Friday, February 10, 2012

CPAC Assassin Attempts To Silence "Thoughts"

Once again, my own professional ethical code requires me to acknowledge that at this moment, I am unable to totally confirm an association between CPAC and the man who provided me with a legitimate near-death experience yesterday.

However, the absolute truth is that "Thoughts at 3 A. M" is posting close to 5 A.M. today, because I spent the last 12 hours in a hospital...after being struck by a speeding car in Santa Monica, California.

Since this event, which has the potential to require multiple surgeries, one-handed typing for quite some time, and took place within hours after linguistically neutering the entire CPOOP convention..I'm guessing when the authorities do find Mr. "Assault with Intent to Stifle" (at about 40 MPH)....there's at least a 1 in 4 chance that the Rat Bastard will be a Fat Lizard.

But enough about that, for now. Back to more reasons why on what was a pretty slow republican presidential primary news day, it should be even clearer that "The Three Faces of Abe" and The Great State of Texas have one thing in common.


In fact, it was the word "Clear" which led me to at least one of the "mini topics" in today's slow day version of, "The Cornucopia".

Real Clear Politics is a great source for quality internet news on all national, state, and many local elections. They have an excellent crop of writers, an aesthetically pleasing layout...and more polls than a Chicago Sausage Festival.

This is why, when I read Sean Trende's piece on the "Path to a Brokered Convention" this morning, I God, I've been telling readers that THE EVENTUAL NOMINEE IS NOT IN THE RACE AS YET...for months.

In fact, if you look at many of the country's "Finer" political information disinformation factories over the past, oh...THREE DAYS, many have deduced that Tuesday's Triple Play by Rick Sanitarium, was both unpredictable...AND in and of itself forms the basis for this borderline psychotic notion that "Mr. Wonderful" hasn't left the building...

...He never made it into the Big Freakin' Tent in the first instance.

How many times do we have to mention "The Three Faces of Abe"...before the rest of the political world pays attention?

All the Real Clear Politics guys have to do is read their own polls.

Granted, RCP published a broad cross-section of polling well as that crap that Rasmussen is ordered to manufacture to make any of daily Fox News Talking Points even appear to have meaning.

Their own compilation of national poll results for the current week include the well-respected Reuters-Ipsos Poll...showing the split of support for the remaining republican candidates to be Romney 29%, RON PAUL 21%, Newt Gingrich  19%, and Rick Santorum...whose three wins supposedly now made the Brokered Convention possible...18%.

You barely need more than fingers and toes to figure out that with the direction in which this race is headed:

1. Mitt has blown a Gingrich-sized hole in the wrong side of his Magic Underwear.

2. Ron Paul...despite being the lone voice of reason, rationality, and the constitutionalism which 100% of Team Confusion CLAIMS to be interested,, still the same Ron Paul that all but the former "fringe element" had branded as "a Loooon" since the first time he ran for the nomination...back in 1932.

3. Newt Gingrich IS the Brother of Jesus which the Romney kids were all warned about by that High Priest of a Daddy of theirs. (Note: Mitt and Joseph Smith are convinced that the Brother of Jesus is...SATAN!)

4. Rick Santorum polls a DOUBLE DIGIT LOSER to Barack Obama (other than in yet another Rasmussen Fantasy)...even when the question posed included the suggestion that on the date of the election...The President is on Life Support, has already confessed he was born on the Fifth Ring of Saturn...and has secretly replaced Joe Biden with a cup of Folger's Crystals.

Need I say more?

Tomorrow...assuming Jeb hasn't already announced his candidacy...I'll finish this piece and get deeper into some of the "other things" that it just might take "the big kids" a little longer to figure...than the staff here at "Thoughts".

I do sincerely apologize for today's brevity. However...package up broken bones, contusions, abrasions, an arm that now looks more like Popeye's that his own...pharmaceuticals, prospective surgeries...and the need to complete my application for entry into witness protection...and, well...I hope you can understand.

In closing, as always, and especially today...THANK YOU for clicking ads. It is free and only takes a moment of your time. And addition to keeping food in the dog might also keep me in splints, tape, and perhaps even very necessary pharmaceuticals.


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