Sunday, June 5, 2016

This Just In: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren Is Dead...To Me...Politically

On life support since Late 2015, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren somehow, and miraculously emerged from her coma, just long enough to extend one arm as far as was required to pull the plug on herself.

In light of the Senator's more than timely passing...bear with me while I recount the events leading up to Mrs. Warren's apparent suicide.

To fully understand this entire scenario, one must reacquaint ourselves with the manner in which The Clinton Crime Family does the bulk of its business.

For nearly two decades while in Arkansas, whether it was allegations of cocaine importation and money laundering thru operations at the Mena, AR airport, using the State's Economic Development instrumentality to fund the operations of friends and campaign contributors while looting the State Treasury, slut-shaming those women victimized by a serial rapist, or even defending allegations of murder...The Clinton Crime Family has practiced Mob Mentality to perfection.

Not only is the best defense, a good offense, in each and every circumstance...but, the bigger, broader-based and more powerful your Crime Family becomes, the more legitimately perceived are your "promises" to destroy people. And, of course, once you've actually destroyed pretty much "got the bull by the balls" for as long as you can stay out of prison.

This is how Hillary Clinton got herself in the position she's in today, both in terms of having an opportunity to become the first female President of the United States AND the first Presidential Candidate  to be indicted, convicted, and disqualified from becoming the first female President of the United States, all in the same election cycle.

So, how did this happen, and what are the implications of Mrs. Clinton's rise and fall, to the Warren suicide?

In 2008, Hillary Clinton won the California Democratic Primary, shortly before withdrawing from the race and endorsing Barack Obama. Today, a reporter asked Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager, Jeff Weaver, "If you lose California on Tuesday...Will you make an announcement on Tuesday night"?


Why didn't Mrs. Clinton make an announcement on Tuesday night in 2008? Yes, she won the California Primary. But, she was sufficiently behind Barack Obama, so as to have the win be rendered essentially meaningless.

I say "essentially," because what that win did, was give Don William Jefferson Clinton, the ability to do what he does best...threaten people. This time, the victim was Barack Obama. Why did Mrs. Clinton's candidacy fail in 2008? Oh, could have been because she was and is a scandal-ridden, lying sack of flaming pig shit? could have been because for all of the claims made regarding the lack of "resume" against Barack Obama,,,Mrs. Clinton was equally thin in that department, save the fact that she was married to a former president.

But then, if you needed open heart surgery, chances are you wouldn't call Dr Christian Barnard, and ask what his wife was doing for about nine hours, next Thursday.

So...after California, in 2008, and before Mrs. Clinton actually suspended her campaign, Don Guglielmo arranged a meeting with the victorious Barack Obama....the purpose of which was to repair Mrs. Clinton's resume problem, while simultaneously launching her 2016 presidential effort by eliminating any potential competition...a full eight years ahead of schedule.

Barack Obama was reminded how much campaigning The Don and his wife "did not do" for Al Gore in 2000, and was asked if he was interested in enjoying a similar general election result.

The "cost" of Team Clinton flexing its political muscle on behalf of the candidate they had BLISTERED during the primary election campaign?

Secretary of State...and, oh yes...Barack Obama waiving his traditional right to appoint the next Chair of the DNC.

And so, in a single mafia-style "sit-down," Mrs. Clinton could spend four years as Secretary of State, and four years coordinating her 2016 campaign with the new DNC Chair...who just happened to be the Co-Chair of her unsuccessful 2008 effort.

Problems solved.

And, people still think it was Beau Biden's death that caused a two-time sitting Vice-President to conclude that running for the Office he has aggressively pursued FOR 30 YEARS...might not be in his best interest.

And yet...before the ink on Guccifer's plea agreement was dry, and there was talk of indictments aimed at Mrs. Clinton...the Vice President made it known that he was ready, willing and able to step in and assume his rightful place at the top of the Democratic Ticket.

In October 2015, Biden said it was "too late" for him to get into the race.

In May 2016, once indictments seemed a virtual certainty...Joe was making the  rounds on the Sunday shows, not only telling the nation that he was the most qualified and best man for the job...but also that he would name Elizabeth Warren as his running mate.

Only a month earlier, yet still while some commentators spoke of indictments...Mrs. Clinton herself, labeled Warren as her own top choice as Vice-President.

