Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Collection of Disappointments

Boy... I could easily spend the next several days, weeks months, or even longer... wondering which of the current situational understandings was more bothersome?

Politico reporting that Bernie would be a full fledged Clinton Surrogate, before the end of June..

Bernie actually becoming a Clinton Surrogate.

The impact of an entire generation, shaking it's collective head, would have on the Richter Scale...

Dealing with the fallout from a Clinton Surrogacy...a Clinton Presidency, both and more...

Witnessing the lengths to which a person who has absolutely no life, will go to, in order to unsuccessfully endeavor to injure others...

Listening to really good people, be as confused as the law to why Bernie hasn't opened his mouth to contradict the Politico story...

Forget about the whole, bad things happening to good people. There's enough negativity in the world today, in general to just shake your head in  disappointment, and wonder if your vote really does count... Since California STILL hasn't counted 2,000,000 of them... Literally... and will soon certify it's election results, anyway.

Well, yes... The Politico article did, once again use, as it's source...Tad Devine. Tad is as we know, a Democratic Operative since the early 1980's.

He's also the guy who got threatened by the DNC with oblivion, early enough in the campaign cycle, to essentially and very effectively sabotage the Sanders Campaign.

If he disputes this...

Let him say so.

I don't say this about Tad, while hiding on the web behind some "Anonymous" web-based cloak that frees me up to slander someone at a little pussy.

I openly and comfortably state that Tad sold Bernie down the river...long before Bernie appears to have at least perhaps contemplating doing the same to the more than 12,000,000 who altered some aspect of their lives in support of his candidacy.

So, Tad... If you take issue with something that I say... You know who I am, and where to find me.

Bernie, actually BEING a Clinton Surrogate??

I'm not sure I need to even further  address the issue of  disappointment at that notion. I just can't figure out how Bernie could live with himself, should that characterization of his earthly existence EVER become true.

I won't yet ACCEPT the claims in the Politico story as being true, however... Because, while Bernie hasn't at all disputed them... He hasn't adopted, as his own... either.

And, to that extent, even having a certain degree of doubt... I judge a person by what I see...not by what I hear. Especially, when the source of what I am hearing, is a complete, lying piece of shit, who is soulless, amoral, and leads such a wasted, nonexistent life, that a true Christian would pray for their deliverance and salvation... rather to to wish evil befall him.

I know I feel this way.

For at least the past five days, I've been dealing with a difficult family circumstance, and yes, mulling over the question of why bad things happen to very good people.

It has been troubling. But, at the same time, has allowed me to put so much in perspective.

None of what anyone says, in 140 characters on Twitter, or in any manufactured article in Politico, or other bullshit story, regardless of origin, ow whether it is thought that medical condition is genetic, environmental, or Life or Death.

Life is life... And, death is death.

And, absolutely little else matters.

When a loved one is illness, accident, freak life situation, or circumstance...or by any means at all... I don't need to waste time pondering the question, "Why"...or even "Who"...or "How".

I just remind them how loved they are, and make sure they know that whatever can be done to heal them, to comfort them, or to protect them... will be done.

This applies to the medical issue before me, the whole issue of the Movement conceived, nurtured and developed by Bernie, being systematically dismantled in a way designed to cause it's Members to never believe another politician, as long as they live... And, it goes the slanderous attacks leveled at me, as well.

Rest assured... There is no power on earth that can harm a good, decent and honorable human being.

My family member will survive and thrive, regardless of what might be said or done to suggest otherwise. There is no one Greater than He to whom I pray. And, His decisions, are final.

Bernie will or won't become a Clinton Surrogate... Not, because of some uncorroborated ranting of Tad Devine... who took Bernie's money and secured his trust and confidence... while actively undermining his Campaign... But, because Bernie will have evaluated his own situation and determined for himself, what kind of person HE really is...and how much of his revolution was ever real.

And, I will continue to take positions on topics having political relevance, which my academic knowledge and acquired understanding,  render worthy of your consideration.

Those who have come to know my suffering family member, Bernie Sanders, and even myself, have seen with their own eyes, heard with their own ears, and experienced with their own being, what any of us stand for, what we are about, and why no amount of negativity in any form, or from any source, should, would, or ever could enter into this Chapter of the Book of any way.

And, it won't.

Out of trial, comes triumph. And, next month, when Bernie, my challenged family member, and I...are all in the very same place, at the very same time... while all who would seek to do any of us harm, are wondering how it could be possible that none of their malicious efforts have been successful... Good Will trump evil, yet again.

Of course, I wish that Bernie WILL assume his rightful role as a candidate for President. Of course, I hope, the experimental medical procedures to be employed on my loved one, are successful. And, of course, I hope that readers of this blog continue to see clearly, that my heart and have always been in the right place...and the postings I have taken... worthy of your time, and intelligent discussion.

I thank you all for for prayers, your continuing support of Bernie & the Movement, and your unwillingness to also anonymous internet pussies who hide behind anonymity, alter for perception of an honorable person who has earned your trust by his actions, and not by leading the woeful existence of a useless pile of wasted rotting flesh.

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