Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Collection of Disappointments

Boy... I could easily spend the next several days, weeks months, or even longer... wondering which of the current situational understandings was more bothersome?

Politico reporting that Bernie would be a full fledged Clinton Surrogate, before the end of June..

Bernie actually becoming a Clinton Surrogate.

The impact of an entire generation, shaking it's collective head, would have on the Richter Scale...

Dealing with the fallout from a Clinton Surrogacy...a Clinton Presidency, both and more...

Witnessing the lengths to which a person who has absolutely no life, will go to, in order to unsuccessfully endeavor to injure others...

Listening to really good people, be as confused as the law to why Bernie hasn't opened his mouth to contradict the Politico story...

Forget about the whole, bad things happening to good people. There's enough negativity in the world today, in general to just shake your head in  disappointment, and wonder if your vote really does count... Since California STILL hasn't counted 2,000,000 of them... Literally... and will soon certify it's election results, anyway.

Well, yes... The Politico article did, once again use, as it's source...Tad Devine. Tad is as we know, a Democratic Operative since the early 1980's.

He's also the guy who got threatened by the DNC with oblivion, early enough in the campaign cycle, to essentially and very effectively sabotage the Sanders Campaign.

If he disputes this...

Let him say so.

I don't say this about Tad, while hiding on the web behind some "Anonymous" web-based cloak that frees me up to slander someone at a little pussy.

I openly and comfortably state that Tad sold Bernie down the river...long before Bernie appears to have at least perhaps contemplating doing the same to the more than 12,000,000 who altered some aspect of their lives in support of his candidacy.

So, Tad... If you take issue with something that I say... You know who I am, and where to find me.

Bernie, actually BEING a Clinton Surrogate??

I'm not sure I need to even further  address the issue of  disappointment at that notion. I just can't figure out how Bernie could live with himself, should that characterization of his earthly existence EVER become true.

I won't yet ACCEPT the claims in the Politico story as being true, however... Because, while Bernie hasn't at all disputed them... He hasn't adopted, as his own... either.

And, to that extent, even having a certain degree of doubt... I judge a person by what I see...not by what I hear. Especially, when the source of what I am hearing, is a complete, lying piece of shit, who is soulless, amoral, and leads such a wasted, nonexistent life, that a true Christian would pray for their deliverance and salvation... rather to to wish evil befall him.

I know I feel this way.

For at least the past five days, I've been dealing with a difficult family circumstance, and yes, mulling over the question of why bad things happen to very good people.

It has been troubling. But, at the same time, has allowed me to put so much in perspective.

None of what anyone says, in 140 characters on Twitter, or in any manufactured article in Politico, or other bullshit story, regardless of origin, ow whether it is thought that medical condition is genetic, environmental, or Life or Death.

Life is life... And, death is death.

And, absolutely little else matters.

When a loved one is illness, accident, freak life situation, or circumstance...or by any means at all... I don't need to waste time pondering the question, "Why"...or even "Who"...or "How".

I just remind them how loved they are, and make sure they know that whatever can be done to heal them, to comfort them, or to protect them... will be done.

This applies to the medical issue before me, the whole issue of the Movement conceived, nurtured and developed by Bernie, being systematically dismantled in a way designed to cause it's Members to never believe another politician, as long as they live... And, it goes the slanderous attacks leveled at me, as well.

Rest assured... There is no power on earth that can harm a good, decent and honorable human being.

My family member will survive and thrive, regardless of what might be said or done to suggest otherwise. There is no one Greater than He to whom I pray. And, His decisions, are final.

Bernie will or won't become a Clinton Surrogate... Not, because of some uncorroborated ranting of Tad Devine... who took Bernie's money and secured his trust and confidence... while actively undermining his Campaign... But, because Bernie will have evaluated his own situation and determined for himself, what kind of person HE really is...and how much of his revolution was ever real.

And, I will continue to take positions on topics having political relevance, which my academic knowledge and acquired understanding,  render worthy of your consideration.

Those who have come to know my suffering family member, Bernie Sanders, and even myself, have seen with their own eyes, heard with their own ears, and experienced with their own being, what any of us stand for, what we are about, and why no amount of negativity in any form, or from any source, should, would, or ever could enter into this Chapter of the Book of any way.

And, it won't.

Out of trial, comes triumph. And, next month, when Bernie, my challenged family member, and I...are all in the very same place, at the very same time... while all who would seek to do any of us harm, are wondering how it could be possible that none of their malicious efforts have been successful... Good Will trump evil, yet again.

Of course, I wish that Bernie WILL assume his rightful role as a candidate for President. Of course, I hope, the experimental medical procedures to be employed on my loved one, are successful. And, of course, I hope that readers of this blog continue to see clearly, that my heart and have always been in the right place...and the postings I have taken... worthy of your time, and intelligent discussion.

I thank you all for for prayers, your continuing support of Bernie & the Movement, and your unwillingness to also anonymous internet pussies who hide behind anonymity, alter for perception of an honorable person who has earned your trust by his actions, and not by leading the woeful existence of a useless pile of wasted rotting flesh.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Apologies for Yesterday...


I have had, and am in the middle of dealing with a major family event if a medical nature. Yesterday was particularly trying, as a remarkable young woman is now in a fight for her life.

For those of you who pray, please remember my family member in those prayers.

I will be back on schedule today with a new article tonight.

I also know that certain people continue to demean my character, for reasons only they can know. Those who have come to know me personally and professionally, know that I am qualified, competent, loved by family and friends, and have never turned my back on a friend in need, or anyone in need, for that fact.

This is America, and anyone can lie at will and go virtually unchallenged. I stand behind every article I've written, every email I've sent, every phone call I've had, and every heart I have turned in support of Bernie Sanders.

I will return to normal status tonight, notwithstanding yesterday's Politico story where Tad Devine again torpedoed Bernie by suggesting he was on the verge of becoming a Clinton surrogate.

Thank you, Friends, for your prayers, support and loyal readership.



Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Update... Has Anybody Here, Seen My Old Friend, Bernie?

If the weekend starts on Friday... I guess I should begin with the not so veiled threat laid down last Friday by Julian Assange.
Julian Assange, Founder of WikiLeaks, and permanent guest of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London...issued "Risk Insurance" on Friday, in connection with a presumed release of tens of thousands of emails hacked from the thoroughly unsecure private server of Hillary Clinton.

While Assange continues to suggest he does not believe Clinton week be prosecuted, he does now state that the  contents of his release "are enough to indict" all by themselves.

And, while WikiLeaks is no doubt looking to maximize its own PR in connection with this prospective data dump... the use of the Risk Insurance suggests that there may be more,"there, there," than Clinton would want revealed.

Risk Insurance, is a tactic that a website would employ, if it thought that it was putting out something so completely devastating, that a  government might , crash, block or otherwise disable the sight, or prevent access, generally.

Also, presumably, the Assange announcement might have been the kind of news that would have drawn a reaction from Bernie Sanders.... before Hillary Clinton had him exiled to the same "secure undisclosed location" that housed Dick Cheney after 9-11, and Joe Biden, for virtually all of the last eight years.

No one has heard a peep from Bernie, though some are starting to hear, "peep, peep, peeps" that could make you think Tyson Foods might be moving to Vermont.

On Saturday... The Clinton Delegate Machine went into full attack mode, attempting to co-opt, force resignations, and replace Sanders Delegates at State Party Conventions in North Dakota, New York and New Jersey... many of which will be the subject of Credentials Committee Challenges, with or without the support or intervention of the Sanders Campaign.

In New Jersey, a very specific attempt at peace with Clinton, was repudiated by the it reneged on its part of the arrangement, the moment it received it's end of the bargain.

At this point, Bernie issued a statement which said...


Bernie never issued a statement

On Sunday...

Father's Day...

Bernie was given more Father's Day gifts than any one man could expect.

California Delegates voted to eliminate Washington Delegates, by an overwhelming number, VOTED TO ENDORSE BERNIE SANDERS... AS A DELEGATION.

I knew that Bernie would grab the rope that Lassie held in her teeth and come out of the well to thank his Washington Faithful at this point. I mean... Why wouldn't he?

If anybody sees him... Will you all ask him that for me? Because, as far as I know, Lassie's rescue mission was not a success.

Lastly, over the weekend, efforts were coordinated by a lot of lawyers, and support staff, in a dozen states, aimed at protecting  delegate rights, initiating additional litigation charging voter fraud and election fraud...and generally attempting to act as a shadow Campaign, while witnessing the actual Campaign shoot itself in both testicles... SIX TIMES.

Oh, yeah... and I forgot.

The People's Summit was held this weekend, in Chicago... Where thousands gathered to plot various strategies, for continuing this Movement... including having as many as 1,000,000 people crash the Convention in Philadelphia, to show SOMEONE, that we are solidly behind him, and want him to be a candidate for President, REGARDLESS  of Party.

I just hope that the guy who couldn't hear voices in Washington State, California, or Illinois...

