Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Part II - Coast-To-Coast & Beyond, With Bernie

By NO MEANS should anything contained in this posting be perceived as anything other than the absolute expression of the utmost in gratitude, for time spent THUS FAR, in support of the Bernie Sanders Campaign.



And, as we start this day, in California... I simply want to say, "Thank you" to the Sanders Campaign, to Bernie & Jane... to Danny Glover, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Mike Briggs, Arlen, Drew and the greatest Advance Team in the world, and the thousands of others who went across town, across a state, or across the country to care, share and show an entire nation who and what this campaign IS all about.

Did I mention Rosario Dawson? Lol

I say again...we are going NOWHERE, BUT TO THE NEXT LEVEL, and as this Campaign moves forward... AND IT WILL... I know that the same hands I shook and backs I slapped in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Hawaii, and 20 other  states, will be there again in July, August, and on through Bernie's historic inauguration in Washington, DC, next January.

For me, the Campaign began when I wrote Bernie a near 20 page letter in January, 2013, not only suggesting that he run for president, but almost demanding that he "ANSWER THE CALL"... and lead this nation back to it's rightful and proper place on the world stage. I challenged a man who at the time, I had never met, to assume a role that only he knew, he could perform.

Later, as the announcement was made, the Campaign took shape, and virtual hoards of people, just like me, joined hands, locked arms, and left homes and families to Feel The Bern...it took one trip to Iowa, and 51 seconds, to realize that none of us had left our families...and, that wherever we were...as long as we were together, we were home.

Home was a couch in Ames. A sleeping bag in Madison. A REALLY cheap (don't ask) motel on a side of Chicago that looked nothing like Malibu, California.

Family was a 20 year old college student who for some reason thought of me for almost a week, as her adjunct faculty in political science. A Viet Nam vet and his buddies who had traveled from the other side of the universe, to make a difference in Iowa. A family in Michigan, who gave me the car they purchased only one week earlier, to drive night and day across much of the state...even though for two of those days, I couldn't find my glasses.

Family was Bruce Carter from Black Men For Bernie, Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, who I watched nearly go all Special Forces on someone in Honolulu...when she observed a little election fraud, first hand, and of course...Rosario Dawson. 😇

Lessons were learned... by everyone.

Campaign workers learned that we could find great people in all shapes, ages, colors and sizes...and in absolutely every corner of every state we entered. They spoke English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Arabic and Farsi. They wore jeans and plowed fields. They work work uniforms and drove trucks, fixed cars, manufactured the products we all buy, and flipped the burgers many of us tore into after any one of an endless series of 20+ hour days.

We watched the Free Hugs guys literally RUN thru miles long lines at event after event, spreading the kind of joy that we all knew could never be found at a Trump Rally or Clinton "event".

Every day was a learning experience, and every new location, the kind of cultural firestorm of a learning experience that no amount of college tuition could buy, and no number of views of National Lampoon's Vacation, could ever prepare you for...

All I know is... If my Wagon Queen Family Trickster ever breaks down in East St. Louis, I'll get much better directions from a really nice lady named "Cherri", than Clark W. Griswold ever received.

I write these things today because, for me, California is home. A home I didn't get to see for quite some time. California is a magnificent place, where in some locations, you can be on a beach and see snow-caped mountains. Where you can go from paddle board to snow board in 2 hours without getting on a plane. It's a place where, when I got here in 1999, I said I would never leave...

And, for most of the time I was on the road campaigning... I'm not sure I cared if I ever got back.

The only thing that mattered, is the only thing that matters today...

Electing Bernie Sanders.

And, when tonight is over, and Bernie has won California, Montana, Both Dakotas, and maybe New Mexico...

STILL, do NOT listen to the haters, the corporatists, the establishment, their many minions...the media or any other person who stands for anything other  than the beauty which I've described in this Post.

If, in late June, or early July, you are finding yourself wondering if you can run the route from here to November...

If you wonder what September will bring...

If no indictment has come down, and it's July 23rd...

If you're beside yourself and you don't recognize the pertain standing next to you...



Throw a change of clothes in a bag and go on the road in support of Bernie Sanders.

You can't know the incredible feeling that comes when Jane Sanders looks you in the eye after a 19 hour day and days "thank you" as a single tear rolls down her cheek...

Or, when Danny Glover points directly at you and says, "You...yeah you...YOU da Man"!

