Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State Regents Purchase Saddam Statue On Ebay!

With the recent departure of the JokePa metallic abortion from the front of the stadium in Unhappy Valley...the vacancy left more than a few Pennsylvania political hack Regents with a driving desire to fill the void with a slightly less demeaning, demonic and disgusting gaggle of brass bullshit. And, since the Saddam statue had been on a "Buy it now, or Best Offer since sometime in 2004...

Okay, so...I made up at least part of that teaser. The bottom-line is, after taking the fourth call from a Penn State alum earlier today, I decided that there was a story here, which had to be told.

I apologize for not taking this opportunity to comment on the new Obama tv spot which launched today, the Syrian Non-Threat to use chemical weapons if either a) Damascus is attacked, or b) donkeys fly...the ongoing euro banking collapse, or any one of the other 79 more appropriate political themes which might have occupied tonight's column.

However...when I took that fourth call earlier today, from the Penn State alum who still to this day believes that "there is no's a witch hunt' was time to let 'er rip, and call these clowns out, in the same way in which we felt compelled to re-introduce myself to the gun nuts, just yesterday.

As usual, the course of my life has placed me in a position to have met the late Coach Bonjourno on more than one occasion. The very first time I met this legend in his own mind, was while I was still in high school. JokePa was recruiting a guy I played football with...and who happened to be one of the greatest running backs never to make it out of the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Group Shower.

JokePa promised my teammate that he would be the next (fill in the blank, superstar from Penn State). The Joke said he was going to stop recruiting players at that position that year if he got a commitment from my teammate. Joe also told the player not to worry at all about whether the player's family could afford to make the long trip to Unhappy Valley every saturday.

I don't know exactly what else The Joke had to say to my friend. Those things were all that were said in public.

I also don't know exactly what happened once my friend actually got to Penn State. Maybe Jerry Sandusky offered my friend a piece of candy, or a ride in his car...or offered to towel him down after practice?

I do know that on the first day of practice, The Joke told this incredible athlete that he had decided that my friend should be moved to a new position...a position that he had never played before. And, three plays later, with absolutely no instruction at the new position, my friend and former teammate suffered a career ending injury.

This was still at a time when a full scholarship meant that your four year scholarship could be taken away from you the following year, for any reason or no reason...and while my friend was still in the hospital recovering from surgery...the pedophile coddling Joke Paterno, showed up to tell my friend that he would have to pay his own way back to Penn State the next year, BUt...that Joe The Joke hoped that my friend would still come back...and walk-on to football tryouts, because..."You know, I care about you as a person".

About ten years later...when I saw The Joke in New Orleans, while I was on business and he was lounging prior to the Sugar Bowl...I approached him in a small, out of the way restaurant...and asked Paterno if he was aware of the fact that my friend from high school had committed suicide (after a long bout with depression, following his injury). Paterno's one word response told me everything that anyone ever needed to no, about what kind of a man he wasn't.


The last time I met this grand bastian of all things hypocritical...was at a major football banquet. Jerry Sandusky was there, too. And, while I didn't know it then...I know now, that the timing of this event operated as evidence that even after The Joke knew that Jerkin' Jerry was having his way with those who were unable to protect or defend themselves.

And, when MSNBC followed the story of the Colorado Movie Murderer, with the announcement that, "In our OTHER top story of the day...Penn State gets to continue..." to let football and the almighty dollar determine whether or not raping children in university showers is an appropriate matter to bring to the attention of the local became more than apparent that absolutely nothing has, or will ever change.

Yes, the university was fined the equivalent of ONE YEAR'S football revenue.

Yes, the NCAA took away a few scholarships, and restricted the team from competing for championships for a couple of years.

Yes, current players can transfer without waiting to play at another school.

HOWEVER...if University-sponsored and sanctioned child rape is not enough to get a program shut down...what the hell is?

What if Jerry and JokePa dyed their hair orange and shot up a movie theater?

