Friday, June 10, 2016

My Response to Rachel Maddow's Request for More "Profanity-Laden Hate Mail From Bernie Supporters".

I wrote this a few weeks ago and many have requested it go on the Blog.
Hope I did us proud.
More Open Letters to MSM people will follow.
In the same manner in which it is absolutely not "bashing" to highlight a candidate's "truth," which they themselves have created... It is also not "hate mail" to call out a "journalist's" blatant cashiering of 100% of any credibility and integrity that such person may ever have possessed.
Therefore, please do not consider this to be "hate mail". Rather, you should consider this to be the "Foreword" to your "Television Epitaph".
I have stopped watching MSNBC in the entirety. And, this has bothered me perhaps even more than any of the other tens of thousands like me who now eagerly anticipate the announcement of your upcoming joint-venture with Glenn Beck.
In my home, you had the undaunted support of an adult in the most sought after target demographic... for nearly as long as you've been with the network. And, I can state with absolute certainty, that you and the network lost my support the very first time I witnessed you make journalistic love to Mrs. Clinton, in front of some 1 million+ viewers.
It makes absolutely no sense to post-mortem your devolution into defacto oblivion.
You already know the charge given to you along with those 40 pieces of silver...
A charge which you knowingly and voluntarily accepted...and which out of blind allegiance to every force of political evil the world has ever have carried out in the time honored tradition of Gavrilo Princip.
This evening, while attempting to avoid you, yet again, I hit the wrong button, and ended up with you in the same mid-blather that I, and so many of your former viewers now amuse ourselves with when we openly mock you on a regular basis.
You'll note that I've avoided the profanity. Please don't confuse this restraint with a lack of utter contempt or open disgust. I wish that no evil befall you. Yet I will absolutely dance on your TV Grave. And, admittedly...the temptation to urinate on said grave, may in fact be an immediate gratification simply too satisfying to resist.
In this sense, Rachel... I'm reasonably certain the knowledge that thinking beings want nothing to do with you and couldn't care less about the most significant thought you might ever have...not only hurts you more than profanity, but also does absolutely nothing to "make you stronger".
Bonus for us...
Kinda sucks to be you...knowing that to one such as yourself, irrelevance is more feared than Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.
I leave you with this...
I am a former Assistant United States Attorney. Many of my former colleagues are career prosecutors, in Washington, DC
I profess no inside information or special knowledge of anything other than the criminal investigative process.
I am certain that "your inside knowledge" has you convinced that either the Attorney General, or the President, or renegade unicorns will prevent Mrs. Clinton from being called to answer for her crimes.
But, WHAT IF...
What if my knowledge of both theory and practice, end up trumping your tactical political perception of this situation?
What IS the "wisdom" of nominating the Target of a federal criminal investigation...knowing that an indictment could come down on November 1st? October 31st? October 15th?
Why even take that chance?
Because the candidate is a woman?
Because the candidate is a Clinton?
Because it's that candidate's turn?
What would your closing commentary be nightly...if Donald Trump were the Target of a federal criminal investigation, and faced almost certain indictment on no less than a dozen charges?
And please, do not even attempt to suggest that Mrs. Clinton is not a Target.
During my career as an AUSA, I tried 300 cases. I plea bargained three times that...
Can you guess how many times the Target of any one of those cases had his initial interview conducted by the Director of the FBI?
David Kendall isn't burning through his retainer because Mrs. Clinton might be a Material Witness.
Why was Pagliano immunized? We all know immunity isn't given lightly...since no prosecutor wants to end up immunizing the only person he has a case against.
When was the last time the FBI retrieved someone from a Romanian the middle of a sentence...when typically, if you were simply going to prosecute the individual, you file a detainer and collect him at the end of his sentence?
In Pagliano, you have immunized the individual who created the system.
In Guccifer, you have the person who beat the system...establishing every element of the very same offense which ended the military career of General Petreaus.
It is my understanding that two additional grants of immunity are aimed at bringing the felony version of the Petreaus misdemeanor, and the other to make an obstruction of justice charge. Personally, I've listed no less than 8 additional potential counts of what is more likely than not, the inevitable unsealing of an indictment against Mrs. Clinton and others. just sit back, have a good laugh at these musings...and remember in January, where you heard it first.
Goodbye, Rachel. Say hello to Glenn Beck for me. I hear he's still keeping the lights on and the kids in private school. So...if cash is King, you're going to be just fine.
If you ever gave a rat's a-noose about legacy...well, let me assure you that the 82% of Millennials who already cast their votes for Bernie, are already turning The Young Turks into superstars.
You did have a heck of a run, though. Too bad, in the one whose opinions you value, will even recognize you.
With the open contempt and disgust, previously suggested.
Billy Valentine


