Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Part I - What's In It For "WHO"?

I confess to you, my wonderful Friends, that I've never opened a Posting with a rhetorical question. I customarily bury those at least a few paragraphs into the piece, after laying a little sarcasm at the feet of some well-deserving douchebags.

However, in light of the fact that the "AP"...and MSNBC, took it upon themselves to declare a winner in the Democratic Primary today...a full day before six states elect over 700 Pledged Delegates, forces me to start Part I of today's Post by asking the burning question...

What do a "news Service" and a self-described "news network" gain, from announcing a winner in the Democratic Primary...when the candidate they declare TO BE the "winner"...DENIES BEING the winner...where the DNC, the organization who IN FACT DETERMINES THE WINNER AT ITS JULY CONVENTION, tells both organizations THERE IS NO WINNER...and where each refuses to identify the alleged "Superdelegates" who supposedly made IRRELEVANT "commitments" to representatives of those entities...JUST IN TIME to suppress voters in those six states and discourage them from participating in the electoral process?

Okay, so...some of my readers have voted me as the All-Time "Run-on sentence Champion".


I write the way most people speak.

Back to Part I of today's Post.

When did it become the province of a news agency and a news network, TO MAKE THE NEWS?

If the DNC, and the alleged WINNER, both deny the report...and AS A MATTER OF FACT, not only have no delegate votes been cast, but CAN'T BE CAST...BECAUSE THE CONVENTION AT WHICH THOSE VOTES WILL BE CAST...HASN'T BEEN OPENED YET...then I say AGAIN...

What do NEWS REPORTING ENTITIES HAVE TO GAIN, by whoring themselves out even FURTHER, and revealing themselves to be NOT news reporting entities, at all?

Let's take a closer look at the motivation...and the dual unintended effect.

In a host of instances throughout this campaign, there have been situations and circumstances where...as a particular primary neared...and, where it also appeared that the Clinton Campaign was in serious trouble, some announcement was made, usually by or through a news  entity, which sought to convince voters to stay home, because, "THE RACE IS OVER"!

Package the antics of "the neutral media" with the lies, deceit and chicanery of the DNC, State Party Organizations, Secretaries of State...who were responsible for RUNNING THE ELECTION, when they weren't actively campaigning for Mrs. Clinton...local election officials who were purging voter rolls, closing polling places, moving polling places, not ordering enough ballots, reporting false vote totals, and performing other :acts of kindness" in support of the Clinton Campaign...and you have a system in place where the AP and MSNBC could reasonably conclude that it was their DUTY to step in the day before California...and once again do their part to erase any semblance of journalistic integrity they never had.

And, what is it that virtually no commentator has discussed in terms of the impact of the mass voter suppression, which we have witnessed?

Democrats showing up to cast ballots, in California and beyond...weren't just casting ballots for President in most cases.

These same Democratic voters, who didn't show up to vote, because everyone from the Clinton Campaign to its surrogates in state or local office, or faux news networks...WOULD ALSO HAVE CAST VOTES FOR DOWN BALLOT AS WELL AS STATE AND LOCAL CANDIDATES.

How many school board elections, where in many cases the primary election IS the general election...were determined by the fact that a candidate's own party kept his or her voters from showing up?

How many local, state or even State Supreme Court Judges on the Democratic side, didn't get elected?

How many weaker Democratic candidates won primaries for State Legislator, Congress, Senate, or Governor,..and will be defeated in November because the supporters of a stronger candidate stayed home?

And who cared?

No one...

At least not the DNC...who will send membership materials and requests for checks, tomorrow, to the same people it suggested stay home, today.

Certainly not the Clinton Campaign...who held 30 rallies in the past 5 days in California, where the candidate first told voters she would "fight for them"...and then conspired with those listed above, to get other Californians, and maybe even some of those at her events...to stay home and not participate in the process.

