Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decision Day - Iowa & The Audacity of Dope

Briefly, in reverse order of titling...I swore, many times in the past, I might add...that nothing Rupert Murdoch could ever do would confound me. I mean...when your age hits triple digits, you're the butt of jokes on every late night talk show in the history of television, you own so much of everything and even that isn't enough for you...you only fire Glen Beck because you're pissed that he's been able to piss off more people than you have...you keep the world's BIGGEST LYING HYPOCRITE (Bill O'Reilly) on the air for almost two decades (ask me for the proof of this claim...please)...and, finally...the little pink message slips st all of your companies start with, "WHILE YOU WERE OUT HACKING SOMEONE'S PHONE AND LYING UNDER OATH ABOUT IT TO THE BRITISH PARLIMENT..."

Well...let's just say I THOUGHT that Rupert the Purple Dinosaur...had shocked me for the final time already.


Rupert O'Saurus...still smarting over his previous crapping of the bed...or should I say, his acquisition of the social media magic box that 6 people now refer to as MySpace...has decided to grab off some much needed exposure for himself...and the six continents that he owns...by opening a Twitter account.

And...on the first day that the little old man who already owns everything that the really smart people ever invented...GLOMS ONTO THE ONLY NEW MEDIA THAT HE DOESN'T OWN...what does Little Boy Blow DO?

He tweets, as only this Twit could...a not even thinly veiled endorsement for Tricky Ricky Sanatarium.

Now...I really hate to take any form if bow for something I wrote almost a month ago...but, I believe that even before Tricky Ricky's poll numbers went completely batshit crazy...you did hear it here first, that Sanatarium would, in fact, be the beneficiary of the Mike Chuckleberry support from 2008. Next thing you know..."The Great Rupo" is on board, Tweeting like it's 1999...no, wait...I meant...tweeting like HE'S 1999 (which of course we know he's MUCH OLDER)...and throwing his personal Blivet of BS behind an even bigger Douche than the guy who personally put the first vinegar and water in the bag.

One uninformed commentator, earlier today, noted that Rumplemurdoch had heaped praise on many...including Ron Paul.

It pains me to point things out to "the informed"...but...calling Ron Paul a popular libertarian...with great LIBERARIAN VIEWS...two days before THE REPUBLICAN CAUCUS...when the rest of the right-wing machine is also trying to remind Iowa that Ron Paul CAN'T WIN AS A REPUBLICAN...AND IS GOING TO KILL THE PARTY WITH A THIRD PARTY EFFORT...


The good news is...even Iowans who were born in 1899...and who are being rolled out to Java Joe's for their final appearances on 356 cable news shows over a 4 day period...have either already made up their mind to attempt to raise an arm for Rupert's new Bitch...OR...are so totally aware of what a shitbox that he is...that they might actually show up for Paul...or simply stay home.


Stick to hacking phones, hiring hacks, and fixing elections the OLD FASHIONED WAY. Keep doing that voodoo that you do...so well.

Oh...and let me ax you dis...Rupie.  Is there a reason you failed to mention...in your ringing non-endorsement endorsement of your illegitimate son Rick Sanatarium...that in his last election...he was defeated by a democrat...BY SIXTEEN POINTS...because the radical evangelical right VOTED IN BLOCKS...FOR THE DEMOCRAT...BOB CASEY...WHOSE RECORD AGAINST ABORTION STOMPED ON THAT OF YOUR BOY?

Is there also some reason why you don't comment with disfavor on the fact that a guy who CAN'T WIN...PULLS HIS ADULT CHILDREN OUT OF COLLEGE...TO PLAY WITH DADDY FOR A YEAR...LAUGHS ABOUT IT SAVING HIM MONEY...AND STEALS THAT TIME AWAY FROM HIS DYING 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER...BECAUSE...to use HIS words..."it's more important that he save ALL the world's children" than spend more time with the one of your own who is dying and will never understand why daddy doesn't love her.

But then...I guess the answers to those questions...would force you to admit that the reason you "came out" for Tricky Ricky...are all the things that the world has already known about you...since you tried to fix the outcome of the election of James K. Polk...back in 1845.

More on Iowa...in about an hour.

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