  1. Great the first time...
    Better the second time...

    1. LOL! I thought I read this already!!!

    2. I have just sooooooooo had enough of her. I just thought she deserved the 2nd barrel.

    3. Since she'll be gone soon...I thought I'f jusr help her along.

    4. My mom and I were going to split the $54 a month, after I read this to her we are cutting cable and each donating the $54. I sent her a postcard the other day. Printed a pic of Bernie Occupying the White House. I also thanked her for introducing me to Bernie. She inspired many donations to Bernie. I left her a voice mail the night she announced that the AP called it for Hc I noticed she emphasized AP- Worried about upcoming trial? When Bernie wins she needs a black sheet draped over her and mic

  2. That whole friggin' network, whores of whores.

  3. What I am now able to find highly entertaining about the talking heads of the MSM today is how sincerely they believe that most Americans hang onto their every word. Their little sound bites are peppered with phrases like "voters SHOULD..." and "Sanders supporters NEED TO UNDERSTAND..." They have no idea how the non-oligarchy lives; what matters to us; or why we really don't listen to them. And they get it so wrong almost 100% of the time.

    Most amusing this week: John King on CNN claiming that "Bernie supporters are just a little upset right now, but they'll come around by November and vote for Hillary." Haha. No we won't.

    Most ofthe time I now adhere to the boycott of all MSM. I plan on doing that forever, or until Bernie takes over and we get some regulation of the 4th estate again.

  4. So..what is it with folks who, once upon a time, seemed to sincerely be carrying the torch for progressive causes, then either get to DC or into the MSM..and turn into one of the pod-people, instead? Rachel has apparently been offered the role of Press Secretary or something with HRC, Franken is enjoying his comforts, courtesy of those whom he once derided and fully on HRC's bandwagon, while we're all left to wonder whether there isn't something to the new CBS series "Braindead"!! It seems a long road from Air America (for both these sell-outs) to where they are today but begs the question, "Is it impossible to overcome the power of the establishment or will you automatically be swallowed up in their tar-pits, no matter how much you try to avoid it?" That's assuming, of course, that you are trying to avoid it.. Keep the Bern going, folks..ONLY solution!

  5. You took her to school alright, Mr. Valentine. Gave her the lesson. Bet she won't learn.

  6. You took her to school alright, Mr. Valentine. Gave her the lesson. Bet she won't learn.

  7. Well done! Personally, I could Not have done it without profanity . . . But then, I'm a darned Boomer who's favorite word begins with 'F.' I'm showing restraint in an attempt to follow your shining example. :)

    I Would like to point out however, that I've witnessed Cenk of TYT, not once, but TWICE, throw Bernie under the bus for Hillary while covering a Primary Live.

    The first time, not even 50% of the votes were in. The second time, was just as bad. Surely I am not The Only Person who witnessed this?!

    Jimmy Dore? Yes. Lee Camp? Oh yeah. But Cenk? Nope. I unsubbed TYT after he flipped for Hilly the second time. I was flabbergasted when he actually introduced Bernie at a rally.

    I think TYT hitting it's 10th year, has turned Cenk into The Establishment. Sad.