Monday, May 30, 2016

Institutional Election Fraud: The True Mark of a 3rd World Nation

Donald Trump wants to 'Make America Great Again". Other candidates from both Parties have challenged this notion, many contending that America is as "Great" as it ever was, or at the very least, isn't in as bad of shape as Little Donnie's vision might suggest.

My own view of who America is and where we stand has been seriously tarnished over the choose of this presidential election cycle. And, as we turn our attention to California, I am compelled to share aspects of how my experiences have changed my perception, of what is absolutely, our collective reality.

"Election fraud," as a campaign strategy, is not a new concept. All a person has to do is knock on a single for in Chicago, New York, Ballrooms, Los Angeles or Philadelphia, and any resident, regardless of Party affiliation, will gladly spend their entire day helping you to understand why their city should be designated as "The Most Corrupt City in America".

Even I have a story to tell here..
A number of years ago, a friend of mine was, and actually still is, a Member of the General Assembly. In Pennsylvania, representing South Philadelphia.

My friend began his political career as a Precinct Captain, later a Ward Leader... and finally, elected  to serve as a State Representative in Harrisburg.

On a November night, some twenty years ago, I wanted to see my friend on s business matter. He could meet me, but since the next day was election day, our meeting had to be delayed, until my friend s stopped by at his Ward Leader's house to "pick up his 'WAM," and find out what "the count" was going to be.

Eliminating unnecessary details. I found out that WAM, was an acronym for "Walking Around Money," and "the count" was the actual vote total that would be reported in tomorrow's election, from his friend's precinct.

Through my friend, I was advised that the WAM was used to pay people on election day, to either get out votes, suppress votes, or just generally reward Party loyalists for their continuing service. At that time, in Philadelphia, Precinct Captains were getting $2000 in the general electron, to distribute...or not, as they saw fit.

In terms of "the count". .. I was told that the results of elections in Philadelphia are ALWAYS known in advance. Party Leaders "orchestrate" the outcome that is "in everybody's best interest". And, at least at that time, voting machines manufactured by a company called "Shoup" were particularly cooperative in achieving the result desired by those Party Leaders.

In Philadelphia anyway, election fraud looked like this...

Voting machines were delivered to polling places a day or more before the electron. The night before the election, "the count" was given to a Precinct Captain. The Precinct Captain would then set those numbers, by simply manipulating counter dials on the inside back of the voting machine, and  disconnecting the machine's counting mechanism... So that when anyone used that machine, no actual votes were being recorded. At the end of the day, miraculously, the vote totals for each precinct were EXACTLY as the Party had predicted.

I can go into far greater detail on cheating in Philadelphia, but the larger issue is California 2016, so...

Many of the tried and true cheating methodologies from around the country have been seen throughout this campaign, almost always being utilized by the Clinton Campaign. I say "almost always," not to suggest Bernie has cheated, but to acknowledge unsuccessful efforts on the party of Ted Cruz, Rubio and others. In the end, I'll have a closing reference to their efforts.

So far in this ejection cycle, the Clinton campaign has achieved Gold Medal status when it comes to cheating.

Bill Clinton has violated election laws, personally, by my count, in at least 9 states.

Absentee ballot and early voting abuses by the Clinton campaign has raised the cheating bar, to standards that no future campaign will ever recreate.

Machine voter fraud, though somewhat less verifiable at this point, is arguable in numerous instances, and along with claims of hacking and outright machine takeover in many states... suggest that some modified version of "The Philadelphia Gambit" remains in Place.

And, what seems to be most prevalent in this cycle, is the overt, blatant and thoroughly arrogant use of local and state election officials who support the Clinton campaign, to free-wheel their powers to predetermine outcomes. In fact, one of the very best Memes, I have seen throughout the campaign, was that of a small girl pondering the question, " How come, every time we hear about voter suppression and election fraud... Hillary winds"?

And, this fraud runs deep.

Take for example, the now both disgraced and discharged head of elections from Brooklyn. She not only purged over 125,000 likely Sanders voters. She also received $6,000,000 for a rat-infested, abandoned piece of property she had owned, which was purchased from a Clinton supporter & donor.

Note however, no criminal charges have been filed against  anyone.

Much of the cheating around the country this cycle was documented in an earlier piece that I wrote. Please refer to that, or perhaps I can add that to this posting later.

For now, however, in California... Know that we are already seeing the same signs that suggest a new Sleeper Cell has been called into service.

