter.

He is, however, and equally troubling...still being given serious registered voters with functioning medulla oblongatae...and members of the Mike Chuckleberry contingent. It wasn't long ago, that even knowing what I know and have shared about His Lizardness...a dear friend of mind told me that he too...hadn't yet ruled out either pounding the pavement, or parting with a little hard-earned dough in the direction of Lizardville.

Ah yes...finally...the tie-in to the Angry White Man reference.

You can't swing a dead cat, or live lizard...without hitting 5,372 Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan references made by the Gang of Seven on any given afternoon. And, one little referenced or remembered factoid about the "Reagan Revolution" the fact that when Ronald Reagan tried to attract republicans, in his multitude of presidential efforts prior to 1980...he couldn't even get enough support to mount a campaign, and/or, couldn't get the nomination of his own party.

When Ronald Reagan did finally get the republican nomination...and notwithstanding his margins of still wasn't republicans who elected him.

It was Angry White Males.

It was a very odd time in 1980. Teamsters endorsed the man who would later do everything in his power to dismantle organized labor. Money Market Funds were paying over 30% interest on savings. The U.S. had been embarrassed in Iran. Reverse discrimination cases were being filed by Angry White Males of every shape and size...and for virtually every reason. The old guard of the democratic party was unable to maintain control over itself...and a sitting President would face a primary challenge., the few money market funds that survived 2008 are charging customers to keep cash in them...and are paying virtually ZERO interest. The Teamsters probably won't endorse a republican. Not much is being heard about reverse discrimination. Gas lines have nothing to do with U.S. foreign policy. opposed to being embarrassed by a renegade foreign power...Obama killed bin Laden, brought troops home, still bombed the living bejesus out of anybody he wanted to, lobbed cruise missiles into Tripoli, and oversaw the dismantling of 356 middle eastern  potentates that republican politicians hated...until it was a democrat that ended their runs in power.

However...and...I'm guessing that of ALL of the republicans who have yet to lose a primary OR caucus...Newt has this one figured out. Those same teamsters, carpenters, electrical workers, OCAW, longshoreman and a multitude of others who all of a sudden showed up in places like Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, and other traditional democratic strongholds...with Reagan bumper stickers on their pickup trucks...are even more pissed off about being out of work and foreclosed on...than they were about Iranians trashing an embassy.

Why can't Mitt win? Maybe because even if Mitt CAN read.. he didn't. Newt is not only a historian...but, it also helps that he wrote a part of the history where Angry White DEMOCRATIC MEN...joined eternally angry forge the bond which was the Reagan Revolution.

And, if Mitt isn't careful...and the Democrats keep aiding and abetting Our Liitle Lizard...Newtie might just find himself at an inaugural ball where exactly fifty percent of his guests made recent purchases at a K-Mart white sale...and the other fifty percent voted for Obama in 2008.

And YES...there WILL be a second posting today regarding Ron Paul, Tricky Ricky Sanatarium, Rick Dub-yah, Mrs. Botchmann, and much, much more! It's good to be back!

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