Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Once Again...You Heard It Here, First!

Sometime today, Wednesday, May 25, 2016...Michael Lehel Lazar, aka "Guccifer"...will plead guilty to some number of charges that he hacked the computers and phones of celebrities and political figures in the United States.

As some of my friends can attest, I have given a play-by-play account of the FBI's "Stiff the Shill" Campaign, since early January.

The mainstream media in absolute, and even the alternative media, for the most part, have either ignored the ongoing federal criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton, has deemed the matter to be yet another example of a 4 decade long "vast right-wing conspiracy," or have just not understood what was happening, and opted to remain silent, rather than revealing themselves to not exactly know their collective asshole from the elbow.

So...What's the BFD? Who cares about another hacker who got pinched for waxing his carrot while looking at a naked selfie of Jennifer Aniston that was clearly only ever meant to be seen by Adam Duritz, Tate Donovan, Paul Rudd, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, John Mayer, Justin Theroux, 56 Syrian Refugees, every Member of the Green Bay Packers from 2004 to Present, all men born on even numbered days whose last name does NOT end with a vowel, AND every member of the USC Trojan Marching Band, regardless of gender... maybe the Jennifer Aniston charge wasn't gonna stick, anyway. The point of us unfortunate victims of non-violent crime, has our shit hacked about every nine seconds. My own phones, tablets and laptop have been compromised at least 12 times in the last 6 years. And, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that three sheep in Kansas and a duck in the Witness Protection Program, are actually wayyyyyyyy more pissed about that fact, even than I am.

But, let's get back to Guccifer for a minute.

"Goose," as those of us who know his work have come to call him, was, until a short time ago, living in a gated community, which housed he and 1199 of his closest a maximum security Romanian penitentiary. 

Goose had not quite reached the mid-point of a four year sentence for identity theft and other dastardly deeds, when one of the guards was heard to say, "Hey, Goosey!..You 'ave wisitor",

Goose was a bit confused by this advice, since he really wasn't expecting anybody...let alone an Assistant United States Attorney...with an Extradition Order.'s where we have to sidestep just a second.

Yes, Goose had been charged in the United States, with 9 separate felony counts associated with the hacking of various US Celebrities and political figures. And, his 3 counts of wire fraud, 3 counts of unauthorized access of a protected computer, and 1 count each of cyberstalking, identity theft and obstruction of justice...had the potential to land him in an American penitentiary, for a whopping total of 117 years.

Remember, Goose was only halfway thru his existing Romanian sentence. And, not even "typically," but universally...what happens in that case, is that the United States files a detainer with the Romanian Government, and the prison at Arad. the end of Gooses's current sentence, instead of getting a new suit, a bowl of borscht and a ride to the nearest cyber cafe...Our Man Goose, would be turned over to the same Assistant United States Attorney, now squirming in his chair in the visiting area of Arad Prison.

But wait...there's more.

The man in the waiting room, with the Extradition Order, really didn't have an "Order" yet. He only had a request. And, the request was for Goose. Our government, put a trained legal scholar, on a plane, with directions to go to a Romanian prison and very politely ask an inmate who had not yet reached the halfway point of his existing sentence...if he would "consent" to being removed from Romania, and the prison, and accompany that Legal Eagle, to a place where instead of serving 4 years...he might end up serving 117.

Now...I know that stranger things have happened. Bernie was projected to win Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and several other key states. Bill Clinton was issued a Certificate of Completion by Sexaholics Anonymous. Debbie Wasserman-Schitz was given special dispensation by the Governor of North Carolina to use "what-ever fuckin' shitter you feel like".

But...the truth is, an Alabama Trump supporter don't e'en need ta take his shoes off'n ta know that "117" is jes' a bit more than "4".

And yet...That Silly Fuckin' Goose was packed up, out of Arad and three-quarters of the way across the pond, before the ink was dry on his consent to be shipped off to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Motherfucking Plea Bargain.

Rewind just another little bit, to put each relevant event in proper sequence.

Shortly before the US sent an AUSA to go and ask Goose to "Come on Down," a man named Brian Pagliano was given immunity from prosecution in the case being investigated against Mrs. Clinton and others.

