Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As Always...The Results Are IN, Before The Votes Are Cast!

Chuck Todd says Romney adds 211 Delegates.

CNN, who has been selling a Romney "Near-Sweep" for nearly a week...headlines its Super Tuesday Advance Coverage with Donna Brazile suggesting that Romney might not have the kind of day that will end it for him. (Talk about a network that will say anything to keep your interest.)

And, does anyone really care what Fox News has to say...that you can't get by going directly to either the RNC OR the "Magic Underwear In Every Drawer" websites? I mean, when Church-goin', bible-thumpin, Mike Chuckleberry tells you that Mitt is the guy...even though the only people who kept him in his handful of 2008 Primaries are lined up with Tricky Ricky and think Romney is the Anti-Christ...

Well...that's your first indication that marching orders have been issued, and henceforth all calls will be monitored...for quality assurance purposes".

So where do you go to land the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Not to Drudge. Santorum labeled Matt Drudge "a Romney Cheerleader and stooge". (Good catch, Rick. It wasn't like Andy Daddy was trying to hide it.)

Not to the Guardian's "Pick the Primary Results and win a ticket on The Last Train To Clarksville" Contest

Have you taken a gander at some of those "entries"? Something tells me three of the four campaigns have interns banging out entries at a rate of ten per hour...while the Gingrich campaign aides are busy trying to master that wacky new "Pong" game.

Oh...pardon the minor course deviation...but:

1. Congrats to Stenny Hoyer for reading this Blog, and giving a wider audience to my previous recommendation that Sandra Fluke SUE "The Fat Whore" on the theory that his outrageous commentary constituted Slander Per Se...and that his publishing of the same comments on his website added an additional Libel, also of the "Per Se" variety.

2. For those of you who doubted the assertion that Adam's Apple Annie Coultergeist was either an alien life form sent here to consume live brain cells...OR, a braindead twit of a media whore in her own right...perhaps you didn't see her interview earlier today where she compared and equated Andrew Breitbart...TO JOHN LENNON?

3. In response to Ted Nugent's endorsement of Mitt Romney this past weekend...Newt Gingrich announced that Joe Cocker came in through the bathroom window, endorsed Newt, had a seizure and Left the building.

Not to be outdone, Rick Santorum issued a release which stated that Elvis had in fact NOT left the building...had, HAND-TOSSED a pizza that the two men ultimately shared...endorsed Tricky Ricky...and was promptly appointed to the position of White House Chef...in a "Sanitarium Administration".

On hearing the news of this new round of musical endorsements...Ron Paul just laughed and said, "...I don't know what all the fuss is about...or why anyone thinks that any of these Rock Stars opinions matter. Half the time, you can't even understand what the heck they're sayin'." An hour LATER though...Paul completely "changed his tune"...announcing that after he had personally performed a posthumous baptism in favor of both J.S. Bach AND Igor Stravinsky...BOTH musicians posthumously endorsed Paul...and thanked him for all of the assistance they had each received from the Congressmen...while the two were alive.

Back to Not So Super Tuesday...

Yes, there ARE 10 contests. I ASSUME we can all agree on THAT?

Or...CAN WE?

The Virginia Ballot has only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on it.

M'kay...there are really NINE contests. So...when the rest of the RNC O&O Pundits start telling the world at 6:01 Eastern Time, about what a cakewalk THEIR GUY had today...AT LEAST don't include Virginia in the parade of states.

Massachusetts...is not only one of the THIRTY-SEVEN STATES where Mitt Romney qualifies as either a favorite son, or a bastard child...BUT, it's also a state where he had at least enough swing to win a gubernatorial election a few years back.

And then...there were EIGHT..."contests," I mean.

If you're going to discount Newt's impending colossal victory in Georgia...Mitt has to be given equal disrespect.

And, why do I suggest that Newt is being disrespected?

Virtually EVERY news outlet has reported that OHIO carries the MOST DELEGATES to be awarded by one state in today's elections. AND...following discussions of Ohio, pick any state out of 3 or four others which DO NOT start with "G" and end in "A"...and ALL in THAT group have been labeled as "THE NEXT" most significant contests.

For the record...GEORGIA offers the largest individual delegate prize of the day, AND...much as I hate to actually suggest that "the truth" has ever inadvertently escaped the Lips of the Lizard...he is absolutely correct in saying that if Tricky Ricky was not on the Georgia Ballot...Newt might just get over EIGHTY PERCENT of the down-home vote...even though he IS...a carpet-bagging, redheaded stepson of the South.

