Sunday, May 29, 2016

Evaluating the Claims of Guccifer re: Clinton's Email Server

Much has been made recently, by Clinton supporters and detractors, with respect to the potential for indictments coming out of the ongoing federal criminal investigation, where Hillary Clinton and her most senior aides are all Targets..

Some of those who feel strongly about the prospect of indictment point to the claims made by the Romanian hacker, Guccifer, with respect to his having hacked into the server identified with the mail program "

The Clinton Camp denounces the claims made by Guccifer, suggesting that he had, "never made any such claim" prior to March of 2016, and was doing so for the sole and exclusive purpose of inflating his own importance in the grand scheme of things.

Those on the anti-Hillary bandwagon point to the fact that Guccifer has made very specific claims concerning his having hacked into the email account of Clinton Crime Family Capo, Sidney early as 2014, and had shared evidence of his success involving Mr. Blumenthal, with a multitude of journalists from around the world, since that time. In fact, going all the way back to 2013, The Smoking Gun website, had corresponded with the Guccifer, not even knowing the hacker's age, sex, location, or really having much actual knowledge of who they were dealing with, other than an online identity.

After having reviewed the present day claims made by Guccifer, concerning his alleged hacking of the Clinton Server, as well as the information provided to The Smoking Gun both current and going back to 2014, and the screenshot of Sidney Blumenthal's email box which shows page after page of emails on various threads, all exchanged between Blumenthal and Hillary, where the content of many of those threads contains information which Blumenthal was sharing in the capacity of something of a go-between, and involved reports of various types and kinds involving Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern locations and nations...

There appears to be no real question that Blumenthal was in fact, hacked by Guccifer. In the body of various written contacts between Guccifer and the NY Times Bureau Chief in Belgium, and again with The Smoking Gun...both of which are now verified as contacts which were between the respective sites, and the hacker, himself, Guccifer went into great detail as to how he would break into an account, get into the account holder's contact list, and then start leapfrogging from that account to the hacking of the accounts of those contacts. This is presumably, the method utilized to get into the Clinton Server.

On this point, Clinton advocates suggest that the timing of the Blumenthal hack...which again, is not in question...does not coincide with with period during which the State Department Inspector General Report suggests that the Clinton Server was most vulnerable. On the other hand,emails pulled from the account of Blumenthal do pre-date Benghazi, and, more than clearly provide contradictory accounts of information which Mrs. Clinton has previously presented in numerous forums.

All of this being aside...I am compelled to comment on the Clinton Campaign's loudest bark, i.e., that Guccifer never specifically mentioned hacking the Clinton Server, until after he was in the US by virtue of his extradition...and then, that when he did...he gave no specific account of what he did, or how he did it, as he had done when discussing other hacks.

It is my opinion, that the Clinton argument in this instance, actually shoots itself in the foot...and relies on a reader, or pair of ears, unsophisticated in the understanding and appreciation of the criminal and judicial process.

Not even the Clinton Campaign disputes that a claim that Guccifer hacked into the Clinton Server...AND THAT IT WAS EASY...has been made. To Camp Clinton, not making the claim until March 2016 suggests that the claim is less than credible, when this supposed low level hacker had essentially boasted of every other hack he had ever completed.

What this argument fails to recognize however, is that at the time that this claim was made by Guccifer...he had already been extradited. He was in the USA, charged with 9 felonies and facing 117 years in a federal penitentiary. He was debriefed by the FBI and the Justice Department, and his absolute only hope of receiving less than what would amount to a life sentence, would be to BE TRUTHFUL with the people who held his very future in their hands.

Yes, maffia "rats" change their stories during the course of their own plea negotiations, in order to enhance their positions in those negotiations. However, when you are hauled halfway around the world, with half of your existing Romanian sentence already completed, and you tell the world you are able to establish that you are comfortable announcing, for the first time, that you have hacked the Clinton Server...UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO BE IN PRISON UNTIL YOUR 160TH BIRTHDAY..."inflating your own self-importance" with FBI Agents WHO CAN HELP YOU...OR...HARM YOU...ah, probably not a real good idea...unless, what you are telling those agents, is unimpeachable, and the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the help me GOD.