Absentee and early voter numbers suggest that by the formal opening of the polls on election day, we may begin as many as a million votes behind.

The Secretary of State... yet another Clinton Supporter, has taken to using the power and authority of that office, to further the interests of Mrs. Clinton.

No Party Preference, or independent voters were twice burdened in this cycle, thus far. When attempting to register as independent, hundreds of thousands of voters were  mistakenly registered not as independent, or No Party Preference... but were instead registered as members of the American Independent Party... Meaning, of course. That they are Party-affiliated, NOT independent... and thus can't vote in the Democratic Primary.

True independents, or No Party Preference voters, fully allowed to vote in the Democratic Primary, are being given Provisional Ballots, instead of Democratic Ballots... and, when filled out, those Provisional Ballots are for some reason, being SEGREGATED from other ballots, and not turned in with the regular batch of  Democratic Ballots.

Massive numbers of DEAD  VOTERS are turning in absentee ballots. And, even though "Dead" might tend to make a person unavailable to actually show up at the polls... the last time I checked, death was also a disqualifying factor in a person's ability to actually cast a ballot.

Look for every Clinton family member or surrogate to show up at polls across the state on election day, again in clear violation of election laws.

Look at the Clinton crowds at events, as compared to Sanders events. In caucus states and open primary states, crowd size has equated to huge wins for Bernie. In closed primary states, and states where a Clinton Surrogate is the Secretary of State... crowd size had merely translated into more intense voter fraud... all of which is subsequently validated by the same Secretary of State, who only hours earlier, was actively canvassing for votes on behalf of one candidate.

Back to the Cruz, Rubio reference, to close this piece...

The attempts by Cruz & Rubio to use whatever power and influence they might have had with the establishment in certain states, failed because the voter turnout in those states was so high, that no amount of cheating could defeat Donald Trump.

This is the ONLY way Bernie can win California.

In virtually every other instance where Mrs. Clinton has "needed" a win... she has gotten the win.

And, she knows that if she loses California, with or without an indictment... she losses this election. Even Mrs. Clinton knows that any Super Delegate who believes that California is in play with Hillary as our candidate, is a potential Bernie convert.

In summary, Friends...

California isn't just do or die for Bernie. It's just pain do or die. And, whenever Mrs. Clinton has seen her back against the wall...

She has cheated her pants suit covered ass off.

How do we win then...when haven't been able to do this before.

First, and foremost... Show up. I'm telling you, we are likely to be a million votes behind before voting begins.

Clinton canvassers have by now hit every nursing home in the state, turning in literally hundreds of thousands of absentee and early voting ballots on behalf of residents who can't remember their own name, let alone who they were intending to support. This has been their pattern and practice, nationwide.

Next... Film everything!

Bernie supporters filming everything has helped to document serious election fraud. In some instances, it has even stopped the fraud. Bernie supporters have captured poll workers throwing away ballots in numerous States. Filming has also shown poll workers committing overt acts of fraud in their own instance, or otherwise allowing Clinton campaign workers to violate election laws in their presence without action.

Filming also operates as the best evidence should the campaign act  to attempt to enforce our right to demand a fair election In every instance.

Use of Voter rights Hotline numbers...

The campaign Continues to provide Voter Rights Hotline Numbers. If you see something that you believe Is out of line, wrong, out , out-of-the-ordinary, or disrupts the free flow and course if a fair election, Call the voter rights hotline immediately. Teams of attorneys Are literally standing by to protect your rights and the legitimacy and viability of the Sanders campaign. We cannot be at every polling place. You can...and we rely on you.

Become a poll watcher. In those States Where the Sanders campaign Has had sufficient poll Watchers To cover every polling location, the instances of fraud Have been dramatically reduced. There is a poll watching training program Which you can take And which will give you All of the information And skills required To effectively protect The interest of our candidate At each polling Location. Where we have not had sufficient poll watchers in certain States the cheating at polling locations has been rampant, and in many cases actually brought about our defeat In those States.

I will have more on cheating and fraud in California, later in the week.


  1. Thank you again.

    I've already voted for Bernie by mail in the CA primary, but have no confidence that my vote will actually be counted.

    1. I started listing confidence when over 80% of absentee ballots in some states were revised you Clinton. I hope CA is different. But, the Clintons will stop at nothing.

  2. She's throwing everything she's got at CA primary, no matter how fraudulent. It's a win or prison. She's motivated.

  3. She's throwing everything she's got at CA primary, no matter how fraudulent. It's a win or prison. She's motivated.