Or, when you met a stranger in a strange state, with an accent you need Google Translate to make out... says something that ALMOST sounds like a "Thanks for being here"... and then gives you a bag of local food, that you just can't WAIT to give to someone else back at the flop house.

Or, when you hear Bernie's voice the first  time, and it's not over a microphone or on a live stream... And instead of telling you about millionaires and billionaires... He's asking you about YOUR day, and wondering if you got enough to eat.

I never laughed so hard, cried so much, cursed the air that so many others breathed... Worked longer or harder, for less money, and loved what I was doing, more than during the time I was traveling, for Bernie Sanders..

Bernie says it everyday.

Family... is everything.

And, my family... OUR family, has grown in size, to the tens of thousands. And, my brothers and sisters include some of the coolest peeps on the planet.

Did I mention Rosario Dawson??? Lolol

It ain't over, Guys.

It's just beginning.

Join me, in electing Bernie Sanders. Today... Tomorrow... And, everyday.

Thank you!

See you on the road. And, see you here tomorrow... When I'll be back to kicking ass, taking names, and shaming any Fucknuckle that stands in our way.

Billy V.


  1. I had thoughts and questions but now I just wanna hear about Rosario Dawson!

    1. All I have to say is just how freaking low the Democratic establishment party and the liberal media have sunk. It's a shame, a real damn shame. I'm sure wherever he is now (RIP) Hunter S Thompson is penning a book of epic proportions of the events going on now and of the shitstorm brewing on the horizon.

    2. You might nrrd to email or DM me to get mire details. lol

    3. As to Hunter S. Thompson & the shitsorm that is coming...He wishes he was here for it, but awaits the outcome, patiently whilt carving stakes which he will plunge into the of any Clinton, who might show up in his Afterlife Neighborhood...if even by accident.

  2. Can integrity and ethics infiltrate our electoral system, or is it too far gone? Is it now time to ride the slippery descent into a permanent crime laden political class like dictatorships and rigged elections in other parts of the world? This appears to have begun in 2000 Bush v Gore...

  3. Hi Shelley -

    I hope you're still looking at and answering emails here. I'll try to be brief.

    First, I beg you to forward this to someone in the campaign with some juice. I beg you. Please.

    Second, let me say what is probably OBVIOUS to you guys already. There was massive election fraud in California, coordinated with a corporate media voter suppression move of unprecedented proportions. I'm certain there will be a lawsuit stemming from the obviously rigged count (that will likely go nowhere.) Exit polling on mail-in voters vs. the actual count is showing a +20% discrepancy in favor of Hillary. That's beyond fanciful. Anyway.

    In fact, the consistently skewed vote totals, combined with especially brazen voter suppression tactics in NY, Puerto Rico, Arizona, and California, all of this VOIDS the entire primary in my view.

    So, what now? I'm sure this is being discussed in the inner circles. As a supporter, I PRAY that my quick 2 cents may have an impact.

    FACT: Clinton is under FBI investigation. This fact is incontrovertible. As such, it would be irresponsible for Bernie to drop out now. This is important, because if indictments are not unsealed prior to the convention, Bernie MUST press on as an independent. This is for the good of the country.

    Clinton supporters believe their candidate is "innocent". This is irrelevant. Clinton supporters might believe that Clinton will support a progressive platform. This is naive. What must be articulated at the convention is that Bernie's concern, rightly, is/will always be/ the American people.

    That being said, let's say Bernie drops out post-convention...and THEN the DOJ unseals an indictment? Clinton is disqualified. Period. Game over. And it will be too late to stop Trump. A Trump Presidency CAN NOT happen.

    So I advise 2 actions, which I see as essential, pre-convention:

    1. gather as many legal scholars (preferably those specializing in secrecy law) to look at the Clinton FBI investigation/IG Report, and obtain their written opinions concerning the probability of the DOJ unsealing indictment.

    (I am more than willing to volunteer to help with this. I realize staff will be cut massively.)

    2. once gathered, if the probability of indictment is over 50% (it is) then use this argument as a basis for superdelegate turnover at the convention. Honestly, if they have this information, and they still don't turnover, they are endangering the country, violating the one oath they must take.

    It is NOT Bernie's fault that Hillary broke several laws and might be indicted as a result. It is NOT America's fault that she did this either. If the DOJ won't hold her accountable, and the Dems won't hold her accountable, then we the people must press on with an independent bid. We MUST.

    The money can be raised to do this viably.

    The time is very short. Please start moving now toward setting up a 3rd party or indy bid, before it's too late for all of us.

    Best Regards,