Monday, January 16, 2012

The M&A King Strikes Again!

You can take Willard Hu-Bain Romney out of the Executive Washroom. But you can't take the corporate raider out of Hu-BAIN.

As I suggested last week...the consolidation of multiple candidates within the three primary ideological divides of the republican party was sure to begin, not later than the departure of Rick Dubyah Perry, in the minutes after South Carolina polls close next Saturday.

The Evangelical Elites endorsing Tricky Ricky Sanatarium...and Tea Party Bosses giving their nods to Ron Paul, makes the ultimate demise of Newton of Lizardville that much more predictable, as well. In Newt's case, the only real issue will end up being the exact date and time that Calista finds him in the garage with the engine running.

In light of these developments, taking into account, Willard Hu-BAIN Romney's most recent poll numbers in South Carolina...quite clearly, the most appropriate and politically expedient course of action was to try to take maximum advantage of what might be the last primary where factions other than his own are forced to divide up their respective aggregate market shares.

It doesn't take a former investment banking CEO to know that adding the 5 or 6% of the South Carolina vote which would have gone to the current margin enjoyed in the latest round of polling...while the Three Stooges continue to whack up the Evangelical and war-mongering psycho right vote...would reinforce three notion of inevitability, heading into as Florida.

The key endorsement pickups by Sanatarium and Ron Paul may have accelerated Hu-BAIN's time frame...but my guess is, all it cost The Boss, was the same promise that even Rick Dubyah would have made to Huntsman...namely to ship his Mandarin Speakin' ass back to the world's leading economic and military power just in time for China to commission its 2nd aircraft carrier, and invite Ambassador Huntsman to pilot that Nation's first Lunar Lander.

And...absent Rick Dubyah and The Lizard beating feet before Saturday, Hu-BAIN will have conducted a pretty darned effective pre-emptive strike against both Ron Paul and Tricky Ricky.

Don't read more into thus piece than its intended. I'm by no means conceding the existence of inevitability on the part of Mitt Hu-BAIN. However, his lightening fast response to the Saturday jackhammering he took from the Evangelicals and the Teabaggers...was fairly impressive.

Romney MAY win next Saturday's event...though the impact of the Saturday endorsements will need a few weekdays to shake out. It also remains to be seen whether the Evangelicals now move on Rick Dubyah to go on permanent hiatus, given the Huntsman departure.

Either relatively short order, this race will be down to, as I indicated some time ago...a heads up contest between the Tea Party, the Evangelical & Reactionary Right...and the Old Guard of the Party.

And trust me...if it appears, for even so much as a millisecond, that Willard Hu-BAIN Romney can't put the Old Guard in the end zone...they will waste no time at all in bustin' a political cap in his flip-floppin' derriere...and bringing one of the half dozen or more shadow candidates lurking in the underbrush.

Wow! It is most certainly going to be a WILD week. I just wish I had taped Huntsman seizing out in Mandarin at the other debate. It was classic. If anybody has that...would you email me, please.

See you on a few hours, and an ad or two while you're here. It costs you nothing...but, it does keep Milkbones in the puppy dish.


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