Monday, June 13, 2016

The Ugliness That Will Be...The Democratic Convention

Couple quick Housekeeping matters before we begin today...

With respect to #HalfABillion4Bernie...

THANK YOU...for an INCREDIBLE first 24 Hours of the Campaign. The response received from "Seasoned" Readers of Thoughts at Three AM, as well as that of newbies, WAS GREAT! I am attempting to get detailed info from the campaign with respect to our progress, and hope to have that at some point in the foreseeable future.

One issue has come up...

Some Readers would like to contribute as part of the $54 X 5 Months original intent...but, are not able to do so. One Reader asked if we could match him with another Reader and the two could get together and tag-team a $54 Monthly contribution.

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Please email any questions comments, additional death threats, or other suggestions, and I am happy to answer, engage or at least discuss. Please know in advance that I recognize that my shit DOES, in fact, stink...I CANNOT anatomically or physiologically perform certain functions...and that if my head WERE up my ass...I'd probably already know it. That being said...knock yourselves out.

On with the show...

We have in a sense, touched on a number of the problems which are most obviously associated with the operation, management and functionality of this year's Democratic Convention in Philadelphia  in late July.

Some have absolutely nothing to do with any candidate. Some have everything to do with one candidate or the other. And others, well...they just have a whole mess to do with the fact that it's late July.

Let's start with the simple environmental and logistical nightmare.

The National Weather Service will tell you, if you ask them...they're very good about that...that Philadelphia gets about 10 days a year of 100 degree temperatures. They don't tell you that they ALL HAPPEN...WHENEVER "YOU" ARE IN PHILLY! They also don't tell you...but, if you ask the FBI, THEY will tell you...that whenever the temperature in Philly gets over 100 degrees, and the humidity is over 7000%...ALSO, by the way, EVERY DAY "YOU" are in Philly...that soft pretzel vendors and hot dog cart operators WILL fucking kill you for not having the correct change.

Add to your travel itinerary the fact that if you don't have a room...and "YOU" can't have one, because the DNC has had them all booked since the convention site was announced...AirBnB will find you a rat-infested allergy trap, but only for two nights, and THEN, only you still have your left breast or testicle after paying your cab driver. Note, there are no Uber Cars in Philly...unless you count the Off-duty Mob Capos...who, actually you MIGHT find, because after all, the home of the convention IS in South Philly AND so fucking far away from...ANYTHING, that walking even in the daytime, MIGHT just result in "someone nobody in the South Dakota Delegation KNOWS"...showing up for tomorrow's session WITH YOUR CREDENTIALS.

Wow...that sounds like a punch in the throat to the City of Brotherly Love...even to me.

But, seriously...and I mean this sincerely...

Philly is a great place to pack on about 40 pounds in the four days you'll be in town. I highly recommend NOT going to Geno's or Pat's for a cheesesteak. Sure, I mean, why GO to Philly if you're not into the whole "Essence of Sidewalk Urine" thing? But, Jim's at 4th & South, or D'Alessandro's on Henry Avenue in Roxborough, are BY FAR, better meat, the same cheese, FRESH rolls, and not nearly as many people throwing up on your open-toed shoes at, you guessed it... "3 AM".

Now that we've got THAT cleared up...

Did I mention Ed Rendell. Oh, yeah...then, there's Ed Rendell. You all know Fast Eddie. Former Mayor of Philadelphia, Governor of Pennsylvania, DNC Chair...appointed by Bill Clinton, after Ron Brown was murdered...I believe. next door neighbor of the late Arlen "Magic Bullet" Spector...whose NOT-Late wife, was appointed to a Federal Judgeship...ALSO by Bill Clinton...

And make no mistake about it...Jim Kenny is the Mayor of Philadelphia. But, Ed Rendell...IS THE MAYOR OF PHILADELPHIA.

