Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat...WHORE!

If you had SIX in the "How many advertisers will it take to cancel ad buys on the Limbaugh radio show before THE WHORE reveals its true colors?..."


Rush Limbaugh issued "an apology" today, to Georgetown Law Student, Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh had called her both a slut...and a prostitute on radio shows aired earlier in the week. When first called on his outburst, Limbaugh not only refused to accept either that he had acted in any way inappropriately, or that an apology was in order...but also confirmed to the world just how "right" he was in his initial assessment of Ms. Fluke...that he went after her AGAIN!

Even in the face of lukewarm pseudo-admonishments from Speaker Boner, a sloughing off of the commentary by Tricky Ricky Sanitarium...and the conscious avoidance of the controversy by Mitt of the Magic Underwear, Limbaugh was emboldened. He was his disgustingly arrogant self. He beat his massive and obviously hardening arteries...and more than openly challenged both Fluke and her cadre of supporters to "DO SOMETHING ABOUT" his remarks.

And they did.

In a total of less than 72 hours...not one, not two, but SIX major advertisers of the Limbaugh radio show had suspended or cancelled outright, their contractual advertising commitments. At least three others remained in jeopardy. Clear Channel had more than obviously rented a large crane...and lifted Limbaugh from his self-contained egotorium...for a relatively short trip to the woodshed.

El Douchebo would immediately commission the architects of more than a dozen versions of "The Newt Gingrich Story" craft "An Apology".

Let's give that "Apology"...all of the attention that it deserves. Let's see how REASONABLE, under ALL of the circumstances, that "Apology" really the hope that the balance of Limbaugh's advertisers will be forced to weigh their remaining decisions, and not be surprised, if other REASONABLE people refuse to accept anything other than the abandonment of someone who should have had his microphone turned off (and shoved up his galactically-copious ass, while he was still a PR Boy for the Kansas City Royals Baseball Team).

Remember...Limbaugh made the original statements regarding Fluke, ON WEDNESDAY. The controversy was ON, and the forces of right and good were now formed against The Ball-less One.

However...the reactionary right was either silent, or supportive. More importantly, Clear Channel, Limbaugh's syndicator...gave more than tacit approval of the allowing their own ignorance of the events to signal that Limbaugh had a free hand to carpet bomb Ms. Fluke again on Thursday.

And he did.

After suggesting on Thursday, that he wasn't going to address the issue further, the morbidly obese eunuch spent OVER AN HOUR both RE-STATING his previous comments, "revising and extending his remarks"...and MORE IMPORTANTLY...

...not apologizing.

Also on Thursday...Romney again avoided commenting on the controversy, Fox News issued a statement of support of Limbaugh, and its own slap at Fluke...and...

...The Good Guys and Girls got even "pisseder and pisseder".

Either taking the bait or psychotically declaring himself to BE opposed to just borrowing His "talent"...Limbaugh began his "Open Line Friday"...NOT with any "OPEN LINE" calls, but with ANOTHER HOUR of both rantings about Mrs. Fluke, and an even more targeted attack on those who had collectively taken up her cause. Noticeably ABSENT during the entire "three hours" of his Friday program, was...

..."An Apology". recap; Limbaugh made his remarks on Wednesday. He had a full day to evaluate whether he had either chosen his words poorly, or, just plain..."f'd up" the day before.

After a careful review of his conduct the previous day, the ALWAYS EXCESSIVELY PREPARED "NRA Dough Boy" launched into Fluke again.

Between Thursday's secondary nuking of Ms. Fluke, and the opening of Friday's show...a REASONABLE person might conclude, that as the controversy gained even more momentum...EVEN IF Limbaugh had NOT given prior consideration to EITHER the remarks themselves, or a level of response which Limbaugh could neither have anticipated, nor currently comprehend...that THIS might be a pretty decent time to conduct a little personal reflection and assessment.

And yet...not only was there no "Apology"...Limbaugh's actions show that the larger than Uranus Caricature STILL believed that he was both larger than life...and completely bulletproof.

And why wouldn't he?

For TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS...and particularly for the last 13 years with Clear Channel Communications, Limbaugh has committed ethical and moral abuses of public decency, each one more egregious than the other...and done so with impunity, and with the confidence that the now FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR annual salary from the show's syndicator effectively mandated that Clear Channel support any and every venomous expulsion.