"Running for local school board" something we can do 4 years from now, Bernie.

Today... We need a  Presidential Candidate.

And, we need to know, that YOU'RE STILL "that guy".

Can you hear me, now?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Late Blog Posts, DNC Hacks...&Other Stories

I always get as bothered as my Readers, when a Blog posting is "Late" going up.

You guys make time commitments to being a part of what goes on do I.

And, I know that some look forward to starting new posts, with coffee in the early morning, etc.

So, when things don't go according to plan... It really is on me to explain myself.

Wish I could say that last night's tardiness was due to some Epic example of yours truly painting some town red, or rewriting a Chapter in the Guinness Book of Sexual World Records.

However... In truth... Things began to back up when I was asked by the wonderful  people at Election Justice, to collaborate on a new piece of litigation next week.

Run around, grab a legal colleague, review evidence, ask some questions, schedule some time to talk to experts, etc...

Back to the Blog....

Oops, NO CAN DO... There's a problem with the ongoing Delegate Selection Process in New York. A shit storm of activity... Including yet another instance of a "Bernie" person, in a position of authority, acting far more like a Clinton supporter... And no one in the Delegation knowing exactly what to do, once the screaming started... and before the first chair might be thrown.

So...we spring into action again... to the benefit of a campaign who provides NO ONE for Delegates to rely on...and also, yet again, to the detriment of Blog Readers.

AGAIN, time to write...

Until a very good friend is having a bad Friday night... and, some excellent Berners having a really GREAT Friday night on their own, all want to share stories at the same time.

And, this is BEFORE I get to reviewing the new Guccifer 2, email and data dump, and continue to work on the "Top Secret" though "not marked Classified" Project that I'm on right now...THAT FRIENDS, FAMILY AND LOVED ONES... DON'T UNDERSTAND... I CAN'T TALK ABOUT.

So... I'm finally finishing this piece today, AND promise a Bonus piece tonight, in satisfaction of my promise to keep  you laughing AND "properly stimulated".

Now, as to the Guccifer 2.0 New Data Dump...

There is no longer a question that the DNC has OFFICIALLY had it's thumb on the scale of this primary election cycle, FROM DAY ONE.

We know know that one of the early memos and a corresponding email was dated TWO DAYS AFTER BERNIE'S CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT, and detailed how Dennis Wasserman-Schitz and the DNC were going to use the corporate media to boost the Clinton Campaign against Republicans  and Democrats alike, in order to foster Clinton's success.

By DEFINITION, therefore... The 2015 and even 2016 protestations of Wasserman-Schitz and others, re: "NEUTRALITY" ... WERE about as valid and legitimate as Bill Clinton's Annual Celibacy Pledge.

Of course, we all KNEW the DNC was Shilling for Hill. But... the fact that we now have Guccifer 2.0's data dump, makes PROVING their crimes against nature, all that much easier.

It also ESTABLISHES, that WHATEVER "promises" Bernie is alleged to have made regarding supporting the nominee, OR 3rd Party activity...are null, void, moot, irrelevant, and/or, "Go FUCK YOURSELF, DEBBIE!

That last one is a legal term of art, essentially meaning, "Shit is ON, BITCHES...TRY & FUCKING STOP ME FROM...shhhhhhhhhhhhhh... can't talk about... NO, THERE ARE NO PLANS OF ANY KIND...but, if there WERE...TOUGH SHIT!"

I guess I just get, ah, well..."aroused," when a Fucknuckle, fucks up, and you get to feed their own words back to salt, cold, and after their lies have been been sitting out in pain view for 15 months.

More importantly, Guccifer 2.0, as it turns out, has JES' a bit more, piss & vinegar in his veins, than the Original Article.

The Goose, himself... Guccifer, will be bringing down Mrs. Clinton. And, yes, he did write a few letters, share a few emails, and get himself extricated from a Romanian Death Box, in favor of a SUITE at the DC Marriott. But, compared to his Progeny, the Goose is like an actuary that you can't wake the fuck up, at the Bachelor Party.


Seriously, though, as excited as many of us were, reading The Goose's prior rants... 2.0 is like the first hackers who heard Bill Gates SWEAR that Windows "could NEVER BE PENETRATED".

Pretty sure ALL OF US have a little first hand knowledge of how THAT TURNED OUT.

Hackers went batshit crazy in their efforts to THOROUGHLY EMBARRASS Gates  and his Baby...

And, when this guy is done with Debbie Wasserman...she won't be able to take a Schitz, for a year.

Oh, and make no mistake... She's not leaving her positron at the DNC because Bernie demanded it. Or, because she lost 900 State Assembly Seats in her tenure. Or, because D's lost the House, the Senate, 13 Governorships, three sets of Nuclear Launch Codes, or the Secret to Sugar Frosted Flakes...

Her ass is OUT, because Guccifer 2.0 TOOK UP RESIDENCE IN HER HARD DRIVE...FOR A YEAR...AND MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE for even the lying little gargoyle that she deny that THERE WERE NO FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS... AND, THUS NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO PITCH A BITCH WHEN. shhhhhhhhhhhhh... let's, ah, just leave it at that...for now.

I think the very best news for the country, and the worst news for "Now Deposed Debbie"...and others is the "NEW GOOSE" is on the muthafuckin' LOOSE...and he ain't gonna stop tappin'  that ass until about... NEVER!

Look for more data dumps, more evidence of DNC wrongdoing, and EVERY REASON IN THE WORLD... FOR NO ONE TO BE SURPRISED...

(...when the work on my other project is completed.)


GOD, I love the sound of that word.

Almost as much as I love the smell of burning bullshit artists, in the morning.


Keep kicking it out, "New Goose". I'd ask if I could have your child, or children... But, something tells me you have enough volunteers of the anatomically appropriate variety already.


I know I was really down on Bernie after the speech. I'm STILL PISSED!  And, I still think "the smartest people in the world" are fucking him up...


With the new material coming out, re: vote fraud, DNC plots, FBI, DoJ, CGI, and even a few things that "a little bird" keeps telling me...

This is gonna get a whole lot better, beforee it DOESN'T get worse.


To all good friends that are new friends...

Your friendship and fellowship is PRICELESS!


Never think you can't stop a note, shoot a text, or otherwise. As crazy as it ALWAYS IS...




Friday, June 17, 2016

Call Us All Confused...Bernard???

Ordinarily, when a presidential campaign suggests that it has an announcement to make, which is so important that supporters have to register and receive a link via text message, just to join in these reindeer could reasonably conclude that the message would invite and inspire.

I know that's what I thought, when Bernie Sanders told me he had something special in store for me last night
I have to admit I was even more excited when Bernie closed his equally unusual Sunday night press conference, by whisping his non-existent Snidley Whiplash-esque mustache and told the reporters, "We know who got the most votes... BWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Of course, HE got the most votes. And, dammit, this pissed off elderly gentleman was no more than 3 seconds away from advising the entire press corps to, "GET OFF MY LAWN"...when Jane grabbed his arm and said, "C'mon inside, Bernie. The Man said not to say anything, just yet".

And then...

The BIG Meeting with the Wicked Shill of The East... Where, Bernie was supposed to lay some serious SHIT on her. You know, like bus' a Killer Mike -style cap in her ass. Get all up in her grill and shit. Go all Ray Rice on a Fool. has been the case in connection with MANY meetings where the projected outcome saw Mrs. Clinton's balls in a jar on someone's mantelpiece...

A funny thing happened on the way to operating table.

And... Bernie's, post-meeting, hurry up online streamed event ended up, confusing a few, pissing off a SHITLOAD...and leaving the rest of us shaking our heads.

By 5 minutes into the speech, my phone was ringing.

It started out being supporters who wanted to know what was special about a speech the entire world had heard 75 times before. got to volunteers, and $27 people, who wanted me to confirm that "working with Secretary Clinton" didn't really mean "working with Secretary Clinton".

And, before I could get those folks off the phone... Four lines on two phones. Had a dozen people screaming, "WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE...HE JUST FUCKED US!!!"...loud enough for Paul Wellstone to hear.

And, we all know that Paul Wellstone is dead...and that money & power murdered him.


After I chilled out about eleventy  thousand, sixty-nine hundred people... I called some people who are, were, or might still be a part of the inner circle. Not necessarily the Keepers of The Royal Secrets... But, definitely residents of the Sanction Sanctorum.

These folks told me what it was, that what Bernie said, actually meant, and why everyone should be WAY JAZZED  about the blistering fucking STANK that had its origin a tad bit beneath The Supreme Leader's dentures.

According to these peeps, "He's got her, just where he wants her".

And, the more I suggested that I found this extremely difficult to believe... The more forceful the protestations became.

I was given hints at campaign shakeups. Changes of authority. A changing of the guard. Massive hammers that would soon come to rest on the back of her campaign neck.

I was reminded of the massive fraud that was never discussed by Bernie, tonight... though it played the starring role, only four evenings ago..

