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Haley Barbour...A Symptom of a Much Bigger Problem

Yes, I know there is a presidential primary in South Carolina in Four days.

Yes, that primary has the absolute potential to reshape the balance of power in the republican race for the White House.

Yes, this Blog has dealt exclusively with, and is dedicated to matters relating to the presidential election of 2012.

However, as I contemplated today's intended topic, I not only became more and more disgusted with what Haley of the longtime advocates of the death penalty...for parking tickets, had done on his final day in office as Mississippi Governor.

But, I took a longer, harder and much more critical look at a few republucan governors, the pattern and practice of serious abuses and/or deficiencies, and saw clearly that the South Carolina Primary would have to take a temporary back seat.

Let's start with a few unmistakable and undeniable ironies associated with the Barbour pardons...right after we note a fee key background items involving Haley Barbour.

Haley Barbour wasn't simply a two term Governor of Mississippi. He had been a long time political operative of another infamous republican governor, that of course being, Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan.

Barbour also served for four years as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, orchestrating and overseeing the presidential campaign of Robert Dole.

Barbour became the Chairman of the republian Governor's Conference, after his good friend, colleague, and family values maven, Mark Sanford, then the two term Governor of South Carolina, professed to be lost in the wilderness of the Appalachian Trail...when he was in fact, 4,973 miles from his office, and in Argentina, having an affair with a woman he told his wife...was his true soulmate.

Before that event...Sanford was being hailed as a viable republican presidential nominee.

Back to Governor Barbour...for a moment. During the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and Texas Governor , George Dubyah Bush...Harbour openly suggested that THE DEMOCRATS were orchestrating a plan to make sure that in states where small numbers of votes could tip the scale in their favor...that votes would be cast BY FELONS, in or out of prisons, and by EX-FELONS...WHO WOULD THEN OWE THEIR VOTE...TO THE PARTY OF THE GOVERNOR WHO PARDONED THEM.

In 2012...when Governor Barbour FINALLY offered ANY explanation for pardoning 200+ felons, including over a dozen murderers, additional rapists, and Brett Favre's brother, serving time for involuntary manslaughter...Barbour stated that he granted the pardons...SO THEY COULD HUNT...AND VOTE.

Ignore the hypocrisy associated with making sure felons and ex-felons would be pardoned, JUST IN TIME TO VOTE IN A PRESIDENTIAL YEAR...presumably "owing their vote to the party who freed them"...which is what Barbour specifically accused democrats of doing in TWO prior presidential election years.

Look MORE the fact that Barbour...wanted MURDERS...TO BE ABLE TO LAWFULLY HUNT!


Did we say that Barbour had been a longtime advocate of maximum sentences for minimum offenses?

But then, I guess if the felons buying the automatic weapons owe their allegiancesTO what if they might still be a little pissed at THE COPS, DISTRICT ATTORNEYS AND JUDGES WHO PUT THEM IN JAIL.

...Not Barbour's problem.

Oh...and, up until racist comments made by Barbour forced him to bow out of a 2012 run FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...HE WAS POLLING HIGHER THAN ANY OTHER PROSPECTIVE CANDIDATE...and had visited Iowa, and formed an exploratory committee to raise funds for his impending presidential effort.

So...we've mentioned Haley Barbour and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Let's talk about a few more recent republican governors.

It's significant to address here, not only that Batbour was at one time a leading potential presidential candidate...but also, the fact that two of the last three republican presidents were also governors, and took the path identical to that which had been plotted out by Barbour.

The Vice Presidential candidate of the republican party in 2008 was a republican governor. Three of the top five current republican presidential candidates were governors...Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, and Mitt the Inevitable.

Three more former republican governors have either dropped out of the 2012 presidential race, or are non factors...Tim Pawlenty, Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer.

Another republican governor with future presidential ambitions, Scott Walker, will next week, not only have enough recall signatures filed in order to secure a vote, but actually...a number of signatures greater than fifty percent of his vote total received when he was first elected to office. Senior Walker Aides have already been indicted for crimes committed both before and during Walker's run for governor...and Walker himself is carrying very short odds on a bet that he will himself be indicted, perhaps even before he can be recalled.

