Thursday, January 19, 2012

P.T. Barnum's Political Circus...Thursday Edition.

Can we just have every primary take place in South Carolina this year?

This stuff just gets crazier and, if it's possible...crazier. And, much of the hottest news of the moment had nothing at all to do with South Carolina.

Where to begin? I wrote about Rick Dubyah pulling his own pud...I mean plug. Can ya BELIEVE he threw his three votes behind Newtie? I do think that the  SC race is alot tighter than the pollsters are suggesting. So...maybe in the Psycho South...Newt could pull this one out.

What would REALLY help Newt, would be to lay hands on some of Rick Dubyah's financial backers. However...Tricky Ricky Sanatarium had already put out word that Perry's big money people are climbing onboard...NO...not Mrs. Sanatarium. They're climbing  onboard The Sanatarium Steamroller!

It won't be too difficult to figure out REALLY where the Perry money has gone...Just keep an eye out for the next series of huge ad buys.

Oh...and in the meantime:

The Uncertified Iowa Recount won't "OFFICIALLY" certify Sen. Sanatarium as the winner of the Iowa Caucuses. However,the State of Iowa DID say that UNOFFICIALLY...Santorum is now ahead by 34 votes...and that they aren't going to count anything else, at least for the next four years.

So...Santorum wins Iowa. Romney wins New Hampshire. The Fat Lizard will likely pull it out in SC. And, my original projection of four different winners in the first four contests...IS ALIVE AND WELL!

Speaking of "pulling it out"...

ABC will be airing an interview tonight, with the SECOND Mrs. Fat Lizard...who openly acknowledges that shortly after her marriage to Newt, he asked if she would cotton to the idea of "an Open Marriage".

Now...I wrote extensively concerning Newt's shortcomings, about six weeks ago. And, I said at that time, that I didn't think there would be need to delve deeper into his cracks, crevices and other flaws.

However, that was pre-Mrs. "G," bussin' a primetime cap in all up in his asses and stuff. I'll do another Newt Posting after Saturday. For now, IS appropriate to remind the world, that the Mrs. G being interviewed tonight on ABC, is ALSO the Mrs. G...WHO WAS IN AN AFFAIR WITH NEWT THAT ENDED HIS MARRIAGE...TO THE FIRST MRS. G...who was, by the way...Newt's High School Math teacher.

So..truth be told...Newt being a serial cheater should have been no shock to her.

Last point on Newt, today anyway...I see many people writing today and suggesting that Newt was "just trying to pick up the Swing voters".


Have you seen the "man"?  I know people who happen to be members of that particular community...and after calling two of them on the phone and inquiring about how successful Newt might be in their "circle"...the laughter followed by phones dropping, confirmed my suspicion today Newt would be as popular at the Swing John Huntsman was in South Carolina.

In other news...

Dick Morris opens his toe-sucking mouth yet again...this time in order to comment on "the Santorum Surge". Boy, I don't know what we'd do without one more Dick who's about three weeks behind the times. Why not write about the Santorum Surge TWO DAYS BEFORE HE  FINISHES 3RD OR 4TH IN A PRIMARY, IN THE BIBLE BELT...WHERE HE HAS  THE ENDORSEMENT OF KING JAMES, HIMSELF?

But...I guess if people keep paying Dick...he'll keeping popping up somewhere.

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