Tuesday, May 31, 2016

An Open Letter To Gov. Jerry Brown

Having worked for, campaigned with and been the traveling companion of Edmund G. Brown, Jr., during his 1992 Democratic Presidential Campaign, and spent no less than seven months, a week defending hundreds of Brown Delegates before the Credentials Committee, and watching the Candidate eviscerate Bill Clinton during a convention speech which was supposed to include an endorsement that never came...one can easily understand my borderline meltdown earlier today, when the Governor greased up, backed into the room and took one in the large intestine for the team.

And lest anyone think that there was no basis or justification for my seizure...


This link, a clip from a 1992 debate, will show you one of the more RELAXED moments shared by Jerry and Bill Clinton.

What the clip does not reveal, but what I can assert as true from first hand experience, is this...

In 1992, a box full of Democratic Candidates began the Presidential Election Cycle. If memory serves me correct, Tom Harken was the first to drop out. But, even before Harken exited the field, Ron Brown, DNC Chair, had already determined that Bill Clinton was "THEIR GUY".

One by one, Ron Brown and the DNC forced each candidate out, with Jerry Brown being the last challenger standing.

Once the field was reduced to two, there was not only a clear choice between the avowed centrist, Clinton, and "Governor Moonbeam"...a label that the Clinton Campaign wasted no time in resurrecting. It wasn't really a "Socialist" label...but it sure didn't excite Jerry.

But, that wasn't the only thing that the Clinton's and Ron Brown would do.

Of course there was election fraud in virtually every state. Of course, as every other Candidate dropped out, they not only endorsed Clinton, but they would go on to disparage Jerry even when it made no sense, added nothing, and just operated as another knife in the back of another Democrat.

Approaching the NY Primary, Clinton suffered a series of consecutive losses. Paula Jones was in the news. Gennifer Flowers was in the news. And, Ron Brown, the DNC and the virtually every Democrat knew that if Jerry won New York...the best laid plans of the DNC, the DLC, and all them there folks that Slick Willie trucked in from Ar-Kansas...would be up in smoke before you could say Juanita Broderick.

Jerry was rising in the polls in New York. It seemed like nothing could stop the Clinton slide. And then...out of left field, if not simply nowhere...New York Senior Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who had been the principal advocate and mentor to the campaign of Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry...and who had absolutely nothing to do with the Clinton Campaign...scheduled a rally in time square, timed only hours before a rally for Jerry Brown.

At Moynihan's rally, the New York Senator first endorsed Clinton...then proceeded to TRASH Jerry and his tax plan...the now republican supported flat tax with the post card tax return.

Moynihan had been elected to the senate three times. He had been Ambassador to the UN and to India. He had held Cabinet posts in four Administrations...and his imprimatur could win an election for a trained ape...or a serial rapist.

And, it did...with Jerry finishing 3rd, behind Paul Tsongas.

But, not without perhaps the length and depth of election fraud which wouldn't be seen again in the Empire State for oh, some 24  years.

The 1992 New York Primary is acknowledged as the event which saved Bill Clinton. But, like Bernie Sanders...Jerry Brown had seen enough of the Clintons to know that they were some combination of pure evil, bottom-feeding pond scum, and of course, projectile diarrhea.

For 2 months...Jerry Brown was threatened, cajoled, offered various options which a reasonable person might conclude were bribes. And, the week before the Convention, unlike a typical year, where the Credentials Committee might hear a half dozen challenges to the Credentials of elected Delegates...this Credentials Committee, Chaired by Ron Brown, heard OVER 300 CHALLENGES to the Credentials of Brown Delegates...every one instituted by the Clinton Campaign in retaliation for Jerry's refusal to withdraw and endorse Clinton prior to the Convention.

I know this, because I was the attorney who represented all of those Brown Delegates...winning all but the 4 Challenges we should have lost anyway.

Outside the hotel ballroom where the three days of hearings finally ended, Ron Brown approached me and made it clear that if I would denounce Jerry...there was "one seat left on the Clinton Bandwagon, for the kind of young lawyer who had just beaten the DNC at its own game".

I stood by Jerry. And at that time, it was absolutely the right thing to do.