Not the AP, or any outlet who picked up their report. The media has wanted a "subway Series" from the moment Donald Trump announced himself as a candidate. They've wanted reality television to dominate the 2016 electoral cycle in every respect. Sanders events with 30,000 in a full stadium were ignored in favor of covering Donald Trump announcing the lancing of a stubborn boil...or a Clinton event that had more press than it did supporters. (More on this in Part II.)

And, what real result will be achieved?

At least in California, and probably across the country...those most likely to stay home, will NOT be Berners.

Ya see, Chris Matthews...Wolf...and the Fucknuckle at the AP who thought they were doing The Clinton Crime Family a favor...We KNEW you would stop at nothing. WE KNEW you were going to do this. And, you KNEW we KNEW...which is why YOU KNEW, that even AFTER your last Friday announcement that you were GOING TO declare a winner ON TUESDAY AT 5 PM, California time...more than 150,000 Californians attended Bernie events, more than 5 MILLION calls were made by Bernie supporters from across the country INTO California...more than ONE MILLION dorrs were knocked on throughout the state...and, Oh yeah...Jill Stein offered Bernie the Green Party Nomination for President of the United States.

And, YOU ALL did this, knowing full well, that the prospect of Mrs. Clinton being indicted looms larger now, than at any time in the history of presidential politics in the United States.

So, I ask again, AP...MSNBC...CNN and others in the Corporate Propaganda Machine...

What is in it...for you?

Do none of you realize that the Bernie Sanders who stood on a stage in October 2015 and pledged to support the Party Nominee, IS NOT the Bernie Sanders THAT YOU FUCKED IN IOWA, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW YORK, ILLINOIS, THE ENTIRE SOUTH, OHIO, MISSOURI ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, PUERTO RICO and other locations?

Do none of you realize that Bernie or Bust WAS NEVER A BUZZ PHRASE OR BUMPER STICKER?

Do none of you understand or appreciate that ESTABLISHMENT POLITICS ARE OVER?

Whether a Democratic Candidate, other than Bernie sanders...is defeated in November, by Donald Trump, OR BY BERNIE SANDERS...THE FATE OF THIS PARTY, HAS BEEN SEALED.

I, for one, am certain of indictments. I am also certain that the same way in which you purged voters to arrive at your desired, albeit TEMPORARY result...

WHEN THIS IS OVER...IT IS YOU, WHO WILL BE THE PURGED. Boxer will be gone. Franken will be defeated, along with every other sellout corpoatist who either ignored the will of the people, or sought to squash that will in return for further ill-gotten gain.

Yes, we were ready for you. We remain ready for you... and to put it in language which I know you can understand...

Motherfuckers...WE WILL NOT YIELD!

Bill Clinton suggested that by "Tuesday MORNING"...Sanders supporters "would be toast"...suggesting of course, that Bill Clinton knew BEFORE THE AP ANNOUNCEMENT, that some cataclismic event would be taking place prior to that time.

To you, Bill Clinton, Serial Rapist, Stage 4 Syphilitic, and perpetual disgrace to yourself, our country, and all things right and good...I say...

Before the end of your life, and this campaign cycle, Bernie Sanders Supporters WILL help you understand WHAT BERNT TOAST TASTES LIKE. Open wide Motherfucker...IT'S FEEDIN' TIME.


  1. You ask and centered around the same questions, I have pondered for so long.. Ole bill I think will find indictments coming his way also, plus law suits for violating the voter rights in Mass.. Its my lack of patience waiting for both of them to finally face our Lady of Justice and realize she is not as blind as the clinton's hoped she would be this time..

  2. If Obama endorses Hillary after today, does that essentially rule out the possibility of an indictment? Or one in time to nominate Bernie? The MSM is saying he will but Obama himself has only said, "I think we'll probably have a pretty good sense next week of who the nominee will end up being."

    1. Obama needs to be very careful about what he says and does. His own legacy is on the line. He knows the indictments ARE coming...He would be very stupid to jump on the bandwagon.

  3. "Jill Stein offered Bernie the Green Party Nomination for President of the United States"

    This is the best.
    We can walk away from the Dem sleaze and win!
    I am so up for this.