Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire...Before Most of the Polls Open...

While most networks and commentators will wait until 9 PM, Eastern Time...those who, know me best, know there has never been a limb I won't challenge myself to take on.

So...with only 19 votes in, a whopping 0.00001 % of the expected votes to be cast, I am not only calling the New Hampshire race...but also issuing projected percentages of the vote.

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And now...for your first look at the New Hampshire results.

With two precincts reporting...the ever popular Dixville Notch, and the always second best, Hart's Location...Willard Romney leads with 7 votes, followed by Ron Paul with 5, Jon Huntsman 4, Newt Gingrich 2 and Rick Perry 1.

Based on a formula which was handed down to my great, great, great great, great grandfather...who first won it from Nostradamus himself, while playing 3 Card Monte in the student union building on the campus of the University of Avignon...and which has since been kept in a mayonaise jar (hermetically sealed, of course), on the front lawn of Masters & Johnson...I can now reveal the following results of the 2012 New Hampshire republican presidential primary.

Willard Romney - 34%
Ron Paul - 26%
John Huntsman - 15%
Newt Gingrich - 12%
Rick Santorum - 9%
The rest, residue & remainder 4%

I know this means that I don't get to see four different winners of the first four events...as previously projected. even after hearing a magnificent sermon addressing the issue of taking personal responsibility for one's actions...I would still at least suggest that with voter irregularities in the Iowa count, Michele Bachmann siphoning votes from Santorum...and Santorum having - adopted the batshit crazy campaign model that slapped him yet again, in New Hampshire...he was still every bit the Winner in Iowa.

And, regardless of how hard the wagons get circled around Willard in South Carolina...I still see that state as going to a religious zealot.

Before South Carolina, Jon Huntsman "reassesses his campaign, Tim Pawlenty rejoins and requits the campaign...and Ron Paul selects Rand Paul as his prospective running mate.

After South Carolina, Rick Perry leaves the race, and one by one, the and others withdraw quicker than Kris what's name figured out that actually consummating a Kardashian marriage kills more brain cells than Tennessee White Lightning.

With the race down to four, Santorum losing even more traction and Ron Paul's 3rd Party move gaining steam...a new candidate does, in fact emerge. Post South Carolina, I'll get more into what those prospects appear to be.

After reporting on the final results of today...we will begin to take in depth look at the remainimg viable candidates, and invite campaigns to provide input, should they desire, as we leave no stone unturned to bring the most complete election coverage that your pay per click revenue sources can provide.

Good luck & best with to the candidates, families & friends, and to all our readers...on five continents now.

Seeya tonight!

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