Think even that would have been enough?

At least the Widow JokePa still gets her HALF MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR pension benefit. That's the bad news...

The good news is, she gets to join Mrs. Madoff, the Widow Arafat, and other noteworthy ex-successful ladder-climbing spouses at an afternoon tea, where they all spend time telling each other that the money means absolutely nothing when compared to the fact that all of them...used to be somebody.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My new novel, "Broken Law" IS NOW AVAILABLE!

To all of my friends, family, colleagues, contacts and of course...all of YOUR friends, family, colleagues ad contacts...

My new Legal Thriller, "Broken Law"...the 1st installment in "The Stephen Westminster Series" featuring the fictional character of the same name...









How Many Gun Nuts Does It Take To End YOUR LIFE?

The drum beat has begun, yet again. Gun nuts in all shapes and sizes and from almost every walk of life have had their sleeper cells activated. And, whether or not anyone cares about their answer or even asks a relevant question...their mantra spewing about freedom and their genetically mutated mis-interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, is underway.

The guns didn't kill and injure 82 people. The weapons were legal. The guy was nuts. If guns are illegal only criminals will have guns. This guy was nuts. Blah...blah blah, blah blah.

At what point is someone going to stand up and challenge these gun nuts, stop spouting buzz words and phrases that were learned at the age of 8 when their parents sent them to "Gun Camp"...and stop this senseless killing?

Before I get into the totality of arguments offered by the gun nuts which are unsupportable in their entirety, there are a few facts which should in and of themselves make that effort thoroughly unnecessary.

Every year in the United States...EVERY YEAR...There are more than THREE to FIVE TIMES the number of GUN-RELATED DEATHS in the United States, THAN THE TOTAL NUMBER OF United States Soldiers KILLED IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN.

In the ten years since the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, roughly 6600 US Troops have been killed.In the ten years since the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, BETWEEN 250,000 and 300,000 FREE AMERICANS have lost their lives in gun-related incidents.

So...How many gun nuts does it take to end YOUR life?

In the Colorado movie theater incident, as in most if not all of the last 30 mass killings in this country, the weapons used were legally acquired and possessed by the murderer. The gun nuts want no new laws rstricting anyone's right to acquire these weapons of mass destruction. Of course not. Gun nuts have rights. Right?

A person with a sinus condition can't purchase three packages of Pseudophed or Mucinex within a 30 day period, and haS to show their government-issued photo ID, give a thumb print, and swear allegiance to Eli Lilly just to get the first two.

A mass murderer in Colorado, or anywhere in the United States can acquire nearly 10,000 rounds of ammunition, semi-automatic weapons, convertible to automatic weapons, tear gas canisters, flash-bang grenades, full body-armour...and, do so without restriction or limitation...and while swearing allegiance to no one.

But...WHAT ABOUT THE 2ND AMENDMENT?Don't we, in this "greatest nation on earth" have, yes...a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to kill ANYTHING WE WANT TO...even if our bullseye happens to be trained upon someone else's 7 year old 2nd Grade little boy or girl?

Which is of greater importance in the year 2012...

The 2nd Amendment...or a 2nd Grader?

Before you answer, let's examine what the gun nut response has been to every other mass murder committed using the world's most deadly weapon of mass destruction.

After a run of school shootings:


After shootings at colleges and universities:


After shootings at a Seattle coffee shop:


After the September 11th attacks:


After the shootings of a Congresswoman in Arizona:


"What can we expect from the gun nuts after the mass murder in a Colorado movie theater?


In case we haven't figured this out yet...ARMING MORE PEOPLE ONLY GETS MORE PEOPLE DEAD!

But...what about the 2nd Amendment?

Let's talk about the 2nd Amendment for just a moment.

