Thursday, February 2, 2012

And Now, A Word From An Asshole

Make that an even more SERIOUS ASSHOLE than even those of us who know the man, might have realized.

I KNEW this Ass Clown was going to try to over-dramatize a statement which could in no way ever be perceived as MAJOR, by ANYONE...for that very reason.

And, fortunately, I had TWO ALTERNATE POSTINGS prepared, depending on which asshole, THIS ASSHOLE, decided to get in behind.

Reality TV at its finest. Perhaps we can get one, or both, to chug a 16 ounce glass of...nah, that would be giving any form of credence to this garbage.

ANYWAY...the GOOD NEWS FOR NEWT...and the first he's had in that A TRUMP ENDORSEMENT IS ABOUT AS VALUABLE as...sending Snookie to resolve the Iranian nuclear situation.

DEAR GOD, Mr. MUST understand, that even people who DIDN'T get handed a hundred million dollars from Big Papa...get the fact that when your three remaining natural colored hairs are brown...your eyes are brown...and your breath CONSTANTLY stinks...YOU"R FULL OF SHIT!

So, today...Mr. Chump will have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT that:

1. HE'S not running for President because IN REALITY (pun obviously intended)...He's not only a pussy...but, he already got his ass kicked by Obama more times than Merv Griffin TUNED HIM UP!

2. He is THE most meaningless act yet, in a parade of Romney endorsements choreographed by the RNC to attempt to end the primary campaign early enough to save $200M for the General AND to avoid scheduling Romney for a weekly appoint with legendary "Cut Man"...Jake "Stitch" Doran. AND...if you recall...the Opening Act in the Romney Endorsement Parade...was the EQUALLY IMPRESSIVE...CHRISTINE ( I AM NOT A WITCH...I'M JUST LIKE YOU) O'DONNELL. But...she kinda IS "just like Mr. Chump"...isn't she?

3.He once again feels the driving desire, as his pathetic life comes to an remind some of us how screwed up we are as a calling a press conference where a Pretend Billionaire who has spent more time inside of US Bankruptcy Courts, than he has inside of his three wives and 27 Mistresses...for the purposes of offering a lame endorsement to an ALMOST Billionaire...who isn't very concerned about the very STILL a more important endorsement ( apparently) than the endorsement of Citizen's Groups dedicated to either the preservation of family values, civil rights, or constitutional government.

In reality...he says again...these TWO assholes wouldn't recognize an issue OR individual of any significance to Real Americans...if IT, HE, SHE or THEY...FOLLOWED TRUMP OFF OF HIS PRIVATE JET!

TWO DAYS AGO...Mitt Romney completes spending $17 MILLION DOLLARS...reminding voters in Florida that Newt can't be trusted...BECAUSE OF HIS VARIOUS PERSONAL DEFICIENCIES, FLAWS AND FAILINGS.

Today...he glad-hands and accepts with a smile...the endorsement of ANOTHER SERIAL ADULTERER, who makes a living shoveling bullshit, abusing the legal system, taking one government handout after another AND PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE WHOSE "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT" regarding the Presidency matters to anyone other than himself.

And, the 1% wonder why Americans are willing to take up residence in City Hall encampments, while they pray for the courage possessed by their fellow 99%'ers in the Middle East WHO ARE PRAISED BY AMERICA'S ONE PERCENT, for their willingness to lay down their lives in support of the kind of freedom that AMERICANS have neither enjoyed, nor even witnessed SINCE 17 FREAKING 76!

There is a life, nation and even world changing Posting which COULD follow that preface.  However, with Tweets and Blogs now resulting in everything from deportations to death sentences...and with the company with the the impending most successful IPO in the history of IPO's...Facebook...FURTHER SECURING its long-term position, by sharing everything from my phone number to preferred sexual position with the FBI and/or Focus on the Family...even a "Documented Renegade"...such as myself...has far too much at stake, and way too much life left to stop now and stare down a Cyber Tank in the Dot Com version of Tiananmen Square...and run the risk of the SECOND Official Act of a President Romney...being a Directive to have CIA Director, Donnie "the Huckster" Chump execute the delivery of a cruise missile enema, courtesy of Mr. Zuckerberg.

Where are the damned Winklevoss Twins when you need them.


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