Monday, June 6, 2016

The Cheat Goes On...

I can't suggest that anyone thought it would be safe to go back in the water again...

But, the level of cheating, out and out election fraud, conspiracies involving the Clinton Crime Family, State and now Territorial Democratic Parties, the mass media, the DNC and countless enough to literally scare the shit out of even the strictest constructionist of the Constitution.

Joe Scarborough sees it. Fuck, even Donald Trump sees it... And, Trump stands to lose the most, if Bernie Sanders becomes the Democratic Nominee.

We liberate Iraq, or so we claim...and, to insure the proper introduction of Democracy, we require Iraqis to dip their thumbs in blue ink, to guard against voter fraud, and the complete breakdown of this extraordinary method of government which was only recently installed.

In Bosnia, all across Latin America, and around the world...wherever we have suspected the impossibility, or even implausibility of free and fair elections...we have sent election overseers, or moved the United Nations to do the same.

The Carter Center, was created in part to provide election watchers to countries we simply couldn't trust to have their brand new democracies conduct free, open, fair and legitimate elections, without some form of international assistance.

But, here in America...the Heartland of all things right, good, and just...the place where "Democracy" was created, cradled, nurtured and packaged for worldwide distribution...a full, free, fair and open election, only exists in junior high school elections to determine the President of the fucking Chess Club.

In other elections, like, oh, say...the ones to determine who gets to carry the nuclear codes, name the next Federal Reserve Chairman, CIA Director and, lest we forget...Chairperson of that Candidate's own political party...the new President of that 8th Grade Chess Club is somewhere approaching his or her Civics teacher and about to be expelled for screaming, "WHAT THE FUCK?????" loud as their cracking 13 year old voice can project.

Is no one else flat out appalled by the DOCUMENTED ON TAPE instances of person-to person election fraud in Iowa, Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Puerto Rico and Nevada?

Does no one really care about the voting machine fraud which has also been inexplicably established by virtue of the discontinuance of the use of exit polls...for the first and only time, since they were introduced to the process?

In what other election, involving any office, have statewide absentee ballot totals in any state resulted in one candidate consistently receiving over 80% of those absentee votes? Has anyone even bothered to calculate the statistical improbability of that happening in even ONE state, let alone more?

Does anyone see anything at least morally wrong, if not outright fraudulent, to send hoards of campaign workers into nursing homes with lists of names to make absentee ballot request, and later fill out absentee ballots on behalf of mass numbers of patients suffering from Dementia?

Does permitting a candidate to "joint fund raise" on behalf of State Party Organizations, which totally and completely control the administration of the electoral process in those States, and where a condition of the receipt of funds is quite obviously, the shafting of other candidates and the delivery of superdelegate votes...seem free, fair and open, to "blue-thumbed" Iraqis?

Did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock or Thomas Mifflin envision a system where the person who owns the company making the most hackable voting machines in the nation...and which are banned in some states...would be able to essentially fund the Super PAC of a candidate, while the same bought and paid for State Party Officials would purge millions of voters, close polling places, move polling places, alter the hours of voting, and permit the family members and other representatives of one candidate to blatantly violate electioneering laws in state after state, in a manner so open and notorious that every member of the Daley family has signed up for the next "How To" Seminar?

I would say where the fuck does it end...but, it doesn't.

And, even if it did, we couldn't know where it least not until after June 14th.

On the upside...

I will laugh in the face of Bill "The Serial Rapist" Clinton, for his "Toast" remarks aimed at Bernie Supporters. Bill is having a rough time these days...knowing as he does that the best laid plans of his treasonous band, have gone awry...and, that his "on-paper only" wife's dreams of starting the next World War, are a mere unsealed indictment away from blowing up in their face.

On the downside...

Any terrorist plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty is no linger necessary...since the Clinton Crime Family has already completed that task, for them.

Should Americans, living in America today, be in greater fear of radical Islamists, waging war thousands of miles away, mainly against other Muslims? Or, should we fear the continuation of a bloodless coup, which has hijacked, overthrown, and dismantled, the very system that every bullshit political event audience pledges allegiance to, moments before shitting on the American Flag and everything it once stood for?

Quite literally...if any other country in the world, conducted an election, as the Democratic Party has conducted this one...while Mrs. Clinton was President...SHE WOULD BOMB THEM, AND "INTRODUCE A DEMOCRATIC FORM OF GOVERNMENT"!

I have only touched on the incidents of fraud which have been clearly established in this cycle. There are far more...and, many of these will be revealed in due course/ The bottom-line to this posting, is this...

There WILL be indictments.

Mrs. Clinton will never enter the White House, without a Tour Ticket...which she won't get, because she won't pass the background check!

Joe Biden will NOT be the Democratic Nominee...

And, Bernie Sanders will be the next President of the United States.


The fact is that ALL OF THE CONSPIRATORS in the case of this bloodless coup...had damn well better realize...


And, we will NEVER AGAIN rely on the FBI or Justice Department, to save this nation from you.

Next time...should you be so bold as to think you can pull this shit off, one more time...

I for one, ADVISE YOU, IN ADVANCE, that I will take the position of Patrick Henry and sate openly, and with pride and honor, in the public square, before seeking self- help remedies against your treason...


You have been warned.


  1. Thank you Billy for telling the truth..

    1. Seriously, the government, thru the Democratic {arty, is losing all legitimacy, and right to govern, at all.

  2. I was getting discouraged with all the dishonesty, shenanigans, and total lack of integrity from media as well as Hillary and Trump, but as always you give me hope once again! Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this blog. I just found it last week and at this point it's the only thing that's keeping me sane about all this shit. I have no more words for what has happened to this country, but my WWII/Korean Conflict vet Dad would be turning over in his grave to think this is what he fought for. I was wondering if you know of Richard Charnin and all the work he has done re election fraud. His blog shows the fraud in these (dem) primaries/caucuses state-by-state. Anyway, thanks for your writings - I'm putting a lot of faith in what you have to say. Peace.

    1. I do know Richard, and there is even more mathematical proof being developed right now, in support of his theories.

      Thank you so much for your care, compassion and concern for our nation and its continued existence. together, we can stop the insanity...and maybe even the bullshit.


  4. I have been so upset about PR. 1. BC meets w/PR head honcho.2.HRC predicts "massive win" in PR. 3.2/3s of polls deleted 4.only HRCers allowed access to prisons 5. 1,000++ purged from lists. Thank you so much for this blog post! Lynn Delaney #BernieOrBust

    1. It's only a blog if people read it. So...Thank you!

  5. I just found your blog and was impressed enough to recommend you to Nicole Sandler at Radio or Not as someone she may want to interview. If you don't know who she is, she guest hosted for Randi Rhodes when she was on the air, they are starting an online news site in the next month or so. If she doesn't contact you perhaps you could try contacting her, I know her audience would really appreciate your take on things.

  6. Great confirmation there are some out there paying attention..Keep blogging, the MSM is no longer credible. Every system in the country, and our leaders, have sold their souls....

  7. Have to agree with Mickey L. above. Discovering this blog has been one of the few things keeping me sane throughout this whole ordeal. It's just so disheartening to realize how slimy & crooked the PTB in our country (and the world) have become. Sometimes I wonder if it might be better to just find a dark hole somewhere and hide. So it's good to know there are like-minded people out there who are trying to keep their heads up & fight the good fight. Thanks for your part in having the conviction and yes, courage to speak your truth.