I did however, stop the self-serving commentary, to note what I perceived to be the biggest change between the Bernie of Sunday night and the Bernie of Thursday night... reading off of his first teleprompter.

Sunday Bernie was angry.

Thursday 8:30 Bernie was upset.
Thursday 8:45 Bernie frustrated.
And, by Thursday 9:00, the Bernie who showed up...was DOWNRIGHT AFRAID.

Then, I stated to think...

They killed JFK.
They killed MLK.
They killed RFK.
They killed Paul Wellstone

All leaders of the movement now owned and operated by Bernie Sanders.

And, this time, the People's Champion wasn't just staring down big money, the military-industrial complex, or even the CIA...

He's trying to shit can the Clinton Dynasty for good.


Is it far fetched, to think that Orlando happened, so that more than the general public could be made to fear?

What WAS said during the Sanders - Clinton meeting...that NO ONE is willing to report?

Has Bernie capitulated? Or, IS THERE a Grand Master Plan that doesn't even need and indictment, to knock it outta the park.

THIS, I will tell you, my Friends.

If YOU BELIEVE that Bernie has been compromised...

If YOU BELIEVE he is about to destroy every ounce of credibility he has earned...




I say this, because I WILL TELL YOU... and I would not have before last night...


And, one of them..I am absolutely responsible for creating. And, THAT PLAN, IF ADOPTED... WILL ELECT BERNIE SANDERS.

As of today, only Bernie can stop Bernie.

And if you saw what I saw, and heard what I heard...

Call Bernie's Senate Office, in DC...NOT THE CAMPAIGN OFFICE which is not answering the phone...and TELL BERNIE HE CANNOT GIVE UP,GIVE IN, OR ABANDON 12,000,000 AMERICANS...


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When Clintons Attack...

REMEMBER: In addition to commenting on the Blog, you can also Email the Blog.


I'm talking to a good friend and fellow Berner yesterday. And, she asks if I am convinced that Hillary and Bill Clinton are responsible for the Orlando shooting?

I didn't put much stock in the original comment.

But then, only a few hours later, another friend called and wanted to know if I had heard that the shooter's father had ties to the Clintons.

Okay...I was a bit curious about that notion. But still, I remained unconvinced.

And, not two hours later, a third, and particularly rational thinking colleague called, and in the middle of an otherwise non-Clintonian discussion, all of a sudden had a telephonic seizure...and began motherfucking the Clintons into the middle of next week.

At this point, I thought... Alright, I'll keep an open mind and explore it all.

Let's look at a few facts that we know about the gunman.

He had worked as a security guard for Wackenhut Services for many years...a  reputed CIA front.

He was a Muslim.
He was married, with a Muslim Wife and a 2 year old child.

His 1st Wife outed him as being Gay.
He had frequented the Club where the shootings took place.

He had been a regular companion of T-Girls, both in person and online.

What we know about the father of the shooter...

He would like to be the President of  Afghanistan.

He looks a fuck of a lot like Saddam Hussein.

He has been in the Office of the Secretary of State, as well as numerous Republican Congressmen.

He is an acknowledged CIA Operative, and apparently has been for some time.

He hosts a Pakistani-Afghani TV show which casts an anti-American light on the universe.

Perhaps Most importantly...

What do we know about the Clintons?

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee.

She is also under MULTIPLE active Federal Criminal Investigations.

The individual who has worked harder than anyone, to develop these cases and secure an  indictment against Mrs. FBI Director, James Comey.

Mrs. Clinton is the only candidate in race, of the three remaining candidates, to have positioned herself as a total gun control candidate.

Mrs. Clinton appreciates that scaring people could cause some to be less concerned about "her damned emails".

Now... I don't know if any or all of this adds up to a criminal conspiracy, the likes of which only the Clinton Crime Family could pull off without a hitch.


When you then look at what the press did, immediately after the shooting, and even before the yellow tape went up... You really do have to ask yourself a few very valid questions.

Why was the initial press focus placed on the FBI...and not the VICTIMS, OR the gunman?

The very first reports went to a series of as yet , and certainly at that moment, unverified allegations that the FBI had made mistake after mistake in not tracking, rounding up, and arresting the shooter prior to the event...notwithstanding the fact that the shooter was married with children, gainfully employed regularly, and had no arrest record.

In fact, the FBI apparently DID look into the individual, TWICE, and found no basis for further inquiry.

And YET...just as had occurred after the FBI got into it with Apple following the San Bernardino shooting...ghostly, hard to identify groups, with names sounding not far off of the names of Hillary Super PACs, began demanding in petition form, and more openly... the resignation of the FBI Director.

Assuming these groups were successful in their effort, Mrs. Clinton's principal detractor, and person most responsible for the securing of an indictment against her... would be summarily dispatched in disgrace... likely resulting in President Obama being able to re-enter the picture and squash any move to indict.


Is it outside the full realm of possibility to suggest that a woman who, along with her husband, have been accused of involvement in multiple murders over four decades...

And who had been visited by an acknowledged CIA operative...who is the father of a closeted Gay Muslim...

And, where that father MIGHT just want his own Gay Muslim son Honor Killed anyway...

Might also see the win-win element of scaring the shit out of the public, while disgracing the only man standing between her...and the only dream she has never realized...

By grabbing a big ass bag of Clinton Global Initiative, undocumented cash... which probably came from a Middle Eastern Muslim dictator anyway...

And, giving it to the CIA Operative who wanted his son dead anyway?

And, before you say that Mrs. Clinton wouldn't kill innocent civilians just to satisfy some private personal objective...

Check out the email exchange, already released, between Mrs. Clinton & French Officials where they discuss the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, so the French could steal his gold, and so the U.S. could steal his oil.

I wonder how many innocent civilians died in that effort.

And, that didn't even involve her becoming the first women President of the United States.

What do YOU think?

Indictment Update... Or...So You Think YOU'VE Had A Bad Week?

How many times can I open a Posting with the word...


Before it sounds like I'm a sensationalizing wannabe Bill O'Reilly?

It was rhetorical...dammit!!!!

A week ago, Shillary Clinton was all aglow and dare I say, "agog," as she strode to her position atop a glass floor to deliver the best impression of Bennie Hinn that I do believe I have EVER seen.
She wasn't "majestic". She was, oh, I don't know. What's the word I'm searching for???
Oh yeah... I got it.

"Out, of her motherfucking mind!"

She was Queen Bee, the Peestie Resistance, and the Illegitimate Daughter of Donald Trump & Satan (Finally! Satan is Out.)... all in one.

And then...

The bottom fell out.

Even before the morning papers came out and before Huma slid back in the sack with "her husband"... the latest round of FBI email leaks were making the rounds.


Over a six day period...

The White House acknowledges a "criminal investigation".

More FBI Leaks.

ABC News crawls up her ass.

Julian Assange promised more Clinton email releases from Wiki Leaks. And, let me tell ya... when a guy who can't leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London because HE'S under indictment, starts stacking his OWN shit on you... Well, you KNOW YOUR shit is pretty messed UP.


More FBI Leaks.

Donald Trump's OTHER gay crush, Vladimir Putin, PROMISES that Russia will release the email evidence of ALL of your purchases from QVC, Eve & Eve...AND Other web based retailers that not even "I"wouldn't mention.

And FINALLY, just when you thought it couldn't POSSIBLY get any worse...


Oh, yeah... And today, there were more FBI Leaks.


To sum it all up...

My previous suggestion that the chances of a pre-convention indictment were along the lines of 60-40 in favor, well...

Let's just day I had some Salmon that needed wrapping.

Right now, I move the needle on those odds to...

(Drumroll, please...)


Ya see...

The White House, A major TV Network, the FBI, a Member of Interpol's 10 Most  Wanted, a gay foreign despot... AND HER 2 BEST CROWN PRINCE FRIENDS IN THE WORLD...all took a number, stood in a Bernie Sanders-like Event Line, got to the front of that line... and without even getting wanded... planted a bullet behind her ear while feeding her "a little sumpin sumpin" like she hasn't had since before Chelsea was born.

You always KNOW in Washington, when the powers that be have determined that your expendability has reached critical mass.

And, this is it.

President Obama absolutely KNOWS that if the Russians believe that Clinton is compromised, and the Saudis, by their actions declare that not even THEY have further use for The Shill... then it's about time for even  Barack Obama to put practical expedience over a deal that Bill Clinton extorted out of him right years ago.

Ding, Dong...the Witch Is Dead!

Did I say "Witch"?

Hell. I can't even believe I said, "Dong".

Either way...

Bernie better start Leaking those videos of Joe Biden "massaging" those sheep. Because... Old Joe B, is gonna be rockin' & Rollin' to "The Sound Of Philadelphia".

Go gettem' Bernie!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Ugliness That Will Be...The Democratic Convention

Couple quick Housekeeping matters before we begin today...

With respect to #HalfABillion4Bernie...

