Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome To Dysfunction Junction...

What an AMAZING country...these Untied States of Euphoria.

We confuse ourselves and then disavow any knowledge of our actions.

We promote actively, causes which when brought forward by others, so shock our conscience that "something should be done about THOSE people".

We claim to have a single standard by which we are all expected to contribute to some "greater good"...and be judged thereupon.

We have one rule; one standard, which apples all day, every day, in each and every life circumstance...until of course, WE, someone WE agree with, or someone in a position of power who is willing to zealously advocate in support of our own hypocrisy...acts in contravention of all that is right and good.

In that case it's time for us to  DISTINGUISH those actions, from the standard which we swore applied to every situation...except of course, THIS ONE.

The sad but true fact is this exact situation plays out so many times on any, and every day in the Untied States that in reality...there is one thing we never mention, which is as certain as death and taxes...and more destructive than either, or both.

A rock solid 45% of the Untied States wouldn't elect a republican, in some cases even IF, His name was Jesus Christ...and in other cases, just because His name was Jesus Christ.

Another 45% of the Untied States has statutorily legislated the color Blue out of existence.

In point of fact...the remaining 10% of the Untied States actually manages to determine the outcome of presidential elections.

The good news, for parties and candidates is...fewer people to convince in the final days of an election, AND...plenty of available consultants who pretty much have that part of the process figured out.

The bad news...for 90% out the that in primary campaigns Red & Blue Candidates run to opposite ends of the spectrum at warp speeds in order to have any hope of having the Infamous 10% having any relevance in their world, later on.

Then...the fringe candidate with the better consultants is elected...and 100% end up hating him...because he either did, or didn't do what his own party expected...the 10% don't have to care again for 4 years...and to the 45% in the party on-the-air, Meet the Press suicide would be the only gesture of cooperation which would be deemed a proper effort at reaching across party lines.

So...what is this third thing in our lives which is as certain as death and less acceptable than either or both? Let me illustrate it this way.

Fred W. Phelps is routinely excoriated by oh, I don't know...everybody and anybody.


Because...Fred is a Baptist Minister?


Because Fred is a disbarred lawyer?

Possibly...if you were an ex-client. But, in terms of the universal hated...


Because, "God Hates Fags"...and personally called Fred to bring that word to all the nations AND to U.S. Soldiers' Funerals?

You Betcha!

On the other hand...Rick Santorum  equates gay marriage to pedophilia, bestiality and "objectum sexual"...and the republican party makes him it's most recent frontrunner for the Office of the most powerful person in the world.

Mr. Santorum speaks of being "called by God"...and told to seek the Office. He states this during the same campaign, and at least at one time...on the same STAGE as Rick Perry, Herman Cain AND Michele Bachmann.

Was God hedging his bet? Did God become modestly fallible since the days when he raised His Son from the dead? Or, did He just want the Independent 10% to know that at least this time around...not even they could alter the outcome of His election?

We attack Fred Phelps, and justifiably so, for suggesting that anyone who disagrees with his brand of "Christianity" is the cause of the downfall of American Society.

On the other hand...when Rick Santorum proclaims that American Downfall is the result of the President's "Phony Theology...NOT BASED ON THE BIBLE"...other "Christians" band together and reinforce his status as "Frontrunner du Jour".

We care so deeply and passionately for victim's of rape and incest that we afford the judicial system the ability  to impose LIFE SENTENCES on those who commit the offense.

On the other hand...when Rick Santorum calls a pregnancy which results FROM A VIOLENT RAPE..."A GIFT FROM GOD" least one political party would pat him on the back and hand him a case full of nuclear launch codes.

We praise Jesus for not handing the family of Lazarus, a detailed bill on his way out the door after raising the poor bastard from the dead..."For Services Rendered," of course.

We give Santorum a standing ovation when he says that EVERY American should be responsible of every dollar of every medical bill ever presented to a system which bills individuals often 3 to 5 times what is submitted to insurance...and which  has resulted in a full 35% of new bankruptcy filings being driven by
Medical Expenses.

Oh...and we give Sen. Santorum the best health care, pension and overall benefit package this side of being one of the cadre of Former CEOs who came from, or went to, Goldman Sachs before or after their time in Congress, or a Presidential Administration.

Like most other "small government" pretend republicans, Santorum wants to get government off of your back...or rather off of the backs of his own Peeps. When it comes to everyone else, however...Santorum wants to nationalize the definition of marriage, prosecute abortion doctors in every state, expand the abuses of the Patriot Act, invade Iran, close ALL medical marijuana dispensaries...and of course serve as the perfect "Steward of God's Earth," by letting oil companies drill, anytime  anywhere, under any circumstances...and regardless of consequence.

Can anyone quote me Chapter or Verse which God even implies that the gang-raping of Mother Earth constitutes "Good Stewardship"? hypocrisy.

A president should absolutely be more than a mere honorable person. They can't just avoid impropriety. They must also avoid even the appearance of impropriety. And, when Santorum publicly proclaims that HIS Christianity is better than The President's Christianity...and that The President's political agenda is not "biblical in origin"...and follows those points by talking about what a remarkable "Constitutional lawyer," he (Santorum) is...and closes, FINALLY WITH A REFERENCE TO THE Rev. Jeremiah Wright... A Weekend WTF? Thoughts at 3 A.M.

Well, Senator...the age old expression which suggests, "Sometimes...if ya just let 'em'll get your answer without even asking the question...definitively applies to you.

I didn't even have to ask you where you stand in relation to Fred W. Phelps.

He is obviously your spiritual mentor...and the other disgraced pretend Christian...who stands next to you at Westboro your immediate left.

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