Brian Pagliano, "Pags"...had previously been employed by Mrs. Clinton to construct the server which was housed in the basement of her home.

Pags had been requested on numerous occasions, to provide specific details on exactly how he had built this server, what protective measures, precautions, and protections had been employed...and, oh, let's just say "a whole host of other questions".

And, on each occasion, when Pags could have been the star of his own show...he politely told everyone from US Senate Committee Members, to FBI Agents, to DoJ Attorneys, to, ah..."take their questions and cram them where the sun don't shine".

I'm not really sure he meant he wanted the investigators to cram their questions into the dark heart of his former boss. But, let's again just say, that Pags had a good enough lawyer to convince the government that full immunity from prosecution was perhaps the only way that the FBI would ever completely understand the true nature and extent of the case they may not have known that they had.

So...Pags gets "the brass ring," a grant of full immunity, and begins singing for his supper like he was Huma Abedin at "Weinerfest 2011".

And, literally DAYS LATER...Goose trades his 8x8 Romanian prison cell...for a suite at the DC Marriott.

If there are any Trump supporters with us today...THAT WAS THE IMPORTANT PART!!! less time than it takes your dog to realize than MOST pet owners don't smear their own balls with peanut butter before askin' Fido if he's hungry...the government had the testimony of the guy who built the server, the guy who beat the server...and even a little bit more.

Let me just stop here for a minute to say, "The GOOSE is ON THE LOOSE"!! I don't know why, but from the beginning of this posting, I've just wanted to scream that out. 

And, THIS is why today's guilty plea is both EXTREMELY important, and...why it will likely be ignored by most, if not all media.

Watch to see how many of the 9 original charges, the Goose has agreed to plead to...

Listen for what is announced as the agreed upon sentence, and whether that is accepted by the judge.

The closer to "9" terms of the number of charges that Goose pleads guilty to...the more likely the Shill escapes justice, yet again.

The closer to 117 years, as an agreed upon sentence...same deal.

On...the OTHER hand...

Goose pleads to a single count and gets a minimal period of incarceration...I will go ON RECORD and bet the farm, 4 kids, every dream I have left AND all three testicles (don't ask unless NOTHING scares you...) that Shillary Rodham Clintone (don't all mob bosses have three names) is GOIN' DOWN!

Do NOT listen to the MSM, or any of the Clinton Surrogates. Even the Surrogates are seriously parsing their words now.

"Has Mrs. Clinton been approached by the FBI?"

Until a week or so ago...the answer to that question was an outright and forceful, "NO!"

Just yesterday...on two occasions, the answer was, "David Kendall has been in contact with everyone connected to the case, since August."

Here is the truth...and again...YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST.

Pags & The Goose have been before the Grand Jury. Huma & the Blowfish were interviewed by the FBI and at least offered an opportunity to make their cases to the Grand Jury...

And, The Shill has, in fact had her interview, as well.


Last Tuesday.

How do we know this?

Goose's Plea Deal WOULD NEVER BE CAST IN CONCRETE until the government knew exactly what they had, AND where it was going to lead.

Should Goose plead to one count and bite off a nickel, or even a dime...

President Obama, the DNC, and EVERY DEMOCRAT INCLUDING BERNIE SANDERS better take off the gloves AND DEMAND that Mrs. Clinton get out of the race, NOW!

I do honestly believe that FBI Director Comey did NOT have a set timeline to complete this investigation.

I really did believe that Comey felt that a timeline would be unnecessary, since NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, would watch this case form around them and tighten like an anaconda on a Peruvian llama...AND STILL believe that continuing to pursue a presidential fantasy that could never be...

But, when Comey watched Clintone, and saw that the immunity had no effect...securing Goose had no effect, and that it was CLEAR, Mrs. Clinton was willing to destroy a party and a country in support of her purely sociopathic end...

The plea deal, and the two additional grants of immunity I foresee coming in the next few weeks, will REQUIRE a Clinton withdrawal.

I hope you enjoyed this piece. And, I promise you a 110% piss your pants funny Open Letter tomorrow night. But, for now, I assure you that if this Goose doesn't get cooked, there will be a Rod-ham on a spit, and Bernie Sanders WILL BE the nominee of the Democratic Party...and the 45th President of the United States.


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