THANK YOU...for an INCREDIBLE first 24 Hours of the Campaign. The response received from "Seasoned" Readers of Thoughts at Three AM, as well as that of newbies, WAS GREAT! I am attempting to get detailed info from the campaign with respect to our progress, and hope to have that at some point in the foreseeable future.

One issue has come up...

Some Readers would like to contribute as part of the $54 X 5 Months original intent...but, are not able to do so. One Reader asked if we could match him with another Reader and the two could get together and tag-team a $54 Monthly contribution.

The email address for this Blog is

Please email any questions comments, additional death threats, or other suggestions, and I am happy to answer, engage or at least discuss. Please know in advance that I recognize that my shit DOES, in fact, stink...I CANNOT anatomically or physiologically perform certain functions...and that if my head WERE up my ass...I'd probably already know it. That being said...knock yourselves out.

On with the show...

We have in a sense, touched on a number of the problems which are most obviously associated with the operation, management and functionality of this year's Democratic Convention in Philadelphia  in late July.

Some have absolutely nothing to do with any candidate. Some have everything to do with one candidate or the other. And others, well...they just have a whole mess to do with the fact that it's late July.

Let's start with the simple environmental and logistical nightmare.

The National Weather Service will tell you, if you ask them...they're very good about that...that Philadelphia gets about 10 days a year of 100 degree temperatures. They don't tell you that they ALL HAPPEN...WHENEVER "YOU" ARE IN PHILLY! They also don't tell you...but, if you ask the FBI, THEY will tell you...that whenever the temperature in Philly gets over 100 degrees, and the humidity is over 7000%...ALSO, by the way, EVERY DAY "YOU" are in Philly...that soft pretzel vendors and hot dog cart operators WILL fucking kill you for not having the correct change.

Add to your travel itinerary the fact that if you don't have a room...and "YOU" can't have one, because the DNC has had them all booked since the convention site was announced...AirBnB will find you a rat-infested allergy trap, but only for two nights, and THEN, only you still have your left breast or testicle after paying your cab driver. Note, there are no Uber Cars in Philly...unless you count the Off-duty Mob Capos...who, actually you MIGHT find, because after all, the home of the convention IS in South Philly AND so fucking far away from...ANYTHING, that walking even in the daytime, MIGHT just result in "someone nobody in the South Dakota Delegation KNOWS"...showing up for tomorrow's session WITH YOUR CREDENTIALS.

Wow...that sounds like a punch in the throat to the City of Brotherly Love...even to me.

But, seriously...and I mean this sincerely...

Philly is a great place to pack on about 40 pounds in the four days you'll be in town. I highly recommend NOT going to Geno's or Pat's for a cheesesteak. Sure, I mean, why GO to Philly if you're not into the whole "Essence of Sidewalk Urine" thing? But, Jim's at 4th & South, or D'Alessandro's on Henry Avenue in Roxborough, are BY FAR, better meat, the same cheese, FRESH rolls, and not nearly as many people throwing up on your open-toed shoes at, you guessed it... "3 AM".

Now that we've got THAT cleared up...

Did I mention Ed Rendell. Oh, yeah...then, there's Ed Rendell. You all know Fast Eddie. Former Mayor of Philadelphia, Governor of Pennsylvania, DNC Chair...appointed by Bill Clinton, after Ron Brown was murdered...I believe. next door neighbor of the late Arlen "Magic Bullet" Spector...whose NOT-Late wife, was appointed to a Federal Judgeship...ALSO by Bill Clinton...

And make no mistake about it...Jim Kenny is the Mayor of Philadelphia. But, Ed Rendell...IS THE MAYOR OF PHILADELPHIA.

You get pulled over, drug out of your car and beaten by 17 of Philly's Finest...don't be looking to Jim Kenny to help you get the majority of the felony charges dropped. You want to go direct to the Warden Drive home of Fast Eddie Rendell... Which,, of course, is why you haven't heard a PEEP out of Mayor Kenny when it comes to pre-game smack about the size of fences, what protesters will and won't be allowed to do BEFORE the dogs and horses attack. Oh, no...all of that has come from Fast Eddie, himself.

Now... Why might THAT be important to delegates, alternates, superdelegates...and of course the more than ONE MILLION uncredentialed guests from 57 countries who plan to converge on the city for a little midsummer night's nightmare?

Bill Clinton appointed Rendell to the DNC Chair Post. Rendell openly supported Bill, and Now the Shill. The State Senator and State Representative in the district where the convention site is located are RABID Clintonistas...and the Titular Mayor will only stop licking Mayor Rendell's boots, long enough to get in a little THREE WAY "boot action" with His Honor's Honored Former First Couple.


Bernie Sanders, and Berners, in General, would be more welcome delivering Sacred Cow-laden cheesesteaks to a band of Tibetan Monks out to paint the town a reallllly pale pink, on the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday.

Talk about "The Lion's Den"...

Inside and outside of the convention main stage, Bernie is going to be essentially, on foreign soil...which, here again, brings me to the point of offering a little advice of a political nature, to anyone who cares to listen.

I mentioned, in another posting, that in a previous life, I defended a plethora of challenges to the Delegate Credentials, of 1992 Jerry Brown Delegates, in a battle against Bill Clinton.

I have been in those trenches. I've watched what I THOUGHT were 5 beautiful little kangaroos, come hopping into the ballroom of a Washington DC hotel...only to find out, moments later when they sat down...THAT THEY WERE THE JUDGES in my cases.

Yes, we did win all but the four challenges which we absolutely SHOULD HAVE lost. I mean, If you are a Necrophiliac with a unquenchable thirst for "Road Kill" should probably put that on your Delegate Information Questionnaire...and NOT let your your lawyer hear about it the first time AT YOUR HEARING! 2016, there is and even bigger problem. And, it's not even mine.

You start with a DNC which has whored itself down to a single layer of skin on most body parts. put their convention, in a City that has HOE'D ITSELF for the The Clinton Crime Family in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE...for 25 years. make NOT THE REAL MAYOR, the "Host" of the Convention...but, THE GUY BILL CLINTON APPOINTED DNC IF, having Hillary's 2008 Campaign Co-Chair, as the CURRENT DNC CHAIR, didn't already tip the scale more than it needed to go in the wrong direction.

Oh...did I mention that Ed Rendell has been calling on Bernie to quit the race...SINCE MARCH?


Facing THAT juggernaut of epic Clintonian Shit-Stacking...

It would be INSANE, to expect that the guy with the fewest Pledged Delegates, the fewest Superdelegates, the fewest members appointed to the Rules Committee, the Credentials Committee...AND, the "OH FUCK, THERE"S NO TOILET PAPER" Committee...would think he was going to come into town, or even into DC the week BEFORE the convention, and "change the world".

But, as I hear it...this is EXACTLY what some in the Sanders Campaign think we will be able to do.'s where I say that I'm not the smartest guy in the all AGREE WITH ME, and somehow, we come out both believing that throwing yourself off of a cliff the week before the convention, and then asking the people on the mountain top TO PISS ON YOU...DURING THE CONVENTION...ah, MIGHT make the living shit out of a Game of Thrones Episode...especially if Emilia Clarke is still doing nude scenes this season, BUT...MIGHT not suggest to  too many of the people way smarter than ME, that your getting your Battlefield Advice from a guy who has ever been out of the classroom.

Yesterday...I wrote that Bernie had to be careful about what he said at this point, because he might end up getting more. or all of his Pledged Delegates Challenged as to their Credentials.

But wait...there's more...

Now, I understand, that some folks inside Team Bernie, are suggesting an offensive, the type and kind that would make the average Samurai Warrior look down the hill at his opponent and say, "DUDE...What the Fuck? Are you INSANE?"

You all know I LOVE BERNIE. I've slaved in every trench he's needed me in...and, some that he couldn't or shouldn't have known about, because, well...even in political revolutions...that's what political operatives DO.

And...nothing that I've heard about from these discussions is actually terminal, in and of itself...AND, could be totally irrelevant, should any one of the multitude of indictments come down between now and then.

But, let me say this about that...

The DNC has fucked with Bernie INCESSANTLY since the beginning of this campaign.

The Clinton Crime Family has found orifi to penetrate, that not even Bernie's family physician knew he had.

The media has reinvented the term "yellow journalism" during this campaign, and done so at Bernie's expense.


I know you're a tried and true New Yawker, temporarily in Vermont...and that you would love nothing more than to exact a little BROOKLYN JUSTICE, on any one or all of the people who have bone-dry gang-stang your starfish for coming up on 15 months.

BUT...regardless of the math. Regardless of the cheating. Regardless of the Conspiracies, the collusions, the indictments, the lack of indictments, the fact that your going to a city where in some locations THEY PUT WIZ on their cheesesteaks. Regardless of the fact that you might even HAVE the correct change for a pretzel...

In the same way in which Washington, DC isn't REALLY Burlington, South...


Why challenge the Delegate Credentials of Clinton Delegates who came from States where we can prove there was cheating...WHEN WE DIDN'T CHALLENGE THE CHEATING IN THOSE STATES IN THE FIRST PLACE?