You get pulled over, drug out of your car and beaten by 17 of Philly's Finest...don't be looking to Jim Kenny to help you get the majority of the felony charges dropped. You want to go direct to the Warden Drive home of Fast Eddie Rendell... Which,, of course, is why you haven't heard a PEEP out of Mayor Kenny when it comes to pre-game smack about the size of fences, what protesters will and won't be allowed to do BEFORE the dogs and horses attack. Oh, no...all of that has come from Fast Eddie, himself.

Now... Why might THAT be important to delegates, alternates, superdelegates...and of course the more than ONE MILLION uncredentialed guests from 57 countries who plan to converge on the city for a little midsummer night's nightmare?

Bill Clinton appointed Rendell to the DNC Chair Post. Rendell openly supported Bill, and Now the Shill. The State Senator and State Representative in the district where the convention site is located are RABID Clintonistas...and the Titular Mayor will only stop licking Mayor Rendell's boots, long enough to get in a little THREE WAY "boot action" with His Honor's Honored Former First Couple.


Bernie Sanders, and Berners, in General, would be more welcome delivering Sacred Cow-laden cheesesteaks to a band of Tibetan Monks out to paint the town a reallllly pale pink, on the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday.

Talk about "The Lion's Den"...

Inside and outside of the convention main stage, Bernie is going to be essentially, on foreign soil...which, here again, brings me to the point of offering a little advice of a political nature, to anyone who cares to listen.

I mentioned, in another posting, that in a previous life, I defended a plethora of challenges to the Delegate Credentials, of 1992 Jerry Brown Delegates, in a battle against Bill Clinton.

I have been in those trenches. I've watched what I THOUGHT were 5 beautiful little kangaroos, come hopping into the ballroom of a Washington DC hotel...only to find out, moments later when they sat down...THAT THEY WERE THE JUDGES in my cases.

Yes, we did win all but the four challenges which we absolutely SHOULD HAVE lost. I mean, If you are a Necrophiliac with a unquenchable thirst for "Road Kill" should probably put that on your Delegate Information Questionnaire...and NOT let your your lawyer hear about it the first time AT YOUR HEARING! 2016, there is and even bigger problem. And, it's not even mine.

You start with a DNC which has whored itself down to a single layer of skin on most body parts. put their convention, in a City that has HOE'D ITSELF for the The Clinton Crime Family in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE...for 25 years. make NOT THE REAL MAYOR, the "Host" of the Convention...but, THE GUY BILL CLINTON APPOINTED DNC IF, having Hillary's 2008 Campaign Co-Chair, as the CURRENT DNC CHAIR, didn't already tip the scale more than it needed to go in the wrong direction.

Oh...did I mention that Ed Rendell has been calling on Bernie to quit the race...SINCE MARCH?


Facing THAT juggernaut of epic Clintonian Shit-Stacking...

It would be INSANE, to expect that the guy with the fewest Pledged Delegates, the fewest Superdelegates, the fewest members appointed to the Rules Committee, the Credentials Committee...AND, the "OH FUCK, THERE"S NO TOILET PAPER" Committee...would think he was going to come into town, or even into DC the week BEFORE the convention, and "change the world".

But, as I hear it...this is EXACTLY what some in the Sanders Campaign think we will be able to do.'s where I say that I'm not the smartest guy in the all AGREE WITH ME, and somehow, we come out both believing that throwing yourself off of a cliff the week before the convention, and then asking the people on the mountain top TO PISS ON YOU...DURING THE CONVENTION...ah, MIGHT make the living shit out of a Game of Thrones Episode...especially if Emilia Clarke is still doing nude scenes this season, BUT...MIGHT not suggest to  too many of the people way smarter than ME, that your getting your Battlefield Advice from a guy who has ever been out of the classroom.

Yesterday...I wrote that Bernie had to be careful about what he said at this point, because he might end up getting more. or all of his Pledged Delegates Challenged as to their Credentials.

But wait...there's more...

Now, I understand, that some folks inside Team Bernie, are suggesting an offensive, the type and kind that would make the average Samurai Warrior look down the hill at his opponent and say, "DUDE...What the Fuck? Are you INSANE?"