So...let's have a gander at the so-called progressive, presumed Berniecrat, and projected VP on the Bernie Sanders Dream Team...from Day 1.

Almost every relevant individual has seen the youtube video of Warren disemboweling Mrs. Clinton in a lengthy interview following Clinton's Senate vote WITH BIG BANKS in support of amendments to the Bankruptcy Code. A child of 4, a trained ape, and even Ben Carson could easily see that Warren was not only disappointed in Clinton's vote...but that in fact, Liz would take Hillary out in a California Crosswalk, at full speed...and never look back.

Warren had been a consistent political ally and personal friend of Bernie Sanders...AND...had NEVER SERVED IN THE SENATE, WITH EITHER CLINTON, OR BIDEN.

The natural connection between Sanders and Warren made not only her endorsement of Sanders "a no-brainer," but suggested the formation of a Dream Team was also "a natural".

And then...the campaign that was never supposed to be, had a more successful launch that the Apple Watch.

Bernie had Iowa stolen from him in a sea of unchallenged election fraud...ans DESTROYED the Anointed One, in New Hampshire. Elizabeth Warren was already the only female Senator not to endorse Clinton. Massachusetts was looming on the horizon...and as we say in the Big City...

"Shit was ON!"

And, what happened next?

You guessed it....

Don Guglielmo trucked his crooked ass to Boston to make sure that Liz knew "as a courtesy" to her...that former Governor, and Clinton ally, Duval Patrick..."had been making noises" about running against Warren in the next Democratic Senate Primary. Of course, The Don could convince his friend not to go after Warren's seat. But...what would she do for Don Guglielmo?

Option 1...endorse Hillary.
Option 2...not endorse Bernie
Option 3...profess neutrality.

Warren chose Option 3. And, while Sanders was ahead by 8 points in the final Massachusetts polls prior to the Primary...quantum documented and again unchallenged election fraud...along with Warren's neutrality, delivered Clinton a 1.4 percentage point win.

What has happened post-Massachusetts, to and involving the "Progressive Senator" who now acknowledges falsifying a resume to Harvard by claiming to be a Native an aid to securing a high six-figure teaching position?

Well, as we already mentioned, both actual candidates, and Joe Wannabe, have convinced the Senator that sliced bread, round wheels and indoor shitters have absolutely nothing, on her.

And, you have to look no farther than Warren's own Facebook Page to realize that Liz is a believer...IN LIZ.

Right now, on Sen. Warren's Facebook Page, she posts article after article, after article, on ad infinitum, just to make sure that you know...EVERY CANDIDATE AND NON-CANDIDATE WANTS HER AS THEIR VP.

But wait...

There's more!

What does a VP Candidate do? What is their job...their role?

Serve as ATTACK order to shit-shield the Presidential Candidate.

So, what else do you see on Warren's Facebook and Twitter Pages?

Attacks on Donald Trump, most of which were unsolicited, and all of which operated as Warren's statement to the universe, that she would take a bullet for WHOEVER HER TOP-LINE PARTNER MIGHT BE...or at least allow the name "Pocahontas" to be branded on her face, neck and other various body parts...without so much as a whimper.

But, when Elizabeth Warren went too far, in her now Orwellian, or rather Clintonian quest TO FUCK EVERYBODY, FOR HER OWN BENEFIT.

Today, this photoshopped photo, found its way onto Warren's Facebook and Twitter Pages. 

This is a Clinton Campaign Event, where Bernie signs have been added, to suggest that somehow the Sanders Campaign had 'GOTTEN IN LINE" the DNC, MSM, and Clinton Surrogates have DEMANDED.

Was Bernie even consulted before Warren REPRESENTED TO THE WORLD that he was "on board" with Mrs. Clinton?

Of course not.

Has Warren seen the same polls we all have, which suggest that EIGHTY-TWO PERCENT of Sanders Supporters are either Bernie or Bust or Never Hillary?

Of COURSE she has...

And, oh by the way...WHY did Warren post this DOCTORED FAKE PHOTO?

To announce IN A MESSAGE DIRECT TO DONALD TRUMP...that "This is what Democratic Unity looks like," and that "WE" are "COMING FOR YOU".

I have to be honest. I am so fucking glad that Warren is dead, because if she weren't, I can tell you that if she fucking weren't...the word "fuck"...would be used so fucking many times in this fucking blog posting that merely fucking reading it, and understanding how fucking far she has gone over the motherfucking line, would NO DOUBT have her offering a Private Bill to reinstate the Medical License of Dr. Conrad Motherfucking Murray...for her own personal treatment.

