Saturday, February 11, 2012

Strike Six, And You're Out...AGAIN!

Once perceived as an early frontrunner in the lsat Presidential election cycle...

On February 10, 2008...Mitt Romney's first entry into presidential politics came to an abrupt and agonizing end.

In 2012, Mitt Romney wasn't just "perceived" as the frontrunner, but  without "America's Mayor," or "The Senate's POW," or the Navy Hero who led the "The Hunt For Red October"...which we all know was the REAL straw that broke the Big Bear's back...Mighty Mitt reminded the nation that he was, IN FACT, "the Mor-Man with the Master Plan"...every day of the week.

And...on February 11, 2012; after expending more than $50 Million Dollars on media and another $50 Million to run his second two year effort...

No more than about 7,500 Mainers are all that stand between Romney making, history...or BEING history.

A mere 5,491 Maine republicans caucused in 2008. And, Mitt Romney was the choice of more than half of that number of participants.

Things are different this time around more ways than one. in election cycles past, the previously defeated republican nominee for president, passed the baton to the person he had sufficiently thrashed during the previous cycle...and immediately endorsed the same person that only for years previous...had shot the Pope, kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby, attempted to disclose the secret formula used to make Coca Cola, bet on the major league baseball team he was playing and coaching for...AND...HAD ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS CUTTING THEIR GRASS...and changing their children's Pampers.

This time, however...there was really no race, so to all.

Mitt wasn't just...that candidate with more money than the actual tax collected by 37 States. He was "The Answer".

It was all over...almost before it began. And, most certainly after he was able to win Iowa...without really even campaigning enough in The Hawkeye State to break a summer sweat.

Only he didn't win Iowa.

It was surely over once he cakewalked through New Hampshire. Who cared that he only lived there part of the year and was a governor across the same border? New Hampshire was ALL that Mr. Roboto needed to get the other 56 candidates out of the ketchup bottle...and have that sweet condiment all to himself. Having nailed down his first win, there were only 52 victorious left to declare before The President would throw in his own towel...probably before Labor Day.

But, then came losses in South Carolina, Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado. Even in Romney wins in Florida and Nevada...Willard Romney Reagan still hadn't won 50% of the vote in any one state. He couldn't win more than one-third of the total number of state contests.

And, by February 10th in THIS cycle...even his own endorsers were realizing they had made their moves too soon...and were hoping against hope, that Jeb Bush won't really punch anything more than their dance card in the event that there actually is a formal ball that they all get to attend.

Perhaps the most ironic, if not openly hilarious aspect of this year's mass waste of even more massive amounts of OTHER PEOPLE'S the fact that on the day that the sea was very angry, THIS TIME, my friend...Moby Dick was a little old man named Ron Paul...who I actually think ran against Mitt's Daddy about four decades ago.

Okay...the running against Magic Underwear, Sr., was a foray into creative license. However, you can rest assured and make no mistake about it...delegate count, or no delegate count...if 10 hours from now, Mitt hasn't secured 75% the suggested 7,500 or so caucus votes coming out of Maine...he likely will have secured an upcoming gig on that grand bastian of all things "TV"...hosted of course, by The Donald Chump.

As in the case of so many other 2012 circumstances, which Mitt felt were "in the bag"...Romney didn't even campaign in Maine until this week...and then not until actual caucusing was already underway.

Apparently no one told Mitt that unlike other states, there was enough interest in caucusing in the northern and western edges of Maine this year...that towns which hadn't held a caucus in TWELVE YEARS, were now back in the game.

They also didn't bother to tell him  that in THOSE neighborhoods...the game they were playing was being coached by Ron Paul.

Romney came into his perceived stronghold of Portland and held a nice rally in a comfy-cozy indoor facility where even warmer cider was served to Maine's 1%ers.

This was, of course, a week or so after a number reflecting about 20% of the total number of 2008 caucus goers...STOOD OUTSIDE IN SUB, FREEZING TEMPERATURES FOR HOURS, JUST TO HEAR  AN INSPIRATIONAL "GIVE 'EM HELL" SPEECH...from Moby Paul.

And, when Mitt finally did decide to come to Maine...why did the media suggest he needed to make the trek?

"To right his ship".

"To stop the bleeding".

"To regain his momentum".

But...he already did those things in New Hampshire...and Florida...and Nevada.

Didn't he?

How many frontrunners does it take to right the ship, stop the bleeding and regain their momentum EVERY OTHER WEEK during the course of a presidential election campaign?

In a word...


You can't win more than a third, of the contests. You can't earn half the votes of your own party.

The C-POOPER PACKERS met with you privately to tell you to stop slamming the NUMBER THREE guy in the national polls...JUST IN CASE!

And could lose to a fictitious whale, who is old enough to be your father, who is more conservative even than you pretend to be (at leat fiscally), that makes more sense, is more open, honest and down to earth than you...and who nationally is now polling in about the same numbers as you vis-a-vi The President...

...and who could ultimately end your career as a republican electable to ANY OFFICE... securing a mere 4 or 5000 caucus votes.

Make no mistake about it Mr. the end of the day, even if you win, YOUR message might still be mixed.  Conservatives may remain unsure as to what your message really is...

On the other hand...LOSE today to your imaginary nemesis...and the message TO YOU will be clear, concise, to the point...and unmistakably reminiscent of 4 years and a day ago.


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