The following Monday, July 13, 1992, we were in New York. Madison Square Garden. And, as of Monday afternoon, before the Convention was called to Order...Jerry Brown was the only Candidate among all who had run that year, who had no scheduled time to speak.

On Monday afternoon, Jerry left the hotel. And, when he returned, he had been given 15 minutes to speak, on Wednesday night. Jerry was given a prime time slot, which at least the DNC and the Clinton Campaign assumed, included Jerry's agreement to make an endorsement as his remarks would come to a close. When  Jerry said he had been given time, I assumed this, too...and became almost enraged. I will never forget Jerry standing in the suite looking at me and saying, "Oh ye of little faith".

He never said anything more...until Wednesday night.

That night, Jerry was at the podium, three floors above ground level in the Garden. His 15 minutes began...but 15 minutes later, they didn't end.

At the 20 minute mark, DNC personnel were waving at Jerry, who was paying no attention.

At the 25 minute mark...I had a pretty good idea that neither Bill Clinton, or Ron Brown, were going to very happy...no matter when this would end.

Nearly 40 minutes into Jerry's remarks, he closed with no endorsement, looked down at the floor where a few of is were standing, and then gave a thumbs up with something of a vengeance.

Minutes later, Jerry was on the floor of the Garden, hugging me as he screamed, "FUCK BILL CLINTON...Now let's go get fucked up"!

So...you can understand, that after watching Bill Clinton and the DNC, do to Jerry, what Hillary and the DNC did to Bernie...and remembering the debate clip I shared earlier, and the Convention story I just relayed...why I would hypothetically want Jerry visited this afternoon, by a dozen unemployed Teamsters who were victimized by Bill Clinton's NAFTA.

As you can imagine, I got literally hundreds of texts, emails and tweets from people I know now, people I knew then, and folks who just happen to read, oh...everything I post anywhere.

There was the David Brock Troll who reminded me that I had predicted that Jerry would NEVER ENDORSE A CLINTON.

There were dozens of other Hillaroids, Shillbots and unidentified Fucknuckles who simply refused to acknowledge that certain words normally associated with the female anatomy, can in context, become gender neutral.

There were Berners who thought that I had "over-reacted"...and that both restraint and "class" were the only way to respond. To them, I say...we are fighting for our political life a week from today, because after ungodly fraud in MA, NC, MD, PA, OH, IL, MO, AZ, NY, and other locations...certain individuals at the top of this campaign, opted to NOT to pursue all available avenues...because to do so, would make Bernie "sound like a whiner".

Had EVERY fraud been pursued, and remedies obtained...IT WOULD BE CLINTON FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE NEXT WEEK.

I'm not going to address the indictment issue tonight. And, I firmly believe that Bernie WILL either win the Democratic Nomination, OR otherwise be a Candidate in November. But, I thought long and hard about the things I said earlier about Jerry Brown...and because I STAND BY EACH AND EVERY ASSESSMENT I MADE regarding his character, person, and worthiness to continue breathing...I decided not to repeat those assertions, in the hope that no one would refuse to read this posting because they don't like "F" words, "B" words, "C" words or any other " " word that about 10% of this afternoons responders found offensive.

I WILL say this, to Jerry Brown.

Homosexuality is not an abomination.
Marijuana is not a gateway drug to Heroin.
Bernie really didn't make the Warriors win Game 7.
Losing the war in Viet Nam did not result in the Chinese taking over Australia.

But YOU, Jerry DID IN FACT sell out.
And, not only did you sell out...you caused people who believed in you to become things that they are not. You made me think, say, and do things that are not only not particularly becoming of an educated person.

More than that, Jerry...in a year in which Bernie Sanders has captured the hearts and minds of not just one, but numerous GENERATIONS, and won the praise even of his political detractors, for his openness, honesty, consistency, forthrightness, and GENUINENESS...YOU have tarnished the record of a generation...YOURS. And, yes...yours is a dying generation, and you, like your sellout namesake Ron Brown, will likely be gone before you ever realize the benefit of whatever bargain you thought you had made...the point I'm sure you failed to consider at all, is that your actions are the very type and kind which drove the under 40 types AWAY from the political process...and will do so again perhaps, should this version of the Clinton Brown Conspiracy actually succeed.

Am I still angry?

Fuck Yeah.

Do I still hate the air you breathe?

Oh yeah.

