Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diane Sawyer...Naked! A Must Read!

M'kay...Diane Sawyer didn't get naked. I don't have any naked photos of Diane Sawyer.

But...if I wouldn't even need to see them to have more excitement in your world than was brought about by last night's love fest.

In fact, screw it, I 'm going to go far enough out on this limb to suggest that I'm staring at a whole wall full of, wait...that would be kinda creepy, oh...and possibly trigger one of those silly court-ordered mandates requiring me this too much about we just move on to the debate coverage, thank you very much.

Forget about "Josh the local tv guy with the Anchor Man voice". Josh tried to smoooooth talk a few real questions in very early on...but by the end of the first hour, even he was saying, "Screw this noise, Dude...Where's that guy with that naked pictures of Diane Sawyer?"

I mean what an unbelievable waste of time. For multiple hours longer than it should have gone...the entire exercise was one of playing Good Former Beauty Queen - Bad Former White House Spokesperson.

I would call the entire event a joke...but that would both do a disssss-service to comedy writers everywhere, and, likely get me banned from the next convention.

Ergo, henceforth and as a result thereof...I can only attempt to make this commentary as palatable as it might have been...had there been a real debate.

In fact...listen with me, for the annoying tone, while you watch the blank screen.

This has been a test. It was only a test...of the republucan presidential debate system. Had there been an actual republucan debate in your area, you would have been instructed where to go and what to do if you wanted to have any idea where each of the candidates actually stand on the issues.

We now return you to the kind of regularly scheduled drivel which illustrates the fact that no one here has a creative bone in their bodies, in an effort to insure that more and more of our viewers find peace while staring mindlessly at the weather channel of Nat-Geo.

Honestly invitations for any candidate to go after Mitt, an overt attempt to make Ron Paul look buffoonish...and again, the "debaters" had the whole thing figured out so early that by the second half they were all randomly butting in on almost every answer...and, basically having a pretty good time.

I think, had there actually been a next segment, Newt might have sratrted a campfire on stage roasted some laced marshmallows for the others...and then, after the pharmaceuticals kicked in...just eaten them, so at this morning's debate, he could just do a 2 hour monologue, reciting every aspect of his relationship with Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan...and then have him handed the nomination by default.

If there had been a debate, there might have been real winners and losers. As it were, Romney won because nobody had a real question they could have turned on him with...Barack Obama won...because the more we see this gaggle of vocalizing anae, the more confident the President can feel that the end is not near...and of course, the BIG WINNER was...

...Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan.

I can't be the only one reminding these ass-clowns that ONE THIRD of the electorate WASNT EVEN ALIVE, OR WAS TWO YEARS OLD when Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan had any relevance.

Can I?

Anyway...hopefully a much more serious debate in about two hours. Look for a whole different approach,,,especially if Newt hasn't had his coffee and six dozen doughnuts yet.

See you after the debate.

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