You all know I LOVE BERNIE. I've slaved in every trench he's needed me in...and, some that he couldn't or shouldn't have known about, because, well...even in political revolutions...that's what political operatives DO.

And...nothing that I've heard about from these discussions is actually terminal, in and of itself...AND, could be totally irrelevant, should any one of the multitude of indictments come down between now and then.

But, let me say this about that...

The DNC has fucked with Bernie INCESSANTLY since the beginning of this campaign.

The Clinton Crime Family has found orifi to penetrate, that not even Bernie's family physician knew he had.

The media has reinvented the term "yellow journalism" during this campaign, and done so at Bernie's expense.


I know you're a tried and true New Yawker, temporarily in Vermont...and that you would love nothing more than to exact a little BROOKLYN JUSTICE, on any one or all of the people who have bone-dry gang-stang your starfish for coming up on 15 months.

BUT...regardless of the math. Regardless of the cheating. Regardless of the Conspiracies, the collusions, the indictments, the lack of indictments, the fact that your going to a city where in some locations THEY PUT WIZ on their cheesesteaks. Regardless of the fact that you might even HAVE the correct change for a pretzel...

In the same way in which Washington, DC isn't REALLY Burlington, South...


Why challenge the Delegate Credentials of Clinton Delegates who came from States where we can prove there was cheating...WHEN WE DIDN'T CHALLENGE THE CHEATING IN THOSE STATES IN THE FIRST PLACE?


Do we really think...that PRIVATELY revealing to Superdelegates in advance of the convention...the fact of cheating THAT THEY ALREADY KNEW ABOUT AND MAY HAVE CONDONED OR PARTICIPATED going to convert them, out of some new found sense of political purity?

YES, you're angry and you want SOMEONE'S head on a platter...preferably bleach blonde.

I get that.


All along, you've been fighting the battle in a war room that had 9 people...while the opponent had 900.

More eyes, more ears AND YES, MORE OPINIONS, will win this VERY WINNABLE CAMPAIGN.

Circling the wagons is a great defensive strategy. But, ONLY IF ALL OF YOUR GUNS ARE AIMED AT POINTS OUTSIDE OF THE CIRCLE.

We have ALL come WAY TOO FAR, to be tricked into walking into a shit storm. As I wrote yesterday...there are at least THREE distinct pathways to victory. WE DON'T HAVE TO GIVE ONE OR MORE OF THEM BACK!

There are GOOD PEOPLE who want to help walk this Horse to the finish line. STOP BEING ANGRY...

There will be PLENTY OF TIME FOR THAT, during 8 years in the oval office. Get back to the business of doing the things that NEED to be done to cross a finish line that right now EVEN A FOOL LIKE ME, can already see.


  1. Billy, you are correct about the weather, it will be hot as blazes with swamp-like humidity and a "heat index" well over 100. But I have to call you out on your sandwich omission! NICKS ROAST BEEF on Oregon. Best. Sandwich. Ever. Just sayin. You should also give instructions on how to order. Most common: wiz, with. Dont be holding up the line, amateurs! Your in Bernie, Kathie ❤🔥🔥🔥

    1. Hey Kath!!!

      Whip me like I'm from Manyunk. Nick's!!! I need to be spanked. In fact, I'm kicking my own ass, right now.

      HOWEVER...I got one to call you out on, now, too. It's not "with," Baby. It's "WIT"! And you KNOW it!!!

      Where CAN a person go to get good Scrapple, these days? lololol

      PLEASE, stay in touch!