Do we really think...that PRIVATELY revealing to Superdelegates in advance of the convention...the fact of cheating THAT THEY ALREADY KNEW ABOUT AND MAY HAVE CONDONED OR PARTICIPATED going to convert them, out of some new found sense of political purity?

YES, you're angry and you want SOMEONE'S head on a platter...preferably bleach blonde.

I get that.


All along, you've been fighting the battle in a war room that had 9 people...while the opponent had 900.

More eyes, more ears AND YES, MORE OPINIONS, will win this VERY WINNABLE CAMPAIGN.

Circling the wagons is a great defensive strategy. But, ONLY IF ALL OF YOUR GUNS ARE AIMED AT POINTS OUTSIDE OF THE CIRCLE.

We have ALL come WAY TOO FAR, to be tricked into walking into a shit storm. As I wrote yesterday...there are at least THREE distinct pathways to victory. WE DON'T HAVE TO GIVE ONE OR MORE OF THEM BACK!

There are GOOD PEOPLE who want to help walk this Horse to the finish line. STOP BEING ANGRY...

There will be PLENTY OF TIME FOR THAT, during 8 years in the oval office. Get back to the business of doing the things that NEED to be done to cross a finish line that right now EVEN A FOOL LIKE ME, can already see.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Practical Politics 101...What Bernie Can & Can't Say & Why You Should Be Excited


After a week that started with an Ex-President threatening to commit even more election fraud, and then actually following thru on his threat...and having more ballots uncounted, than the declared victor even received, Berners spent what seemed like an eternity, being told by, oh...the entire world, how Bernie was a dead man whining, and should "Get out now"!

Bernie, for his part, responded by taking whatever the President had to offer during a private meeting at the White House, and exiting to deliver a response that every network reported as "Phase 1" of his exit strategy. Now, I kinda sorta saw the same statement Bernie gave. And frankly, I do believe if you play it backwards at 78 RPMs (ask a Boomer, if you don't know) can actually here John Lennon saying, "Hillary is dead".

I mean, are you really initiating an exit strategy when you check your watch while meeting with  the leader of the free world, before politely excusing yourself to go hang out for an hour with 10,000 of your closest a campaign rally, for the campaign that same president spent the last hour suggesting, was over?

I'm not thinking so.

But, I confess...come Sunday morning, I was as spooked as people who haven't campaigned for Bernie in 22 states. Why the need for a press conference? Why 5 pm? Why on the lawn of your front yard? All of a sudden, I was back in my very first presidential campaign, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan was calling the entire staff and telling us to report to the Well of the Senate at 6 AM, because "the Candidate," Bob Kerry. had "an important statement to make".

He was quitting.

So... this morning, I called the person who texted me at 3 am, last night, and told me that we were "full speed ahead"...just to make sure that our cars were pointing in the same direction. And, even though I have done nothing but watch Bernie get madder and madder, and angrier and angrier, pretty much since the Nevada State Convention...the ghost of Bob Kerry actually had  me trying to find out if Burlington, Vermont had any unemployed Teamsters who could pay the Candidate "a little visit" a few minutes before five.

Then, I heard Bernie speak, though not without a minor "bandwith issue" that put me on about a 17 minute delay (Boomers, ask the grand kids).

By the time I actually heard the announcement, I already had 27 emails, 11 text messages, 5 Facebook messages and 2 angry Tweets, that ALL started with the word "Fuck" and ended with the word "him," or "that Asshole"...not one of which had even so much as a 2nd sentence.


Okay, okay, I do I tell my great friends, colleagues and equally rabid Berners...what Bernie DID say, and DIDN'T say...and WHY...without having Penn & Teller sue me for hacking the concept of their wildly popular TV show where they tell you how some of the greatest magic tricks are really accomplished.

Well...since I'm not even the smartest guy in the room when I'm the only one in it, I knew this was going to be quite the challenge.

But, here goes...

Ignore for the moment that I hold a degree IN Political Science, two Law Degrees, or that I'm currently a student in a Masters Program in Political Campaign Management, while jointly enrolled in a PhD Program in Political reality, this is just me, sitting in a hotel room, waiting for my roommate to return and 'terprit the NASCAR results for me. For now...this is just Billy V...and the 10,000 people a day who are now reading this Blog.

And, we're just expressing an opinion or two, and hoping not to piss each other off in the process.

How about we begin at the beginning?

Bernie is an Independent, running for president, as a Democrat...who had been accused from the day he announced, of not being a real Democrat...even though he has caucused with the Democratic Party since Herbert Hoover was selling blankets and pencils on street corners for a nickel a piece.

So...his allegiances always in question, Bernie was forced to spend as much time defending his Democratic chops, props and bona fides...

And NOW, when it appears at least to people named Clinton and Obama (but nahhhhhht "Biden") that the race is over, and that Bernie should rally his troops in support of another Democrat...his every word is again being viewed, reviewed, and re-re-viewed, by once again...EVERYONE, in order to locate that ONE WORD, which will allow at least one of them to suggest that they KNEW IT ALL ALONG. HE'S AN INDEPENDENT, In FACT...he's not only Ralph Nader. He's Ralph Nader's illegitimate son, who was JUST WAITING to VINDICATE the family name!

And...while all of THIS is going on, Bernie will still end up wining California, and showing up to the Democratic Convention with some 1900+ Pledged Delegates, and as many Superdelegates as can be cajoled.

Oh, yeah...and THEN there's that little matter of ONE of the candidates being investigated by the FBI, for what looks at this point, to be about two dozen or more felonies, even before you get to any consideration of the Clinton Global Money Laundering & RICO Enterprise.


Bernie, for some reason has a family/staff retreat (no "pow-wows" in this campaign) at his home on a Sunday. And, SOMEONE tells him...Bernie...You GOTTA say SOMETHING. Every network has been saying we're out. We have to fire up the troops! WHOEVER that might have been who made that suggestion, let me say that a VERY WISE MAN once told me, "Sometimes...the best thing to say...IS NOTHING"!

And, in this case, the truth is that WAY too many Berners DID NOT hear what Bernie said today. They heard two words, over and over again...

"PARTY UNITY"... Which, by the way, after watching the tape now FIVE TIMES...Bernie didn't actually say, ONCE.

Let me suggest a scenario that may help explain the degree of difficulty that Our Candidate is dealing with right now.

Forget the press. They haven't changed one iota, or even a mere scintilla, since this campaign began. Why would they do so, now? AND, take heart...every 24/7 cable news outlet, whether they want to admit it or not, are NICHE NETWORKS. The people who watch them today...are the people who watched them yesterday (except for those who don't watch them anymore at all). NO ONE, is waking up on Monday morning and saying to themselves, "Hey, I think I'll stay home from work and watch 23 hours of CNN, today". It JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. The people who were watching Wolf Blitzer, yesterday, and using their best "Astro Jetson" voice to yell "Rook at the Rimp...Rook at the Rimp"...every time Wolf saunters over to "The Magic Wall"...are the same people who are gonna be back mocking his talentless pile of  wasted flesh, again today.

So...CNN isn't going to say anything nice about Bernie at a 5:00 PM Presser. But, since virtually everyone still watching CNN already has an opinion about Bernie one way or the other...FORGET THEM. They are so far more irrelevant than you could begin to imagine.

On the other hand...there are millions and millions of voters, many of whom are Democratic, and many of whom will have a role of sorts at the Democratic Convention...that Bernie DOES have to be concerned about.

Could Bernie have come out of the White House of Thursday, strolled up to the microphone and said, "After careful consideration and numerous visits to proctologists in 27 States, 3 Commonwealths and the District of Columbia...I have concluded that I no longer desire to be deep-dicked by The Clinton Crime Family, it's Pennsylvania Avenue Subsidiary, or a woman from Rat's Mouth who is about to be unseated by Tim Canova...and I am henceforth and forthwith announcing my Independent candidacy for president".


He COULD have said that.

But then...what happens to the 1900+ Pledged Delegates?

The DNC Credentials Committee meets one week before the convention, for a number of reasons... But, one of those reasons, is to hear Challenges to the credentials or right...of any Pledged delegate to actually participate in the convention, the following week.

And, why is it that the DNC and the Clintons REALLY want Bernie OUT NOW?

Because he has coffee breath that he couldn't get rid of since Iowa?


So that the Party can nominate and elect Mrs. Clinton by acclamation, or on a voice vote, AS A VOICE VOTE WAS USED, where...

At the Nevada State Convention.

Acclamation suggests, or rather DECLARES the kind of unanimity that is felt to be needed by the Party as it moves into a confrontation with Donald Trump.

Bill Clinton wanted that in 1992, when he faced a challenge from the now Dementia Patient serving as California's current Governor.

When Jerry Brown ran against Bill Clinton in 1992, Jerry took HIS campaign... 'ALL THE WAY TO THE CONVENTION".

