Wednesday, May 25, 2016


To my many new readers and friends, who only a few hours ago wondered whether or not they should ever again take the time that is usually required to commit to reading my Postings, I say...

If today was the first time you have ever read anything which I have been inspired to write...


For half a year, as the blathering blow jobs from CNN, MSNBC and yes, the Clinton Campaign, went ON & ON & ON & ON about "security reviews," "cooperating with federal officials," and ASSURED THE PUBLIC RIGHT AND LEFT that 'THERE'S JUST NO THERE, THERE,"...I explained to anyone who would listen...exactly HOW the federal criminal investigative process works...and why Mrs. Clinton was playing a dangerous game of Romanian Roulette with not only her own future, but that of every American, our democracy, and to some extent, the very continued viability of the Democratic Party.

Yes, I was told by many, even some from within the Sanders Campaign...that it was ME who had been "out in the sun too long," and that "NO ONE could get anything to stick to a Clinton".

All thanks in this case goes to that so far, unimpeachable Magic 8 Ball that  I never leave home without.

But, let me quickly analyze the The Goose's Plea Deal...

First, and of greatest importance...

Goose was charged with 9 counts, totaling a maximum potential sentence of 117 years.

He pled to ONLY 2...NEITHER OF WHICH CARRIED A SENTENCE GREATER THAN 5 YEARS, and in total a max of 7.

In the previous Posting, I told you...the closer to 1 plea, and the closer to 5-10 years max...the closer Mrs. Clinton would be to political and societal oblivion.

Remember...when the US Government took THE EXTRAORDINARY STEP of grabbing the Goose from Romania IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE HE WAS ALREADY SERVING...he had just over two years remaining on that sentence.

What Goose has effectively done here, is to get the hell put of Romania, avoid 110 years of a possible 117 year US sentence, and, my guess is, be sentenced to 5 years here, where he will serve roughly the 2 1/2 that he had left to go on his original sentence.



NO ONE GETS THE BIG DEAL OF THE DAY... even bigger fish is already bleeding and IN THE FUCKING BARREL!

The plea deal requires Goose to make himself available and to cooperate in "ALL FUTURE INVESTIGATIONS"...

Well...let's examine this in just a little more detail.

Would Goose have other co-conspirators that he needed to testify against?


Is there an Axis of Weasel who the feds think they just can't crack without the dulcet tones of The Goose, being belted out in broken English?

Ah...not hardly.

Are there five (5) Targets of a federal criminal investigation involving Mrs. Clinton's private server that The Goose says he had skeleton access to?


My Friends...

If, The Goose was, like most geese, and essentially FULL OF SHIT, the likelihood of a plea deal, where the kind of people who he hacked...were hacked...and the kind of damage done...done, BUT...there was NO REASON to either keep him here, or utilize him in any "future investigations"...he would have been pled to a bigger charge, got a bigger max number...and have been squirreled away SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

In the same way in which absolutely every step the government took to get to this point, was a neon sign which shouted "BIG FISH FRY...COMING SOON," everything the government has done TODAY, says the same.

I'm almost surprised that the Federal Judge didn't say, "Mr. Goose...If I may call you, Mr. Goose...I have heard your allocution, and I am prepared to enter my findings...DO EITHER YOU OR MRS. CLINTON HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY, BEFORE I FIND YOU BOTH GUILTY?"

And...all of this on the same day that the State Department Inspector General LAMBASTES the former Head of that Department, for maintaining her own private server...among other things.


YEAH...SURE. That's ALWAYS the way things happen in Washington. Right? those of you who believed that the Teflon Don & Donnette would be saved by their Best Kenyan Friend...

That ship has both sailed...and sunk.

If President Obama had intended to inject himself into this fray, prior to today...

Ah...that ain't a happ'nin no mo'.

This President is already scarred by what Mrs. Clinton has done, what the DNC has done, and to a lesser extent, what he might have been willing to do.

Legacy is everything to any President. Just look at the number of times Bill Clinton allowed Newt Gingrich to bend him over a table and make him squeal like a pig...just so Mr. Clinton could say that his administration accomplished ANYTHING. Sure, it accomplished everything that a fat lizard from Georgia wanted, at the expense of minorities, the poor, working families and union members... least he has a legacy.

Barack Obama WILL NOT stop Mrs. Clinton from going down for the count AT THE EXPENSE OF BARACK OBAMA'S LEGACY.

It matters NOT, what MSNBC says today...

Or what CNN says today...

Or what Mrs. Clinton, or David Kendall say today...

The ONE WORD, and 1 WORD ONLY, that was spoken by ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD today, that will make ANY DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE, MY LIFE, or the lives of over 300,000,000 "Merkans...was a word that you won't even find in any English dictionary.

That word, my Friends, is...


Or, at least that's what it sounded like to the Federal Judge who received The Goose's plea, found him guilty AS SHIT...and then went back into the Judge's Chambers, took off the robe, called everyone the judge knows, and said...


Believe it, Friends. This is real. It is happening. And, NO ONE, can stop it, now.


  1. 4. The OIG report contains no evidence of a breach of Secretary Clinton’s email. It does, in fact, contain evidence that the State Department was aware and proactive on issues of cyber-security:

    1. I applaud your continued support. The IG Report is, unfortunately NOT what will secure Mrs. Clinton's indictment.

      "Proactivity" in the face of your private server being routinely hacked, by a third-rate hacker, is evidence, in and of itself, that the server was not secure.

      As I have reported since January, Mrs. Clinton has committed no less than a dozen violations on no less than five federal criminal statutes, in the opinion of this former Assistant US Attorney.

      Please return to the site following the unsealing of the indictment, and I will be pleased to explain what that means, and why Mrs. Clinton is absolutely disqualified.

  2. So what's your take on what the charges might be? At a minimum, I see obstruction of justice, but the rest? My head starts to spin. lol

    1. She is clearly open to the same charge which brought down General offense for which no specific intent is required. In addition, she looks to have committed NUMEROUS acts of obstruction, and it seems as thought they are setting up a charge of conspiracy to evade recordkeeping requirements associated with FOIA. All told, with the added element of conspiracy in terms of both FOIA and another issue that isnt fully developed, I would not be surprised to see an unsealed indictment which contained counts in the double digits.

      Though, she will undoubtedly be offered, as General Petraeus was, an opportunity to plead to ONE COUNT, and sink slowly into the west.

  3. Does "another issue that isn't fully developed" deal with the Clinton Foundation?