So...Not So Super Tuesday is down to THREE CAUCUSES...FOUR CONTESTED PRIMARIES...Romney's Home State, Newt's Home State...and a place where HALF THE CANDIDATES AREN'T ON THE BALLOT!

And yet...the event is being hailed as the tipping point of the campaign cycle.

Following today, Santorum and Gingrich will OWN the next two weeks, which will see Santorum clean house in Kansas and Missouri (again)...while Gingrich will remind Romney how "the Good People of Alabama and Mississippi" treat "Non-Christians" what jes' happens to wander into the wrong trailer park.

All of this, of course setting up the REAL "Super Period" in the race...which comes between Illinois on March 20, through Texas...with its 155 Delegates at stake on April 3rd. If Romney won EVERY DELEGATE today, he would be little more than halfway to the nomination. In contrast, the Illinois - Texas trek will award one and a half times the "Super" Tuesday total...AND come after Gingrich and Santorum have closed the gap in "Show-Me"..."OZ"...and "The Lands Time Forgot".

Having said all of that...today could still get kind of interesting. And, since everybody wants to start with Ohio...let's start there.

Lots of reasons why Santorum should do well. Yes, the poll numbers have evened out. HOWEVER...even yesterday...Rasmussen, the telephonic annoyance which IS the RNC, and fully co-opted by Fox News...actually has SANTORUM up by 1%. ALSO...PPP...no friend of Santorum in the past...has Romney in the lead by ONLY 1%. Simultaneous to that...CNN suggests that for Romney to do well in OHIO...he MUST be delivered by THE CATHOLIC VOTE. Love him or hate him...these are Santorum's Peeps. And, I wouldn't want to NEED that block, if I were anybody but Tricky Ricky. ALSO...for reasons that are absolutely unexplainable...Romney's "final days" attack on Santorum labeld him as "A UNION STOOGE".

Pardon me, Mitt? Did you not get the memo on what UNION STOOGES have done to the Kasich attempt to curtail UNION CONTRACTS...IN OHIO...IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS?

There is every reason to think that Romney will grab off a 5% win in Ohio. I get it. The MACHINE is in full swing moreso than at any time during the course of this campaign. And, it COULD happen...BUT the polling data and the other factors I mentioned, make my left hand itch, and have me looking for city boy with a pocket full of Benjamins. What have ya got for me, Catholics? Are ya gonna give it up just so you can meet up with Albert Einstein in Mormon Heaven?

We'll soon see.


Here, again...the more questionable of the polling entities are moving Romney within striking distance on the day before election day. Simultaneous to that...Newt touts a poll that moves HIM to within the margin of error, tied with Romney...AND...just goes to show you that in the solid south, more than anywhere else, that Gingrich - Santorum vote is DOUBLE the Romney support, OR GREATER!

By the way...take Gingrich off of the Ohio Ballot...and Romney is TOAST...even WITH a little help from St. Aloysius Gonzaga.

So, in Tennessee...Romney has a chance to divide and conquer. BUT...He ALSO has a chance TO FINISH THIRD! Turnout from "The Churches" is again the key...and in Tennessee...Romney won't get ANY of it.

Out on the ol' limb...Santorum gets the win. NEWT takes second.

Same story in Oklahoma...except Romney is a more distant 3rd.

Rounding out the Primaries...Romney wins virtually nothing in Vermont.

HERE, is where there could be some serious CAUCUSMANIA!

Alaska...North Dakota...Idaho.

Romney was, and is still predicted by MANY to be the odds-on favorite IN ALL THREE CAUCUSES.
Idaho...HEY, Romney wins EVERYTHING in "The West"...especially where states have even as many as nine Mormons living in them. Alaska...HEY, It doesn't get ANY MORE "WESTERN" than THAT, does it? North Dakota/...HEY, Mitt's gonna suck their shale outta the ground THROUGH A STRAW to get their vote.

On this, I'm going to be REALLLLLLLL RIght...or reallllll M-bare-assed later tonight.

Alaska AND North Dakota go to Ron Paul. Idaho goes to Romney by less than 5%.

Romney's Delegate addition, for the night?

181...not the 211 called for by Chuck Todd...and NOT the death blow to either Santorum OR Gingrich...who will cut deeper into Romney's operating margins over the next two weeks.

Lastly...Rush continues to lose advertisers...because THE WORLD SAW THROUGH ALL THREE APOLOGIES.


I'll re-visit Rush, Breitbart, and others...after the post-mortem of Not So Super Tuesday.

Have a truly Blessed day!

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