In this instance, Clear Channel once again validated the attack on Sandra Fluke from Wednesday...until Thursday...until Friday...and until THE SIXTH MAJOR ADVERTISER had suspended or canceled ad contracts on Saturday.

LESS THAN FOUR HOURS LATER...Limbaugh issued "An Apology".

Limbaugh started his "Apology" by indicating that the reference to Sandra Fluke as "A SLUT" and "A PROSTITUTE"...was "NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK".

Well, THANK GOD for THAT. If only South American Dictators had issued similar "apologies" after attaching ELECTRODES to the GENITALS of their dissidents...

"My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices."

...because "SLUT" and "PROSTITUTE" are far more "HUMOROUS" than they could ever be "INSULTING".

Buried in the middle of his TWO SENTENCES of "NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK" and "I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE"...Limbaugh ALSO said...

"I think it is absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times, we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress. I personally do not agree that American citizens should pay for these social activities. What happened to personal responsibility and accountability? Where do we draw the line? If this is accepted as the norm, what will follow? Will we be debating if taxpayers should pay for new sneakers for all students that are interested in running to keep fit? In my monologue, I posited that it is not our business whatsoever to know what is going on in anyone's bedroom nor do I think it is a topic that should reach a Presidential level."


"They SAY, a picture is worth 1000 words. MY APOLOGY, at least in this worth FIFTY-FOUR. NON-APOLOGY JUSTIFICATION for my patently insulting and very personal attack on this nappy-headed HO...more than TWICE that number. I would also like to add that my only regret is that I have but one anus, to offer up to my Syndicator and OUR SPONSORS...three hours a day, five days a week...AND, that the moment this little raft of bullshit blows over...I ASSURE YOU AND THEM...that I will be RIGHT BACK TO my age-old tactic of contaminating the public airwaves with the type and kind of thermo-nuclear linguistic barrages which can send a lunatic into a kindergarten with a pipe bomb in three hours OR LESS...ANY DAY OF THE WEEK...or at least five out of seven anyway."

Let's just hope that the pain that this gutless wonder will be further caused to endure by the prospective loss of the balance of his advertisers doesn't drive him back to Betty Ford. OR...if it does result in a relapse of his previous dependence on prescription pharmaceuticals, that he doesn't end up at Passages in Malibu...which COULD end up SINKING our beautiful community into the Pacific, potentially triggering the kind of tectonic shift which could bring about THE BIG ONE.

Let's also hope that if El DRUGGO does fall back off of his High Horse-Drawn Wagon...that TAXPAYERS are not forced to in any way support or supplement his dependence.

And, on a personal note to Sandra Fluke...

Just about the time that Rush's Lar-Jass was first sidling upside his bully microphone (1985) ...a Pittsburgh, PA newspaper published an article which blistered a local professional football player, for no reason other that that player elected to extricate himself from a personal services contract with the owner of the Pittsburgh entry in the defunct United States Football League...and pursue earning a living at his trade, in the ongoing National Football League.

In that article...the very Limbaugh-esque author suggested that the athlete was somewhat lacking in skills other than on the football field, should be happy to be "stuck" in a defunct football league...and that "if it weren't for that contract...the player would likely be "out robbing gas stations".

When threatened with litigation over having published the statement...and after accepting that even IF the player was a "public figure" for purposes of existing libel law...THOSE kinds of statements constituted "actual malice"...attorneys for the newspaper paid the player's attorney's fees into the six figures, and issued THE ONLY FRONT PAGE "APOLOGY" in the history of that paper, or any paper...for a story written libeling an athlete. ( bold face type, framed in a bold box and directly under the paper's Masthead".)

In YOUR case, Sandra...and I'm sure you already know this...statements regarding the sexual reputation of an individual have long been held to constitute "libel per se" which case, you need not show any actual damages at all, in order to squeeze a blivet or two of cholesterol out of Trash Limbaugh.

For the sake of the next Sandra Fluke...

GO FOR IT! Milk that cash cow until all eight of its teats fall off.

Limbaugh has shown, yet again...that he is first willing to sell his services to the highest bidder...and ultimately, but equally willingly prepared to compromise even the COURAGE and COMMITMENT to ideal that he professes to possess...AS SOON AS THOSE BIDDERS THREATEN TO GO AWAY.

You sold NOTHING and were called A SLUT and A PROSTITUTE.


Who is the whore, here?

Pardon me for ending with a rhetorical question?


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