And, when Jerry wouldn't GET OUT, prior to the convention, and give Bill Clinton center stage every night, and a VOICE VOTE acclamation to the nomination...Bill Clinton's campaign filed Credential's Committee Challenges to virtually ALL Brown Delegates, seeking to strip these HARD WORKING DEMOCRATS who won elections of their own, many having to raise or borrow money to attend the convention...from even being admitted to the building.

I know this, ya see, because I was the lawyer who represented those Brown Delegates in their hearings before the Credentials Committee. And, WHO sits at the head of the committee that will make those Credentials decisions...

Debbie Wasserman-Schitz.

Not thinking Bernie, or his supporters are gonna get anything other that a semi-lubed rubber glove, two fingers and hearty Hi-Ho SILVER, at those hearings

So...does Bernie have to be somewhat careful about what he says these days?


Now...about this "meeting" with Mrs. Clinton.

YES! YES, Friends...Bernie DOES know that Mrs. Clinton has absolutely NO INTEREST in his Agenda.

YES, he DOES know that Mrs' Clinton will ABSOLUTELY say "anything to get elected". Even that guy who endorsed her on Thursday, said that, 8 years ago.

YES. He knows that WHATEVER she agrees to, will be agreed to, ONLY until she is formally nominated BY ACCLAMATION...and even before the Clinton Delegates are directed from the rostrum, to fling their own poo, and the nearest Berniecrat.


What if one of those pesky indictments DOES unseal itself BEFORE the convention?

And, WHAT IF...Bernie had come out of his 5 PM presser today, and either announced an Independent run, OR, sounded like he was about to BLOW THIS PARTY UP?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know what you're thinking... Pretty mellow talk from the guy who started the hashtag, #BernieOrBlowThisFuckerUp!

Perhaps, but...I see a MUCH BIGGER PICTURE HERE. In my picture, Bernie doesn't really go out of his way to piss anybody off right now. OF COURSE, I go after The Clinton Crime Family, EVERY DAY. Of course YOU SHOULD be highlighting all of the reasons why Mrs. Clinton should be disqualified...EVERY DAY.

But, JUST IN CASE, an indictment unseals... And, just in CASE, Joe Biden can't get enough Clinton Delegates fast enough to counter the charge which WE SHOULD ALREADY BE PLANNING AND REHEARSING... in a sense, and very sadly, we need those establishment Democrats AT LEAST until we are sure we really DON'T need them.


Does this mean that suggesting that he will MEET with Clinton is selling out?

Does it mean that pledging to take your campaign to the convention, is selling out?

Does it mean that suggesting that you want to pursue YOUR AGENDA to try to influence the Party Platform, ELIMINATES ANY AND ALL OTHER OPTIONS that might exist, or present themselves between now and the middle of July?


Hell no.


SHOULD the campaign be playing WHAT IF's and WAR GAMES...EVERY FUCKING DAY, right now? YOU BET YOUR ASS.

Should Bernie EVER capitulate?  NOT IF HE WANTS TO GET A GAME OF JACKS with anyone who ever gave him a dollar?

Does Bernie honestly GET that the poll showing that 92% WILL NEVER VOTE for a Democrat in 2016 WHO IS NOT NAMES BERNARD SANDERS?

I believe, he do.

So, where do we all go from here?

Let Bernie be "A GOOD DEMOCRAT"...for now, and say ALL of the things, that a good Democrat needs to be heard saying, by other Democrats, who just can't wait for that one last chance to stick a knife, or assorted body part, just a little farther into Our Guy.

Let Bernie buy the time that we need to buy, in order to determine if the Democratic Nomination really is behind us...OR, whether my new BFF, "E Pluribus Comey," will soon be riding into frame, with a lasso, a zip-tie, and a 25 Count Indictment.

Let the smartest people Bernie knows, explore WHAT MIGHT, COULD, or OUGHT TO happen, WHEN it becomes known that Mrs. Clinton decided LONG AGO, to run as far right as she can go, during a General Election Campaign...

And, while we are understanding that EVEN BERNIE is forced to play jes' a lil bit of "politics" for the next month...


If Bernie is the nominee of the Democratic Party, by virtue of Indictment or other Divine Intervention...BONUS.

If there is a 3rd Party Run in our future...and, personally, I HOPE THERE IS AND AM PREPARED FOR IT...Double Bonus!

But...Friends, let me let EVERYONE in on what we started yesterday, on Twitter.

The average contribution to the campaign, as we all know, is, or rather WAS...$27.00.

I put together a plan, weeks ago, to prepare for a General Election Campaign.

This Plan calls for 2,000,000 Americans to donate $54.00/month and to commit to donating for 5 months. The Plan is called...


And will FULLY FUND a general election campaign NO MATTER WHAT COLOR our states appear ON THE MAGIC WALL.

We have already had HUNDREDS of people make the pledge, and in fact, already send in their first contribution of $54.00.


If Bernie is conflicted about whether or not to make this Independent effort THAT WE ALL WANT HIM TO MAKE...

How much easier will it be, to get the man to keep on keepin' on...

IF HE IS RAISING OVER $100,000,000 a month, toward A GUARANTEED...


And when you do make this commitment...TEXT JANE. TEXT BERNIE TEXT NINA, TULSI, The DANNY's, SPIKE, MIKE, MARK, ROSARIO, CORNELL and anyone else you can think of. TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE PART OF...


...and that you will GO ANYWHERE WITH AND FOR BERNIE...


What Bernie DID today, was tell you IN THE ONLY WAY HE COULD. that THIS IS NOT AN END...IT IS A BEGINNING!

Many of you know me. But, to those that don't...Ask someone who does.

I will crawl on my hands and knees through broken glass to elect Bernie Sanders. And, like you, had Bernie suspended the campaign at 5 PM... I wold still be in a fetal position, motherfucking every human and God, TWO TIMES...while simultaneously advising my Canadian Family to expect a permanent house guest...or at least a fourth for pinochle, for the next 40 years.

I would not tell you that the world is still round, if it weren't.

I BELIEVE, as a former Federal Prosecutor...that Mrs. Clinton has a better chance of getting indicted than she does of even being allowed to enter the convention center. And, there will be no happier Big Dog on the PLANET when THAT indictment is unsealed, than yours truly.

PIZZA AT BILLY'S PLACE, on THAT day. all those who think that there aren't "other things" being discussed...

(shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Be vewy, vewy quiet. We'we hunting Cwintons! Ahahahahahahaha)

One Candidate
One Voice

Saturday, June 11, 2016

An Open Letter To Bernie & Jane Sanders - A MUST READ For Bernie & Jane

Dear Sen. & Mrs. Sanders...

This has understandably been a very trying week for everyone even remotely connected to this campaign.

On Monday, a former President foretold of the utterly treasonous behavior which would occur in California, on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, a pattern which those of who have been in half, or even every state which had participated in this campaign cycle, was repeated on an epic scale..

On Wednesday, while more ballots remained uncounted, than were received by the declared winner, and SIX TIMES more than the differential between the two Democratic Candidates, the same media which had sought to bury us since even before the Iowa Caucuses were stolen from us, sounded what they thought to be the final death knell of a revolution they never understood...but so feared that they were willing to sacrifice whatever journalistic integrity they didn't have left, in order to further and finally sabotage it.

On Thursday, the President of the United States attempted to use the power of his Office to announce that the Hope & Change that he had once promised, had been traded in for new promises, this time, of book deals, speaking fees, and a lifetime key to the 1% Dining Room.

And, on Friday...while the traditional media barked even louder, old friends like Cenk Uygur and even Bill Maher ignored the quantum fraud, the uncounted ballots, and the fact that they were knifing a former friend,,. as they now stood in support of someone they had blasted for not merely this election cycle, but for nearly a decade.


Some equally amazing and very positive events took place this week. I mention just a few of these now, and will expand upon these and others further in this posting.

On Tuesday...when all of the votes are finally counted, we will have received not only millions of votes, but more than enough to have Bernie declared the winner of the California Primary.

On Wednesday, not only the thousands of daily readers of this Blog, but our friends, our families, and others BLEW UP the message machines at your DC and Burlington Campaign Offices, and then proceeded to barrage your Senate Offices with even more calls. We emailed you with so many notes of thanks and encouragement that spam filters kicked in and began sending our well wishes into spam files.

On Thursday...representatives of Occupy LA, met and organized TWO "Still With Bernie" Events for later this month that will be attended by literally hundreds of thousands of Californians. Also, on Thursday, DC to DNC reaffirmed its commitment to bring The People's Messageto Philadelphia ...and professed to have generated a cool ONE MILLION people who will be attending the convention as uninvited guests...NOT because hundred degree temperatures and 200% humidity are their thing...BUT TO SHARE A "MOVEMENT MOMENT" with the two of you. In addition to these things, also on Thursday, our readers and tens of thousands of our closest friends began blowing up the phone lines at the FBI and Department of Justice, demanding that the Clinton Crime Family's Criminal Investigation proceed expeditiously, in order that those decisions impacting the immediate and long term future of this nation, be made in time for the true will of the people to be discerned, expressed and carried out.