The 2nd Amendment was adopted in the year 1791. In 1791, "arms" which Americans had a right to keep and bear...were forged BY HAND, and took anywhere from 1 to three minutes to fire a SINGLE SHOT.MASS MURDER, in 1791 WAS A PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY, unless a group of 82 people (like in the Colorado movie theater) was set upon BY AN ENTIRE ARMY of murderers...or, unless the 82 people being attacked, WERE ASLEEP.

From 1791 until Antonin "THE ANTI-CHRIST" Scalia vitiated the intent of the Framers of the Constitution in 2008...anyone with 2 live brain cells understood that THE PURPOSE of this "right" to keep and bear arms...was very specific...that being to support a "well-regulated militia" because that was necessary "for the security of a free state".

But...220 years after first adoption, Scalia, a Life Member of the NRA no doubt, decided, in his own infinite lunacy, that what the Framers REALLY meant, was that any American who had FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS to pay for parking at a gun show...and thus avoid a background check, could buy all of the convertible automatic weapons he could fit in his trunk...and then as many Free Americans as he could afford hollow-point bullets.

Of the 36 wealthiest nations on earth, the United States has a gun-related murder rate TWO HUNDRED TIMES HIGHER THAN JAPAN, over thirty times higher than Great Britain, and already shows over three guns in place FOR EVERY CITIZEN OF THIS NATION.

The facts COMPLETELY REFUTE the rhetoric of the gun nuts.

Of the last 30 mass murders in this nation, ONLY TWO of the murderers had ANY prior criminal records of note. The people commiting these heinous crimes are NOT career criminals, nor are they, by and large, documented crazy people. So...enforing existing laws WOULD NOT have prevented their crimes. Likewise, if you took THEIR guns away, the result WOULD NOT BE that "only criminals would have guns".

The truth is, if you took their guns away...hundreds of Free Americans would still be alive, and hundreds more would not have been wounded...and at least one LESS "criminal" would have his own arsenal.

NO ONE would be injured, or have even been denied a "constitutional right" if these murderers had their guns taken away.

And...since we have absolutely NO IDEA who the NEXT gun nut to have a spontaneous breakdown might be, where that will occur, or how many people THAT gun nut will kill...well...the simple solution to this complex problem, is to fix it so that no gun nut has the capability of taking even so much as one Free American life, just because he lost a job, couldn't get a job, had a rough day at the office, his double wide got repossessed, momma ran off with the Maytag Repairman, or his kids got a bad report card.

Gun nuts tend to swear by the slogan, "Kill them all...and let God sort them out".

I think a much more effective life-saving adage is to TAKE ALL OF THE GUNS AWAY...AND GOD WILL HAVE FAR LESS SORTING OUT, TO ATTEND TO".

Without a radical course correction, the killing will continue, will only take ONE gun nut, to make YOU or your entire family...NEXT!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Romney's Problem Isn't Bain...It's Romney.

Okay, Mitt Romney ran Bain Capital at some point in time...for some period of time.Maybe, he lied about whether he continued to run the company.

Maybe, he kept his name on SEC documents in order to capitalize on tax loopholes, OR, because he couldn't or wouldn't give up control until his golden parchute had landed, OR, maybe he really didn't continue to run the company regardless of what any SEC documents might have indicated.

And...maybe during some, all, or none of that time, he either did, OR didn't send any jobs to India.And...maybe, President Obama and his advisors did, OR didn't manipulate the logarithim used to calculate the number of Bain jobs which might OR might not have left the country for their own selfish political purposes.

The bottom-line is...none of THAT really matters.

Ya a time when tens, if not hundreds of thousands of American College Students are staying at home and attending junior colleges, while the children of Indian and other foreign parents are finding their way into midwestern 4 year college dorms IN doesn't much matter if Mitt sent ONE job overseas, or ran Bain for even so much as 23 seconds.

George Bush 41 was elected President in the first instance because he followed Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan's seemingly 72 years as President of these great Untied States of 'Merica. Not soon after, and for the first time in the history of the nation during wartime...Bush, Sr. was made a one term President...NOT because we read his lips and remembered his no new taxes pledge. George H.W. Bush was made a one term President because...the more we got to know him, the more we knew he wasn't like us.

