Friday, March 2, 2012

A Progressive's Prayer for Andrew Breitbart

There's nothing like the sudden death of a Legend in his Own Mind, to turn the Thursday before Not So Super Tuesday into a slow news day.

I mean no disrespect to Orson Bean's daughter, nor the four children she shared with Andrew Breitbart. I'm not elated at his passing, as some have shown themselves to be throughout the day. I am truly saddened at the loss of any life.

I acknowledge Matt Drudge as an Internet Genius, and that he passed substantial amounts of knowledge to an individual who proved himself to be equally effective in using that knowledge...while being an incalculable exponent greater than Drudge when it comes to both being a true junkyard dog...and being willing to play fast and loose with both rules, decorum, and truth.

Make no mistake about it. Andrew Breitbart was a gifted individual who, in the beginning, middle and end...saw himself as being as much the story as that which he sought to uncover.

Do I think that Breitbart was any different than what Keith Olberman has become?


Do I believe that if Roger Ailes had re-discovered Andrew Breitbart a day before Bill O'Reilly...that Bill-O would be still be allowing the world to witness his ever-receding hairline, more gaunt than ever look that he has about him...which often makes me wonder about HIS general health...OR, that he would have continued to grab off the big payday for all these way too many years?

Not an O'Reilly's Chance in Compton or East St. Louis.

I agree that an Andrew Breitbart comes along only a few times in any given generation. I pray for his soul in the same way I would pray for a beloved family member, treasured pet, or the criminals who hung on either side of Jesus Christ. Unlike Andrew Breitbart, who was a proponent of capital punishment, attacks on abortion clinics, senseless war for bullshit jingoistic reasons...while feigning concern for the unborn, because "ALL LIFE IS SACRED"...I really do believe that ALL life is sacred.

My heart goes out to his family and friends, in the same sense that I would hope others would desire comfort for my family, should I not finish this Posting.

I'm no Saint. Never claimed to be. I've been places, seen things, done things, spoken up when I shouldn't...and remained silent when I could have and should have been the voice upon the nearest mountain top. When my end comes, there will be tears, a few jeers, but no one who knows me will say I didn't touch, or change their life, or make at least one of their days more interesting, exciting, or flat out crazed...than it might otherwise have been. I don't live in a glass house, and I'm not throwing stones.

What I am saying is that for WHATEVER his real and/or purported reasons...and DESPITE the VOLUMES of testimonials which came out of more mouths today, faster than Newt Gingrich could come up with new life histories...Andrew Breitbart took pleasure in distorting facts for his personal gain, and ALWAYS under circumstances where his gain coincided with the destruction of SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE.

But, of was never HIS DOING.

He was just "reporting the news".

The same way Bill O'Reilly had NOTHING TO DO WITH the execution of Dr. John Tiller.

The same way Bill & Hannity had nothing to do with mass murder at a Tennessee Church, where the killer's lair was strewn with their books, tapes, notes, and other hate speech.

Whatever Andrew Breitbart "revolutionize the Internet". Whatever he DID to advance what half the nation might believe to be a legitimate cause. Whatever he did to "SAVE THE NATION FROM THE COMMIES"...

He did it HATING people...particularly ANYONE that THE SAME GOD AS HIS, may have given a different perspective, point of view, outlook on the universe...or understanding of who God was, and how THAT PERSON had been called by that same lend benefit to mankind.

I write this Blog in an effort, as I have always openly both educate, and make my readers laugh as often as their funny bones will allow.

YES...I play with the names of candidates as an overt ACT OF GOOD HUMOR.

Yes...I called Ann Coulter, "Adam's Apple Annie"...JUST YESTERDAY. That's only because she PRETENDS to be a tough girl...yet she has openly refused to debate me for more than a decade.

Yes...I mock the Gingrich and Palin Families.

But if any one of them had a heart attack in my presence, they would get chest compressions and mouth to mouth without a second thought, or a single second wasted...even The Fat Lizard.

It isn't referring to Sarah Palin's Glenn Rice Moment, or even Andrew Breitbart laying hands on the photo of Weiner's Weiner which will get people killed by psychopaths in Tennessee or anywhere else in the world. You screw a much younger basketball player on his way to the NBA,,,or send a 8X10 of your 3X5 to a woman WHO IS NOT YOUR WIFE...and you are comic fodder...FOREVER!

On the other hand...when you distort the truth for the purpose of ruining lives to support YOUR RISE TO FAME AND FORTUNE...all the while saying and doing things that encourage the kind of people who still go to Klan meetings in Rural not only keep going, but to not stop there...

When YOUR WORDS, unquestionably are the motivating force behind tens of thousands...OR EVEN ONE PERSON deciding that THEY have somehow been endowed by their Creator to determine which life is sacred and who, on the other hand, is expendable...

When GOD becomes YOUR TOOL...instead of YOU serving as HIS...

I don't care if your name is Andrew Breitbart of FILL-IN-THE-BLANK. Whatever earthly praise you may be entitled to for changing the face of the 24 Hour News Content Delivery System...

That praise will fall on the same deaf ears which you accorded to the equally supportable positions taken by your earthly adversaries...when each of you tap on THE SAME PEARLY GATES, in search of the approval of The ONLY One Whose Opinion Truly Matters.

I have said this don't bring ANYONE pulling as hard as you can, FROM EITHER END. You bring people together BY PULLING THE the middle.

Andrew Breitbart couldn't find the Middle with a Star Map. It is sad that his life was lost at such a young age.

It is sadder yet that the only life he ever knew was one of anger, ideological lust, and that he was willing to sacrifice DECADES of time which could have been spent WITH HIS peace and opposed to declaring himself judge, jury and executioner of all whose thought process didn't mirror his own.

Rest in Peace, Andrew...for the first time "in your life".

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