In point of fact, the sociopathic narcissism of this dead ass clown rivals, if not exceeds ANYTHING that either Hillary, Trump or Ted Cruz could ever be accused of in a dozen lifetimes.

She started out as a naive, perhaps intoxicated Sally Field, blathering about how much "YOU LIKE MR...YOU REALLY LIKE ME".

Today, she became the Clinton Capo, fully equipped with trench coat and fedora, poking a gun in Bernie's back and ordering him to, "GET IN THE FUCKING CAR"!

And, as any good Clinton Crime Family Associate knows...


So...AT THE VERY MOMENT that I stood 6 feet from Bernie, after having a long conversation with Jeff Weaver, and listened to Bernie tell Campaign Workers that he is ALL-IN "THROUGH THE CONVENTION...AND BEYOND"...

Warren was announcing that she would not only dry hump BOTH of Donald Trump's legs until he had holes in his $2000 trousers...But, that SHE WOULD SINGLE-HANDEDLY FORCE BERNIE OUT OF THE RACE, SECURE HIS ENDORSEMENT OF CLINTON...AND LOSE NONE OF BERNIE'S SUPPORTERS IN THE PROCESS!

Final note to The Estate of the Late Senator Warren...

Not even Bernie can get more that 18% of his supporters to defecate. I'm sorry, I meant "defect".

The other 82% of us WILL "defecate" on the Party that couldn't WIN an they had to steal it.

We're not Bernie or Bust anymore, Liz.

We're now "Bernie or Blow This Motherfucker Up"!

Can you hear us now?

If not, we'll be happy to shit on you, later.

Rest in perpetual motherfucking turmoil.


  1. Yes, lol, now get out of my head!

    1. Also, it's not just Warren that we're going to remember, plenty of others that will be feeling the burn come their turn at election time.

    2. Lololol...

      No, I will not yield. Lol. I like the weather inside of you head.

    3. Oh, yes...Warren is the tip of the iceberg.

      Many more will fall.

    4. Everyone yields when they see who my lawyer is.

  2. Did the recent events with Bryan Pagliano and others make indictments more likely or less likely?

    1. Absolutely. Pagliano's Immunity and Guccifer's plea deal make indictment virtually certain, in my book.

    2. I still stand by my crazy prediction that we'll be seeing something major by the end of this week in regards to an indictment. Too many people are underestimating Director Comey, just like they underestimated Donald Trump.

      I had a class with the Washington Center in 2010 and we had a chance to tour the FBI HQ and have a briefing with special agent Tracy Reinhold, who at the time was the Assistant Director for the Directorate of Intelligence, and this just the sort of shit he was talking to us about!

  3. LOL, and just when I thought no one loathed Warren more than I do.

    1. Warren is for Warren, and has bullshit the Progressive base, for a decade or longer

  4. RIP in Hell Senator Elizabeth Warren the woman that could have been but choose not to after a meeting with the devil, now he has her body and her soul!

    1. She's take a permanent ride on Beelzabubba. You can't recover from that.

  5. Bloody hell, what a fucking great article.

    1. Thank you, Ron. Share at will, return & subscribe. There's a bigger battle to be won.

  6. Bloody hell, what a fucking great article.

  7. OMG. I have found my place in blog heaven. I have been onto Warren's silence since the outset. She goes down down down and I am spreading the word: @lynnrose789
    You heal me. I think I have enough strength left to carry on =s phone bank, Tweet tonight and work a poll tomorrow (in order to be a watcher) and clean my apartment and wash my hair and that's a lot. I am not trying to be Anonymous. Tried my email and Twitter but they do not qualify as "host name" it seems. Help?
    Lynn Delaney

    1. Thank you, Lynn! Work hard! Stay strong. We CAN win!

      DM me on Twitter. I'll ffigure out how to get you out of the Anonymous bubble. I'm @KingBillyV

      Thanks for being here!

  8. Yeah. I know what you mean. Thanks for not holding back.

  9. I'm also on board with this post/blog's sentiment.
    FU Warren

  10. I'm also on board with this post/blog's sentiment.
    FU Warren

  11. And today we hear she's possibly ready to endorse the The Queen. Thanks for another great post. JayJay @shebamariba