Sarah Palin, former disgraced Alaska republican governor abandoned her office while under numerous investigations, and it could certainly be concluded that her exodus might also have operated as a ploy to avoid prospective indictment. In Palin's case...actual criminal conduct, or prospective indictment being aside...her personal, professional and political improprieties have been well-documented, are in many ways not at all in dispute...and yet, as recently as YESTERDAY, this disgraced former republican governor, who abused her office, and is alleged to have acted both morally and ethically...if not legally repugnant to the bible-thumping persona which she adopted in full P.T.Barnum/Jimmy Swaggart, et al now taking direct aim, at another former republucan governor...Mitt the Inevitable...either as a shill for another announced candidate...or, because, as I've previously suggested...warts and all, this former despicable republican governor may yet seek the 2012 presidential nomination.

On to the fine qualities of more republican governors and former governors.

Rick Perry's manipulation of the Texas pension system...whereunder he is being permitted to collect his full salary, FOR WORKING as the Texas Governor...even though he is running for president and NOT WORKING AS TEXAS GOVERNOR...AND TO SIMULTANEOUSLY COLLECT...A FULL if he were actually a retired person and NOT WORKING AS A STATE a time when foreclosures, unemployment and general suffering in Texas and elsewhere are at all time highs...doesn't bother THIS CHRISTIAN...ONE BIT.

And, he doesn't mind telling you, either.

Perry also proudly boasts of creating a million new jobs in Texas, as Governor...BUT...never once acknowledges that half of those new jobs were created by federal stimulus funds...with the other half being jobs STOLEN FROM NORTHERN STATES...which again, he has no problem campaigning in those same northern states...and TELLING THOSE NORTHERN VOTERS...HE WILL DO THE SAME THING TO CREATE NEW JOBS AS PRESIDENT, that he did as governor.

Translation...Perry will create more federal jobs, and push unemployment in northern states to 100%...

...all the while going to church, professing his faith, taking food out of the mouthes of those who can't afford to eat...and, oh...yeah...making more and more and more land deals with lobbyists and supporters, in order to go from an admitted struggling multi-millionaire.

M'kay...Scott Walker, Haley Barbour, Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford. Who else do we know that should be noted?

What about Arnold Schwarzenegger?

beautiful wife. Beautiful kids. Saviour of Kal-lee-faw-nee-ah, after the financial debacle caused by Gray Davis.

All Arnold did was go from pay-to-play, to OH, YEAH....SUPER DUPER PAY TO PLAY! Arnold left the state exponentially worse off than when he took office. Oh, and he went to sleep in his wife's bed FOR OVER A DECADE...WHILE ANOTHER FAMILY VALUES REPUBLICAN WAS BONING THE MAID...IN THE SAME BED HE CUDDLED HIS WIFE, was funneling millions of community property to the maid and their bastard son...AND, MOST UNBELIEVABLE...WAS COOPERATING WITH A MOVEMENT STARTED BY OTHER REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS...TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES... this republican governor could lawfully RUN FOR PREDSIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

I promise...I was not going to mention Jeb Bush in this grouping...however, since George Dubyah and Laura Bush popped off just yesterday, and said that not only had they encouraged Jeb to run in the past...but that they STILL BELIEVE JEB COULD RUN...AND WIN, well...there is that little matter of the Jeb Bush/Katherine Harris combination and conspiracy resulting in the theft/bloodless coup of 2000, which resulted in one republican governor pseudo fixing an electoral result which operated to install another republucan governor...his own brother, into the White House.

Of course as I said yesterday...after the George Dubyah presidential doesn't matter what kind of president Jeb would have made. Even without recalling the Katherine Harris moment in the sun...Jeb can't run now, until the last person who was twelve years old in 2008, has been planted.

Recapping...and not including the disgraced former Maryland republican governor and indicted Nixon VEEP, Spiro T. Agnew, we've discussed Haley Harbour, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeb Bush, George Dubyah Bush, Rick Perry Mark Sanford, Scott Walker...and WE DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO GET TO Jim Gibbons of Nevada, the impeachment and removal of Arizona republican governor Evan Meachsm...or...why every one of the republican governors, from Sanford, to Barbour, to Schwarzenegger, Palin, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry and even Evan Meachem...KNOWING IN THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS...EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID...

...still have or had their eyes on even a much larger prize.

Haley Barbour pardoning murderers SO THEY CAN LAWFULLY BUY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS & VOTE STRAIGHT not "the problem".

The problem is that a man who would do that...and a dozen others as bad or worse, have all been, or still are a cab ride and a hearty laugh away from running the greatest nation which Mother Earth has ever known.

THIS is why the 99%, cannot and will not give up.

And THIS is what will destroy us from within. If we don't change the things which we truly look for in our leaders.

And sadly...I'm losing faith in our ability to make all, or any of it go away.

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