Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Update... Has Anybody Here, Seen My Old Friend, Bernie?

If the weekend starts on Friday... I guess I should begin with the not so veiled threat laid down last Friday by Julian Assange.
Julian Assange, Founder of WikiLeaks, and permanent guest of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London...issued "Risk Insurance" on Friday, in connection with a presumed release of tens of thousands of emails hacked from the thoroughly unsecure private server of Hillary Clinton.

While Assange continues to suggest he does not believe Clinton week be prosecuted, he does now state that the  contents of his release "are enough to indict" all by themselves.

And, while WikiLeaks is no doubt looking to maximize its own PR in connection with this prospective data dump... the use of the Risk Insurance suggests that there may be more,"there, there," than Clinton would want revealed.

Risk Insurance, is a tactic that a website would employ, if it thought that it was putting out something so completely devastating, that a  government might , crash, block or otherwise disable the sight, or prevent access, generally.

Also, presumably, the Assange announcement might have been the kind of news that would have drawn a reaction from Bernie Sanders.... before Hillary Clinton had him exiled to the same "secure undisclosed location" that housed Dick Cheney after 9-11, and Joe Biden, for virtually all of the last eight years.

No one has heard a peep from Bernie, though some are starting to hear, "peep, peep, peeps" that could make you think Tyson Foods might be moving to Vermont.

On Saturday... The Clinton Delegate Machine went into full attack mode, attempting to co-opt, force resignations, and replace Sanders Delegates at State Party Conventions in North Dakota, New York and New Jersey... many of which will be the subject of Credentials Committee Challenges, with or without the support or intervention of the Sanders Campaign.

In New Jersey, a very specific attempt at peace with Clinton, was repudiated by the it reneged on its part of the arrangement, the moment it received it's end of the bargain.

At this point, Bernie issued a statement which said...


Bernie never issued a statement

On Sunday...

Father's Day...

Bernie was given more Father's Day gifts than any one man could expect.

California Delegates voted to eliminate Washington Delegates, by an overwhelming number, VOTED TO ENDORSE BERNIE SANDERS... AS A DELEGATION.

I knew that Bernie would grab the rope that Lassie held in her teeth and come out of the well to thank his Washington Faithful at this point. I mean... Why wouldn't he?

If anybody sees him... Will you all ask him that for me? Because, as far as I know, Lassie's rescue mission was not a success.

Lastly, over the weekend, efforts were coordinated by a lot of lawyers, and support staff, in a dozen states, aimed at protecting  delegate rights, initiating additional litigation charging voter fraud and election fraud...and generally attempting to act as a shadow Campaign, while witnessing the actual Campaign shoot itself in both testicles... SIX TIMES.

Oh, yeah... and I forgot.

The People's Summit was held this weekend, in Chicago... Where thousands gathered to plot various strategies, for continuing this Movement... including having as many as 1,000,000 people crash the Convention in Philadelphia, to show SOMEONE, that we are solidly behind him, and want him to be a candidate for President, REGARDLESS  of Party.

I just hope that the guy who couldn't hear voices in Washington State, California, or Illinois...

"Running for local school board" something we can do 4 years from now, Bernie.

Today... We need a  Presidential Candidate.

And, we need to know, that YOU'RE STILL "that guy".

Can you hear me, now?


  1. It's ON! #BernieOrBlowThisFuckerUp

  2. LOL...give the old guy a break. Saving his voiced opinions for when it counts.