    2. D'OH! Damn autocorrect! ... No, that was my bad. You are correct, sir. WIZ,WIT! Or as a nervous friends once yelled at the order guy, "WIZ,WIZ!" Don't worry, I'll kick my own ass. BTW, Heard the PPD plans on FINING peaceful protesters rather than arrest. We shall see. ������Kathie

    3. I've been trying for this last couple weeks tho figure out what it is about Senator Bernie Sanders that has totally taken me over? Why do I tear up when I listen to his speeches? What is it that makes me LOVE a 74 year old Jewish guy from Brooklyn, whom I don't know, and will probably never even meet. I can't figure it out. I'm not given tho flights of fancy about public figures, unless you count a school girl crush on Ed "Kooky" Burns when I was 15. No, this isn't school girl, I'm way beyond that. But what is it? Why do I care about this man so much? My husband says Bernie has hypnotized me. Until a better explanation comes along Bernie will be my Svengaali.

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    1. lololol...

      I hear ya, Cheese!

      Looking forward to it.

    2. Oregon Diner?! Down the street from Nicks �� Kathie

  3. Dear Billy,


    You're a man after my heart. Great piece. See you in Philadelphia.


  4. Hey Mr. Valentine, Love your article here! Quick question, where are you sending your monthly $54 halfbillion4Bernie? His PO BOX? Where did you post your commitment? Their FB pages? You said TEXT Bernie, Nina, Tulsi, etc.....Thanks, Allison

    1. Text, should have said TWEET. My bad/ If youre doing checks by snail mauk...yes. to the PO Box. Just make sure they know its part if #HalfABillion4Bernie

      THANK YOU!!!

  5. You think Bernie is trying to privately persuade superdelegates with proof of election fraud? Yeah, that might be a problem. I was hoping that the lawsuit would result in a official redistribution of pledged delegates, if that is even possible. The lawyer Cliff Arnebeck said that he is confident that Bernie will become the nominee. How do you think he is trying to make that happen?

    1. The problem with lawsuits is that they take time. Courts can impose extraordinary relief and cut that time down, but...a large percentage of active federal judges uin this country were appointed by...

      Bill Clinton.

      That doesnt make things any easier.

      Cliff has a great case, and in point of fact we all know the cheating is what it is, But I dont know if time is on anyone's side here, except the bad guys.

      I know Bernie is convinced that this is the best way to proceed. I hope he's right. My personal opinion is that a campaign can't exist with a single strategy. It must be dynamic and reshape itself daily, to meet any and every possible contingency.

  6. You're channeling Hunter S. T. Tonight! Keep Burning!

    1. I bow, in response even to that notion.

      Thank you.

  7. I'm with him for the pledge of $54 a month club! I don't tweet! How do I contact Bernie and Jane and others to let them know! I'm 64 years old and computer challenged!

    1. Send your comments to Bernie & Jane at the same PO Box in Burlington, VT. And, thank you!

  8. "The DNC has fucked with Bernie INCESSANTLY since the beginning of this campaign."...those who have been paying attention know this but most people are asleep and their reality is based on the mainline media :( ...Our revolution can only be won by people reaching out to other people to help them realize that there is a Great Deception afoot...

    1. We will open the eyes of the many...

    2. We will open the eyes of the many...

  9. People are saying now that Obama endorsed Hillary there will be no indictment, claiming the Clinton's always get away with their crimes. But the Clinton's have been prosecuted, though usually charges are civil, they've had huge fines and cases still ongoing. I think if Obama is an impediment the FBI may drag it out until he's out of office. They will try to hand the election to someone like Ryan or walker. I don't think a Hillary Clinton commander in chief is gonna work after her email crimes. We have the power now and neither the GOP OE Hillary can take it from us if we don't let them.

    1. I'm going to white about the indictment issue tonight.

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  10. Excellent. Yes, I'll commit to that. How do I sign up to get this blog here?

  11. Excellent. Yes, I'll commit to that. How do I sign up to get this blog here?

  12. I was setting here feasting on a piece of banana creme pie and read your article..Thank you Billy, It made my day. I read the other day where she was on stage telling her followers, "Oh don't worry, this email thing is just gonna blow over", "There won't be any indictment", of course the zombies are waving their cards, eyes wide open, mouth drooping going yea, yea.. I think Brad Pitt should have check out some of her followers for his z (2) movie..