He didn't know how grocery store or department store scanners worked, how much a package of underwear cost...or how to pump his own gas.

And...neither does Mitt Romney.It's the reason a certifiable psychopath like Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky's good buddy, Rick Santorum was a heartbeat away from the republican nomination for what seemed like the same 72 years that Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was in office.

It's the reason why high unemployment, high taxes, high foreclosure numbers, higher and higher corporate profits, a still unchecked financial industry, and an entire world economy in danger of yet an even more destructive collapse STILL can't pull The Mighty Mittster even with a President who pissed on his own base, adopted multiple policies (foreign and domestic) which were far right of George DUBYAH Bush, and has spent as much time running for re-election as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did in securing their first terms.In 2008, a major issue in the Presidential election was, whether the country was ready for a Black President.

Well...President Obama may not exactly be Black (he's technically Bi-Racial)...but the truth is, we were and are, far more prepared to re-elect a "Black" President, than we are to elect the Bill Gates Edition of the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man.

Mitt is whiter than white. And, at a time when census figures show that Whites are no longer a 51% majority race...the fact that he has a Mormon view of minorities (or rather, majorities), wants to build the fence, strap the dog to his car roof, refuse to release his tax returns, has no answer to how many off-shore tax loopholes he's taken advantage of, has never met a pair of polar oppostie positions he wasnt willing to simultaneously support...and, oh by the way...has never bought his own groceries, pumped his own gas, can't tell you the price of anything except his 16 personal residences on four continents...AND...happens to be worth close to half a BILLION dollars, well...I say again...Mitt Romneys problem isnt Bain Capital.

It's Mitt Romney.

Not even a Georgia redneck whose auto plant is closed, whose pension is gone, who can't send their child to a four year college, can't find a job himself, and believe me...pumps his own gas when he can afford it...AND, knows the price of used underwear from the Goodwill ig-nint enough to think that even though White, Mitt Romney either has the same core values and ideological principles, any more "like him" than is the Sitting President.

And, God Bless us one and all...if he IS (that ig-nint, I mean).

Barack Obama may not be every, or even any Progressive American's dream of either the perfect President...or even the bill of goods he was sold to ME as when I voted for him. However, if I found myself on the wrong end of a game of three card monty, whether the crooks were New York City Street Hustlers...or the other leaders of the not necessarily free world...I would want a Chicago Politician telling me where the red card was, over a billionaire animal abuser any day of the week.

And, it wouldn't matter if he was CEO of Bain Capital, Ronald Reagan's horse holder, or William F. Buckley.

If Americans are entitled to a jury of our peers when we are on trial for murder...why would we want the Poster Boy for The Aristocracy to make any decision, during any one of those days or decades which we are otherwise fighting for our lives?

It's good to be back...

Billy V.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


As it became apparent that Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee for President...politics took a temporary backseat to the combination of rehabilitating following my auto-pedestrian accident, completing MY NEW LEGAL THRILLER, "Broken Law"...and preparing myself spiritually for becoming a Deacon in my Church.

Thank you again to all of you who have continued to promote ThoughtsAtThreeAM on Twitter and numerous other sites during my absence. Thank you for all of the incredibly encouraging emails and other communications, as well. Beginning MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012..."Thoughts" will return on a daily basis with the most piercing commentary regarding the upcoming presidential election.

PLUS...on, or before JULY 31, 2012...
"Broken Law," my brand new Legal Thriller will be available EXCLUSIVELY thru's Kindle KDP Select...and then will be available EVERYWHERE eBooks can be acquired, as of NOVEMBER 1, 2012.

Look to this blog, and my synced blog at for promotional opportunities to acquire "Broken Law" at no cost.

See ya, MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012 and everyday thereafter.

Billy V.