Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keep That Hate Mail Coming!

My God!  Okay, okay...I'm sorry. I bragged about knowing that The Mighty Mittster was going to pancake Tricky Ricky in Michigan & Arizona.

However....my dear HATERS...I will have you know that when CNN was reporting THIS AFTERNOON...that "Ooooooooooh...the most recent Election Day Poll says that Santorum is back in the driver's seat"...I did NOT respond by posting "Suuuuuuuure"...challenge them to put their money where their mouth was...NOR...when they were FORCED to ADMIT that Romney had pulled away in Michigan...did I post the almost obligatory, "Nyah Nyah...Nyah Nyah Nyah"!

So...why is it then, that the very FIRST email I get after CNN declared Romney victorious...used the word "SMUG"...five times in a two sentence paragraph?

Let me start from scratch, here. There are so many plots and scenarios playing themselves out now...the war room at the RNC has got to be a scene right out of either Mussolini's Italy...or, the pre-game strategy/jam session of the Jamaican Bobsled Team.

Mitt Romney isn't working.

The RNC knows it. They just don't know exactly what to do about it. Mitt records a blah, blah, blah "win"...recording 41% of the vote in a state he not only calls home...but where he also recorded 41% of a larger vote total four years ago...when he DIDN'T GET THE NOMINATION!

How do you make 41% look like a mandate...when literally SEVENTY PERCENT of your own party are screaming at you to offer them another choice?

There is LITERALLY...ONE THING, and one thing only, that we KNOW about this race.

Mitt Romney wants to be the republican nominee for president., Romney feels he's earned it. He's entitled to it. It's his. He has no interest in the Vice Presidency.
Romney also thoroughly understands that regardless of what MIGHT happen between now and November...unless he becomes the President...he will never again have
an opportunity to become the republican nominee.

What else do we know FOR SURE?


Any and every other scenario is absolutely possible.

Does Rick Santorum REALLY BELIEVE he can win the nomination?

Why DOES Newt continue?

What is Ron Paul going to do with a couple hundred caucus delegates...tops?

Ron, Newtie, and Ricky...can't win. And yes...they DO know it.

They also know that The Not-So Mighty Mittster...can't win without AT LEAST ONE OF THEM.

So...what IF...NONE of them pass their Ace to Romney?

Open Convention...Please allow me to re-acquaint you with The Bush Family.

And...even though Romney's own endorsers (Gov. Chunky Monkey, included) barked about a Santorum victory in Michigan being the lead-in to an Open Convention...ANYONE with two eyes and half a brain...knew that Christie was full of shit...and that the RNC plan ALL ALONG was to PUMP UP SANTORUM...LET HIM DIG HIS OWN GRAVE (which he could do very easily)...and in the process have it APPEAR as though Tough Guy Mitt BEAT DOWN YET ANOTHER would-be Challenger.

But wait...

WasTricky Ricky REALLY CONCERNED that  Ron Paul had CONSPIRED with the Romney Camp to deprive him of a win in Michigan?

Did Santorum realize that Romney only needs ONE of them...and that if Ron Paul DID, or was even THINKING about cutting a deal...that would leave Tricky Ricky on the outside looking in?

So...is it POSSIBLE...that Santorum MADE HIS OWN DEAL...INTENTIONALLY SHOT HIMSELF, IN THE FOOT, ASS, AND OTHER BODY PARTS...set up a smokescreen with his claim that Ron Paul made a deal with Mitt...and has already accepted the VP nod?

There is much, much more of this to play out. And yes...I DO have specific thoughts on who has already done what, to who...and how all of this will eventually reveal itself.

Not-So Super Tuesday will answer some of the larger questions. But, ALL of the questions start from the proposition that...


There are Three.

There is the Santorum Social Conservative Republican Party...

The Fiscally Conservative Pseudo-Tea/Republican We Can't Decide Between Ron Paul & Newt Gingrich Party...

And...The Inside The Beltway Thank God We've Got Romney Under Control Republican Party.

And...as long as no two of those three register a china pattern at Bloomie's...that Open Convention is STILL in play.

Any way you looked at Michigan and Arizona...ESPECIALLY if you paid CLOSE ATTENTION to what the OBVIOUS STOOGES were spouting (and, by now, you SHOULD KNOW who they are)...Santorum was either being set up for a huge fall, OR...was up to his ever-loving ASS in it.

I'll let you know the inside story...before the first vote it's cast next Tuesday. Between now and then...I'll be outlining additional possible combinations, conspiracies, and "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME" scenarios...which I guarantee you are playing out in at least four campaign headquarters...and at one National Committe.

In the meantime...Don't Hate the Player, Baby...

...it's always been this Game that was full of shit.

But, if outbreaks off random "smugging" are what it takes to rock your world...come and get me...haha...

...especially you, Jenny McCarthy. Yeah, that's right...I said it.

(Call me, Jenny)

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