So, the Clinton reliance on the fact that Guccifer supposedly never made that claim of virtually no consequence...especially when taken in light of the fact that Guccifer was not dealing with an American Court, until he was returned here from Romania, and...whether or not he had, or had not hacked the Clinton Server, while he was a Guest of the State at one of Romania's finest state-run institutions, was absolutely irrelevant.

No one previously made aware of Guccifer's claims regarding Blumenthal, disputes either the method employed to break into Blumentha's system, or that the leapfrogging techniques had been employed by this hacker in the case of virtually every other of his victims, as a way to exponentially increase the size of his hacked network.

Why DID, the FBI, after it had debriefed Guccifer, advise the State Department that it could stop conducting whatever review it had been conducting?

Why DID, a plea agreement which had, in essence NOTHING REALLY TO DO WITH any charge involving the hacking of Mrs. Clinton, specifically include language requiring Guccifer to further assist the FBI in the course and processing of "other criminal investigations"?

WHO could have been contemplated by these terms within the body of that plea agreement? It had never been suggested that Guccifer operated with a partner, or that anyone had aided or abetted him in the course of his efforts.

Perhaps MOST important...

Knowing, as likely only the FBI and the hacker probably knew...what the real facts were...who the real targets of any further criminal investigations might be...AND THE IMPACT OF THE VERY FIRST STATEMENT THIS HACKER WOULD MAKE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC...BEING A would have been far easier for the FBI to explain, were they TO HAVE KILLED GUCCIFER, rather than allow him to go on national television TWICE WITHIN A WEEK...AND LIE ABOUT HACKING THE CLINTON SERVER.

What's the fastest way to LOSE YOUR CASE AGAINST ANYONE CHARGED on the Clinton Team?

Have YOUR ONLY WITNESS (or at least your Star Witness) TRASH HIS OWN CREDIBILITY AS A WITNESS AT 1, 2 or 10 "further criminal investigations"...before he, or anyone else sees the inside of a courtroom.

Last Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton was likely interviewed by James least in part.

Wednesday, a plea agreement was reached, and the hacker's plea of Not Guilty, changed to Guilty...with the plea being accepted by the judge...NONE OF WHICH WOULD HAVE HAPPENED, UNLESS A PROSECUTORIAL ROAD MAP HAD BEEN LAID OUT.

This weekend...Mrs. Clinton announced she would be "taking the weekend off" from campaigning.

Would anyone like to bet that Mrs. Clinton and David Kendall are off somewhere together with metal detectors and rubbing the living shit out of every "Lamp" they dig up, in the hope that a Genie exits at least one of them?

As I stated before, and firmly commit to now... As "insane" as it may sound... it does appear that, just as the Original "Teflon Don" lost his shimmer at some point, and was ultimately ticketed for and end of life sojourn to the Extended Stay Inn at Leavenworth, Kansas... so may be the fate of this Maffia Princess, as well.

Believe me...friends, including some of my best friends have RIPPED ME, for even suggesting that "The End Is No Longer Near...IT'S HERE," for the Clintons. But, the bottom line is, while we all make mistakes in life, the FBI makes fewer than most. And, in this case, the course of events suggests that THEY KNEW FULL WELL, what Guccifer knew, and what of that was true, mostly true, probably true, highly unlikely, or just plain bullshit. And, THE LAST THING the FBI would have done, would be to invite, or even DIRECT that Guccifer unload his best bullshit on the American Public...RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

From everything I have heard, read and seen...

From the way that the White House HAS NOT shut down an investigation that it most certainly could...

From the full course of events last week...

From a public recommendation by a former Obama Administration higher up, suggesting that Hillary withdraw...

To the almost uncontrollable excitement that I see both inside the Sanders Campaign, and inside the Vice President's Residence...

...and to the fact that the only people rushing to the defense of Mrs. Clinton TODAY (as compared to the pre-guilty plea time frame) are Clinton Campaign Staff, Clinton Surrogates, and most importantly, NOT PEOPLE NAMED OBAMA...