Did you destroy forever, what 'I have told literally THOUSANDS...that YOU, Jerry Brown, were, along with Bernie sanders, the only two honest politicians I ever met?

Book that...and bet the farm.

Am I sorry I ever spent a MINUTE in support of advancing your career?

As sorry as I am about allowing my ex-wife to force me out of taking a teaching job at the University of Western Australia. Come to thing of it...if I took that job, I never would gave met you...which as of today, would be a good thing.

Two final items should help the world know who you really are...

At one time in your life, you were engaged to a woman named Martha Adkins. Last rime I checked, she was still teaching as a Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University.

When your father was Governor...Martha got her first teaching job...in California, She got the job late, and hadn't yet received her California Teaching Credential.

She asked you to see if your father could inquire about expediting her application...otherwise, your fiancé' was going to lose the job she hadn't started yet. A job she took, in California, to accommodate you.

You said, "I wouldn't do that for someone off the street...what makes you think I would do it for you?"

Now, you might say, you did that because your ethics were more important to you than your then impending marriage. If so...that makes your actions today, not only less explainable...that you would support an anti-green fracker, who was never your friend...and nor a woman you loved.

But, in reality, Jerry...what it really shows is that you, like Mrs. Clinton, have evolved. Whereas Mrs. Clinton consistently evolves from one category of vermin, to another...you have evolved from an ethical human being who, regardless of whether God, Buddha or just plain common sense were your rallying cry...into EXACTLY THE PERSON YOU FOR 60 YEARS CLAIMED TO HATE...

And, now we hate you to...

The disdain of a decent person rarely if ever alters the course of human history...and certainly won't stop you and your new found friends from committing just enough fraud as it might take to steal the California Primary from Bernie. But...in the end, Bernie will sleep peacefully, a successor to the movement he created, will be identified and supported fully. And, when you are soon dead and gone...NO ONE will remember ANYTHING YOU DID...except that you compromised everything you ever believed in, fucked the only people who ever placed their trust in you...and you will have completely destroyed your entire family legacy.

Second item...

In that 1992 campaign, you promised to repay a debt of $9,000 to a man in Pennsylvania named Thomas Lingenfelter. After seeking repayment for several years, Lingenfelter sued you on your promise and won a judgment that to this day remains unsatisfied, according to Mr. Lingenfelter.

Might you discuss having you new best friend pick up your 24 year old obligation?

I'm guessing not.

I despise you and feel for you...because I know, for people who have spent an entire lifetime searching for significance...to know that you will die, no more than a footnote which suggests that your entire existence...was a waste.

Ron Brown died a little over 3 years after he made his deal with the devil...



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  2. Thanks, Friend. It was an exciting time, and it really did frame my outlook on the universe...

  3. I went to a caucus to nominate Tom Harkin. Night before, he dropped out. One speaker nominated "uncommitted." I said I had also come for Harkin, but you can't get any more uncommitted than Brown.

    1. Lolol...
      It was an interesting year.
      A giodvfriend of mine was in Harlin's National Staff. He called me the morning he got the word that Tom was dropping out. He was PISSED. Hrkin had assured my friend not 22 hours before that he was staying in and going ll the way.my friend moved his family in Tim's promise. He then went to work for Bob Kerry...who lied to him, too. That was why I felt so lucky to be with Jerry at the time.

  4. Brown may as well have caved in '92, b/c, at this point, what difference does it make?

    Resisting for years & then capitulating somehow seems worse than being a sleaze the whole time.

    Brown, now the happy corporatist, voluntarily threw himself on the funeral pyre of a worthless, craven campaign.

    Brown, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer. This Californian is disgusted with "our" Establishment politicians

    1. EVERY ONE OF THEM NEED TO GO, before California will regain any part of our heritage, glory & legacy.

  5. Oh but Daniel Patrick Moynihan didn't come out of left field, there was someone in the War Room in Little Rock who had a close relationship with him - and who ultimately brokered the deal for Hillary to run for his seat when he retired. There was no happenstance about it.

    1. The surprise stemmed from the fact that Daniel Patrick Moynihan was the Principal Senate Backer of Robert Kerry's Campaign, and until the day of the NY Rally...neither Kerry, nor Moynihan had endorsed Clinton.