On Friday, not only did we the attack the White House with calls demanding that The President refrain from taking any further action in connection with the criminal investigations, which would serve to  nullify the legitimacy of this or any administration to govern...and effectively bring down the government and permanently fracture the very Union which has managed to survive 240 years, and endure open Civil war. Also, on Friday, and without your knowledge, mathematicians and statisticians not only from this country, but from around the world, were collaborating and coordinating with me on prospective litigation which will conclusively prove that not only was California a race that was stolen, but that beginning with Iowa, a pattern of voter suppression and election fraud can be established, such that no court in the land would allow the Democratic Party to name a nominee, given the degree of fraud which has been witnessed.

Perhaps most importantly, Bernie and Jane... On Friday, again THOUSANDS of Tweets and Facebook Posts  came into me, from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND ALL OVER THE this one.

Displaying IMG_20160610_152822.jpg

After actually receiving OVER 1000 such Tweets, Facebook Posts Message and Emails...I finally suggested that I thought the two of you would get the message, loud and clear.

Bernie & Jane... You have been adopted. not merely by a Generation, though Millennials openly call you, Mom, Dad, and in your case, Bernie...The Father OF OUR NEW COUNTRY...The Papi of The New America. But, you have been adopted, as well, by Gen X'ers, Boomers and even those in your own age grouping...who cannot and will not "be brought to heel," "get in line," or ACCEPT anything less than we now know is possible.

You answered a Call, put out to you in 2013, by my own 15 page letter, by thousands of others, and in the eyes of many, by whatever God so many of your supporters look to for comfort as well as conscience.

We can't go home again, Bernie & Jane.

We can't go back to a time when politics as usual was the only game in town. We can't retreat to a place where you didn't need a scorecard to tell who was playing, because quite literally, every candidate wore the same color jersey. YOU gave us the will and the strength to say not only no, not only Hell No...but, FUCK NO!

Two polls taken AFTER the so-called "winner" was declared, have revealed that 81% in one, and 92% of your supporters in the other WILL NOT VOTE for our opponent in November, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. And, while I am not naive enough to suggest that this won;t change a point or three between now and November 8th... The point is , Bernie & Jane...YOUR OWN PEEPS are telling you that we will follow you ANYWHERE...EXCEPT the place we have run from, and will never return to...your opponent. Because you see... Put whatever letter you want after her name...


While you chose to go easy on her during the course of the primary campaign...we did the research THAT SHE DEMANDED.

We saw her for who she really is, and because we are Independent at heart, regardless of what our own voter registration cards might say...YOUR movement, and OUR destiny, has NEVER been about Party. This Movement...the Revolution that IS YOUR PROGENY, is about truth, justice, openness, honesty, fair play, and equality for all. Equality, not only under the law...but morally, ethically, spiritually, and in every sense of everything that is pure, in all forms.

THIS, my Brother & Sister, is why 92% of us will not support any Clinton...Not NOW. Not EVER. Because, Bernie & Jane...WE SAW what was done to you FROM DAY 1.

Some of us watched from on the sidelines. Some threw bricks at our television sets. Some lost friends and even family as we defended both your honor, and what we know to be the REAL "American Way". And, me...I traveled to 22 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii, in support of this campaign...and witnessed first hand, the lies, the distortions, the voter suppression, the purging of voter rolls, the hacking of voting machines, the media withholding of returns when reporting them would have  made it look like you were having a better night...the absentee ballot fraud...including sending canvassers into nursing homes to collect ballots, even from dementia patients...and oh, so much more. I watched in three Caucus States, caucus workers intentionally misreporting counts, discarding or attempting to discard Sanders Ballots...witnessing media distortion after media distortion, and BY THEIR ACTIONS, over and over again burning our flag, blowing up the Halls of Congress, and running the Colors of their Bloodless Coup up the White House flag pole, for ALL THE WORLD to see...and to scream to every American Citizen, "DON'T FUCK WITH US AGAIN...or we might not be so nice".

After having even witnessed this travesty...or having been there when two busloads of homeless showed up at a Nevada Caucus site, where each person exiting the bus was handed a $100 Bill and a Clinton t-shirt, before being ushered PAST the check-in table as a Clinton Precinct Captain shouted, "They're all good, I vouch for them"...

After working with Sanders campaign staff IN TWO STATES, who turned out later to be Clinton "Plants"...YOU HAVE TO KNOW, that to then be asked to change allegiance and provide what amounts to aid and comfort to the enemy, would be you asking all of us TO VALIDATE WHAT THEY DID TO YOU...and in effect validate WHAT THEY DID TO US.

"Thank you, Sir. May I have another," was a great line in the movie, "Animal House". But, in real life, that isn't going to play with ANY Berner.

And, if by some stroke of incredulity, you were again, even to ask us to "come to heel," as a collection of people who believed in nothing until there was you...we would again believe in nothing, forever more.

And, NONE OF US BELIEVE, that you would do that to us, or be able to live with yourself, if you did.

But, thankfully, Bernie & Jane...None of us have to even entertain that possibility. Because there are multiple paths to both the Democratic Nomination...OR, a victorious effort as an Independent/Green Party Candidate.

No one needs to tell you that the pending criminal investigations are almost certain to  result in indictments. And, while I know that some of those closest to you doubt this, as I have stated more than once, and submitted for your approval, the mountain of evidence against Mrs. Clinton was high enough for me to declare indictment a substantial probability, as early as late February...with those odds becoming shorter and shorter with each passing month. Why else would Joe Biden ask certain big money donors to refrain from making further contributions to Clinton Super PACs, and tell two of his favorite union leaders that they might yet have "one more vote to cast for him"?

It was for this reason that we launched "Say NO to Joe," several weeks ago, after that information found its way into my possession.

Ya see, Bernie & Jane... It isn't just Hillary who can't get our vote. What was once "Bernie or Bust" now "Bernie Or Blow This Thing Up".

So... Indictment, being possible, is Reason #1 to NOT SUSPEND THIS CAMPAIGN... since, as we all's pretty tough to return to a campaign WHICH THE CANDIDATE HAS DECLARED TO BE D.O.A.

That WOULD, IN FACT, open the door to Joe Biden...who, on the Sunday of the week Guccifer changed his plea to Guilty, booked himself on FOUR "Sunday Shows" to remind the nation that HE was the "Most Qualified" Non-Candidate in the race he once said October 2015 was too late to enter.


What if there is no indictment, or no indictment, pre-convention...and the nomination is finally and formally stolen from you?

Might I draw your attention to November 1992?

In a three-way race, where Ross Perot secured 19% of the popular vote, Don William Jefferson Clinton, Capo de Tutti Capi of The Clinton Crime Family, received 43% of the popular vote, and was sworn in as the first President to be elected by a plurality since 1968.

Note: It may NOT be a coincidence, that Nixon's plurality was 24 years in advance of Clinton's 92 plurality...which happens to be 24 years ago...this year.

And, in 1968, Party Registration Breakdowns were, Democratic 42%, Independent 28% and Republican 27%.

In 1992,  Democrats totaled 33%, Independents 32%, and Republicans 28%.

Today...Independents 45%, Democrats 28%, and Republicans 27%.

No one needs to remind you that in Open Primaries, we drew over 70% of Independents, and a REPORTED 45% of Democrats, which our Math Geeks can PROVE was actually quite higher.

Which leads me to Dr. Jill Stein's continuing open offer to assume the mantel of the Green Party, with, or without her in 2nd Position.

That you HAVE an ABSOLUTE TRACK to EITHER the Democratic nomination, by default, OR an Independent Nomination, BY ACCLIMATION...



That we will amass an army of 1,000,000 COMMITTED VOLUNTEERS...


THEN ACCEPT OUR PLEDGE, END ANY CONSIDERATION OF SUSPENDING THIS CAMPAIGN...and BEGIN NOW...planning to execute a strategy to wait out an indictment, Dismantle any Biden effort, OR embark upon an Independent Campaign...FOR WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN DERIVED a strategy which can obviously NOT be revealed in this Open Letter.

Bernie & Jane...

From the beginning of this campaign and continuing even today, when we encouraged contributions be made NOW...

People who HAVE NOTHING...gave it to that others can ultimately benefit.

My two favorite examples which struck closest to home were three individuals that I became personally acquainted with...

A homeless man and wife, in Santa Monica, CA...LIVE on revenue derived from collecting cans and bottles...and, panhandling.

SINCE AUGUST 2015...they have taken ONE DAY PER WEEK and set aside there can and bottle revenue, and contributed those monies to this campaign. On the same day, each week...THEY TELL THE PEOPLE THEY ASK FOR A QUARTER...that the money will go to Bernie Sanders. This, is how I met them...and on that day...I gave them..."You guessed it"... TWENTY-SEVEN DOLLAHS!

A friend of mine...who has lived less than paycheck to paycheck, for a decade...had $50. in his pocket to pay his cell phone bill.