I categorically accept the assertions made by Guccifer, and believe that HE WILL bring forth proof that HE DID hack the Clinton Server...that he did it MORE THAN ONCE...and that IT WAS EASY.

I believe he has already shared this information with a Grand Jury...

And, I firmly believe that Mrs. Clinton WILL be withdrawing from this race SOON, whether following indictment, or a plea agreement in lieu of indictment, as was done in the case of General Petraeus.

I believe that Bernie Sanders WILL BE, the Democratic Nominee...and,

I believe Bernie Sanders will defeat Donald Trump on November 8, 2016...IN A REAGAN-STYLE LANDSLIDE.


  1. Nice. If he couldn't back up his claim about hacking her server his cooperation would hardly be worth a 100 year reduction in sentencing, lol.

  2. Do you think she would jump a slow boat to china where she could run her campaign by blackberry, and if elected she would just setup her oval office. And swear to be damned that she was setting in DC. She can have a new Airforce 1 made up to suit her in China, all she has to do is skirt the US, and run those Blackberries dry.. She and Bill can always hire their own hacker put him to work in thirdway, and he can get all the state secrets she needs.. Watch the foundation funding grow..

    1. Don't need to....she will be in jail ...that's why she taking the weekend off to think of ways to deceit the investigation.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Remember.. Big difference between charging, indicting, playing giro and going to trial. Power has its privileges in the US.General Petreaus was allowed to plead to one count, and retire. That CV could easily be the case.

  3. Youve been right on everything word for word since January. I believe whatever you say, dude.

    1. All any experienced prosecutor had to do was watch, read, and connect the dots. But, I can tell you, this is very real and the Clintons cant stop it... and Obama has opted not to...

  4. I think I'm from Missouri on this one. While it is what should happen, given the Clinton history, I'm skeptical that it will happen. I won't believe it till I see it.

    1. Any good Mob Don is bulletproof, until they're not. The Clintons are about have their own Al Capone moment.

    2. Any good Mob Don is bulletproof, until they're not. The Clintons are about have their own Al Capone moment.

    3. You said that the Sanders campaign and Biden are acting excited like they know. How exactly did they act excited? I heard Bernie say recently that he is "increasingly confident" that he will be the nominee. Also, why is Biden excited? Is he going to try to jump in to replace Hillary?

    4. Biden knows the DNC will seek to entice the Clinton Delegates AND Supers, to him. He has asked former staffers to be "on Call".

      Bernie is A NEW MAN over the last two weeks. And, I don't think it is because he is now doing endless 27 hour days.

  5. This is your opinion, yes. Do you have any reliable sources? Waiting on this indictment every single day. I hope this all comes true. #BernieOrBust

  6. I do have sources. I was an AUSA, and former colleagues are career prosecutors, in DC.

  7. "And, I firmly believe that Mrs. Clinton WILL be withdrawing from this race SOON, whether following indictment, or a plea agreement in lieu of indictment, as was done in the case of General Petraeus."

    Define soon? Before the Democratic Convention? I've been hearing there is already a sitting grand jury but if so why hasn't that been announced publicly? If an indictment does come will that be public or via secret memo? Thanks!

    1. 1. The Grand Jury has been sitting for some time. Grand Jury proceedings are always conducted in secret and their proceedings sealed until indictment. The unsealing of indictments are public.

      There isn't any way to know when this will occur, but...there is reason for it to happen pre-convention.

    2. Gotcha. What final steps take place before an indictment is unsealed, I'm assuming AG Lynch has to give final approval?

      Sorry for the anon, don't use any of the offered services to sign in. Glad to see someone rightfully shredding these liars though. Your takedown on Fallon was glorious. Hope to see more written all about this and then some.

    3. Any indictment will be unsealed, traditionally, once the defendant is taken into custody. There is no discretion to keep it sealed after that.

      No prob re: Anonymous. Glad you enjoy the read. I promise not to quit.

  8. Billy, did Bernie ever consider Sen. Warran as his VP?