Because of a problem with his phone service one month...when he went to pay the bill, he found out, that he was being given a $25 Credit from the Phone Company.

The $25 that he didn't have to use on his bill, was quite literally, the first "bonus money" I had known him to have in a long time.

When I saw him days later, and he told me about his experience with the phone bill...I said, "WOW" must have had a wild time, on the phone Sprint's dime.?

"Nah," he said...I gave $20 if it to Bernie".

So, you see, Bernie & Jane...

If you suspend this campaign now...or AT ANY TIME...

Not only will you be VALIDATING TREASON IN OUR EYES...
Not only will you be GUARANTEEING A TRUMP VICTORY...

But you will also be making a mockery of the faith, trust, confidence, and passion displayed by these, and so many others who COULDN'T and SHOULDN'T HAVE GIVEN ANYONE, even so much as a DIME...

But you will be telling the tens of millions of others who gave time, toil and absolute treasure, that as a matter of fact...


It will almost have been a better thing, at that point, had we never formed the hope that only in this manner, could be so permanently dashed.

Let me close by again reminding you that YOU ARE LOVED IN WAYS THAT YOU CAN'T AS A CANDIDATE, ever realize or appreciate.

Yes, you got Rock Star treatment.

Yes, you played, and still play to crowds that even the average Rock Star would envy.

Yes, you never failed to take time to meet and greet...I know this because my 50 sets of volunteer event credentials allowed me to share that many events with you.

But spending an average of 9 seconds with someone you will likely never see again does not let you hear the stories of sacrifice made on your behalf, OR, be told HOW MUCH MORE, THOSE SAME PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO DO, TO HELP YOU, MAKE OUR COUNTRY AND OUR WORLD, BETTER...FOR PEOPLE THEY WILL NEVER EVEN SHARE 9 SECONDS WITH.

We are a family...because you made us one.
We are a family...because you reminded us what family can do, when it stands together.
We are a family...because after 2 minutes of a 50 minute stump speech, tens of thousands of people you could hardly see, became one body, night after night, week after week, and month after month...

You could have ended that speech with, "Now...LET'S ALL GO MOW MY LAWN, TAKE OUT MY TRASH, AND OH, YEAH...CHARGE UP SAN JUAN HILL!"

And, they would have.

Early on in this campaign...a repetitive battle cry was used on social media, usually when defending you to Hillbots, Hillaroids, or whatever terms was being used to describe David Brock's Army of Stepford Supporters...

"One Candidate,
One Voice,
We Are ALL..."THE BERN"...


There is no quit in the Family you have spawned. We know the math, just as well as anyone. but, we know that there are options.

When you said you wouldn't run as an Independent... A condition precedent to that contract, was the allowance of a fair fight.

When you said you would support the nominee of the Party... A condition precedent to that contract, was that the Party WOULD SUPPORT YOU, if you won the nomination.

Since you couldn't win, because they wouldn't let you, under ANY circumstances...and were even plotting a PLAN B...should PLAN A get disqualified...

Any obligation you may have had is by law, ethic and moral, completely vitiated.

You are loved.
You are respected.
You are revered.

More importantly...You are NEEDED.


Bernie & Jane... A poll came out TODAY, taken AFTER TUESDAY, which showed that 48% of ALL AMERICANS  want you to stay in the race.,,including 55% of Independents, 47% of Democrats.

Only 36% wanted you to Suspend.

In a simple General Election calculation...these numbers translate into A HIGHER PERCENTAGE IN A THREE WAY RACE, THAN WAS RECEIVED BY BILL CLINTON IN 1992, AND RICHARD NIXON IN 1968.

We will do your heavy lifting, Bernie & Jane.

All you have to say Yes...and STAND TOGETHER WITH US. Because, AS WE LEARNED FROM YOU...



Let's go to work!

Your excellent Friend, colleague & disciple,

Billy Valentine

Friday, June 10, 2016

Call, Write, Email & Tweet the President...NOW!

Please Call, Write, Email and Tweet The President Who Shall Forever Remain Nameless.


Please, in your comments, USE THESE WORDS in your commentary.

Call the President

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
Comments: 202-456-6213
Try to get a live body before being thrown onto the Comment Line.
Email The President at using the form provided.

Tweet The President & His Wife at ALL of these...

Our campaign of calling Bernie, Loretta Lynch and James Comey has done VERY WELL.
Please continue.

Thank you,

My Response to Rachel Maddow's Request for More "Profanity-Laden Hate Mail From Bernie Supporters".

I wrote this a few weeks ago and many have requested it go on the Blog.
Hope I did us proud.
More Open Letters to MSM people will follow.
In the same manner in which it is absolutely not "bashing" to highlight a candidate's "truth," which they themselves have created... It is also not "hate mail" to call out a "journalist's" blatant cashiering of 100% of any credibility and integrity that such person may ever have possessed.
Therefore, please do not consider this to be "hate mail". Rather, you should consider this to be the "Foreword" to your "Television Epitaph".
I have stopped watching MSNBC in the entirety. And, this has bothered me perhaps even more than any of the other tens of thousands like me who now eagerly anticipate the announcement of your upcoming joint-venture with Glenn Beck.
In my home, you had the undaunted support of an adult in the most sought after target demographic... for nearly as long as you've been with the network. And, I can state with absolute certainty, that you and the network lost my support the very first time I witnessed you make journalistic love to Mrs. Clinton, in front of some 1 million+ viewers.
It makes absolutely no sense to post-mortem your devolution into defacto oblivion.
You already know the charge given to you along with those 40 pieces of silver...
A charge which you knowingly and voluntarily accepted...and which out of blind allegiance to every force of political evil the world has ever have carried out in the time honored tradition of Gavrilo Princip.
This evening, while attempting to avoid you, yet again, I hit the wrong button, and ended up with you in the same mid-blather that I, and so many of your former viewers now amuse ourselves with when we openly mock you on a regular basis.
You'll note that I've avoided the profanity. Please don't confuse this restraint with a lack of utter contempt or open disgust. I wish that no evil befall you. Yet I will absolutely dance on your TV Grave. And, admittedly...the temptation to urinate on said grave, may in fact be an immediate gratification simply too satisfying to resist.
In this sense, Rachel... I'm reasonably certain the knowledge that thinking beings want nothing to do with you and couldn't care less about the most significant thought you might ever have...not only hurts you more than profanity, but also does absolutely nothing to "make you stronger".
Bonus for us...
Kinda sucks to be you...knowing that to one such as yourself, irrelevance is more feared than Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.
I leave you with this...
I am a former Assistant United States Attorney. Many of my former colleagues are career prosecutors, in Washington, DC
I profess no inside information or special knowledge of anything other than the criminal investigative process.
I am certain that "your inside knowledge" has you convinced that either the Attorney General, or the President, or renegade unicorns will prevent Mrs. Clinton from being called to answer for her crimes.
But, WHAT IF...
What if my knowledge of both theory and practice, end up trumping your tactical political perception of this situation?
What IS the "wisdom" of nominating the Target of a federal criminal investigation...knowing that an indictment could come down on November 1st? October 31st? October 15th?
Why even take that chance?
Because the candidate is a woman?
Because the candidate is a Clinton?
Because it's that candidate's turn?
What would your closing commentary be nightly...if Donald Trump were the Target of a federal criminal investigation, and faced almost certain indictment on no less than a dozen charges?
And please, do not even attempt to suggest that Mrs. Clinton is not a Target.
During my career as an AUSA, I tried 300 cases. I plea bargained three times that...
Can you guess how many times the Target of any one of those cases had his initial interview conducted by the Director of the FBI?
David Kendall isn't burning through his retainer because Mrs. Clinton might be a Material Witness.
Why was Pagliano immunized? We all know immunity isn't given lightly...since no prosecutor wants to end up immunizing the only person he has a case against.
When was the last time the FBI retrieved someone from a Romanian the middle of a sentence...when typically, if you were simply going to prosecute the individual, you file a detainer and collect him at the end of his sentence?
In Pagliano, you have immunized the individual who created the system.
In Guccifer, you have the person who beat the system...establishing every element of the very same offense which ended the military career of General Petreaus.
It is my understanding that two additional grants of immunity are aimed at bringing the felony version of the Petreaus misdemeanor, and the other to make an obstruction of justice charge. Personally, I've listed no less than 8 additional potential counts of what is more likely than not, the inevitable unsealing of an indictment against Mrs. Clinton and others. just sit back, have a good laugh at these musings...and remember in January, where you heard it first.
Goodbye, Rachel. Say hello to Glenn Beck for me. I hear he's still keeping the lights on and the kids in private school. So...if cash is King, you're going to be just fine.
If you ever gave a rat's a-noose about legacy...well, let me assure you that the 82% of Millennials who already cast their votes for Bernie, are already turning The Young Turks into superstars.
You did have a heck of a run, though. Too bad, in the one whose opinions you value, will even recognize you.
With the open contempt and disgust, previously suggested.
Billy Valentine