Tuesday, May 31, 2016

An Open Letter To Gov. Jerry Brown

Having worked for, campaigned with and been the traveling companion of Edmund G. Brown, Jr., during his 1992 Democratic Presidential Campaign, and spent no less than seven months, a week defending hundreds of Brown Delegates before the Credentials Committee, and watching the Candidate eviscerate Bill Clinton during a convention speech which was supposed to include an endorsement that never came...one can easily understand my borderline meltdown earlier today, when the Governor greased up, backed into the room and took one in the large intestine for the team.

And lest anyone think that there was no basis or justification for my seizure...


This link, a clip from a 1992 debate, will show you one of the more RELAXED moments shared by Jerry and Bill Clinton.

What the clip does not reveal, but what I can assert as true from first hand experience, is this...

In 1992, a box full of Democratic Candidates began the Presidential Election Cycle. If memory serves me correct, Tom Harken was the first to drop out. But, even before Harken exited the field, Ron Brown, DNC Chair, had already determined that Bill Clinton was "THEIR GUY".

One by one, Ron Brown and the DNC forced each candidate out, with Jerry Brown being the last challenger standing.

Once the field was reduced to two, there was not only a clear choice between the avowed centrist, Clinton, and "Governor Moonbeam"...a label that the Clinton Campaign wasted no time in resurrecting. It wasn't really a "Socialist" label...but it sure didn't excite Jerry.

But, that wasn't the only thing that the Clinton's and Ron Brown would do.

Of course there was election fraud in virtually every state. Of course, as every other Candidate dropped out, they not only endorsed Clinton, but they would go on to disparage Jerry even when it made no sense, added nothing, and just operated as another knife in the back of another Democrat.

Approaching the NY Primary, Clinton suffered a series of consecutive losses. Paula Jones was in the news. Gennifer Flowers was in the news. And, Ron Brown, the DNC and the virtually every Democrat knew that if Jerry won New York...the best laid plans of the DNC, the DLC, and all them there folks that Slick Willie trucked in from Ar-Kansas...would be up in smoke before you could say Juanita Broderick.

Jerry was rising in the polls in New York. It seemed like nothing could stop the Clinton slide. And then...out of left field, if not simply nowhere...New York Senior Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who had been the principal advocate and mentor to the campaign of Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry...and who had absolutely nothing to do with the Clinton Campaign...scheduled a rally in time square, timed only hours before a rally for Jerry Brown.

At Moynihan's rally, the New York Senator first endorsed Clinton...then proceeded to TRASH Jerry and his tax plan...the now republican supported flat tax with the post card tax return.

Moynihan had been elected to the senate three times. He had been Ambassador to the UN and to India. He had held Cabinet posts in four Administrations...and his imprimatur could win an election for a trained ape...or a serial rapist.

And, it did...with Jerry finishing 3rd, behind Paul Tsongas.

But, not without perhaps the length and depth of election fraud which wouldn't be seen again in the Empire State for oh, some 24  years.

The 1992 New York Primary is acknowledged as the event which saved Bill Clinton. But, like Bernie Sanders...Jerry Brown had seen enough of the Clintons to know that they were some combination of pure evil, bottom-feeding pond scum, and of course, projectile diarrhea.

For 2 months...Jerry Brown was threatened, cajoled, offered various options which a reasonable person might conclude were bribes. And, the week before the Convention, unlike a typical year, where the Credentials Committee might hear a half dozen challenges to the Credentials of elected Delegates...this Credentials Committee, Chaired by Ron Brown, heard OVER 300 CHALLENGES to the Credentials of Brown Delegates...every one instituted by the Clinton Campaign in retaliation for Jerry's refusal to withdraw and endorse Clinton prior to the Convention.

I know this, because I was the attorney who represented all of those Brown Delegates...winning all but the 4 Challenges we should have lost anyway.

Outside the hotel ballroom where the three days of hearings finally ended, Ron Brown approached me and made it clear that if I would denounce Jerry...there was "one seat left on the Clinton Bandwagon, for the kind of young lawyer who had just beaten the DNC at its own game".

I stood by Jerry. And at that time, it was absolutely the right thing to do.

The following Monday, July 13, 1992, we were in New York. Madison Square Garden. And, as of Monday afternoon, before the Convention was called to Order...Jerry Brown was the only Candidate among all who had run that year, who had no scheduled time to speak.

On Monday afternoon, Jerry left the hotel. And, when he returned, he had been given 15 minutes to speak, on Wednesday night. Jerry was given a prime time slot, which at least the DNC and the Clinton Campaign assumed, included Jerry's agreement to make an endorsement as his remarks would come to a close. When  Jerry said he had been given time, I assumed this, too...and became almost enraged. I will never forget Jerry standing in the suite looking at me and saying, "Oh ye of little faith".

He never said anything more...until Wednesday night.

That night, Jerry was at the podium, three floors above ground level in the Garden. His 15 minutes began...but 15 minutes later, they didn't end.

At the 20 minute mark, DNC personnel were waving at Jerry, who was paying no attention.

At the 25 minute mark...I had a pretty good idea that neither Bill Clinton, or Ron Brown, were going to very happy...no matter when this would end.

Nearly 40 minutes into Jerry's remarks, he closed with no endorsement, looked down at the floor where a few of is were standing, and then gave a thumbs up with something of a vengeance.

Minutes later, Jerry was on the floor of the Garden, hugging me as he screamed, "FUCK BILL CLINTON...Now let's go get fucked up"!

So...you can understand, that after watching Bill Clinton and the DNC, do to Jerry, what Hillary and the DNC did to Bernie...and remembering the debate clip I shared earlier, and the Convention story I just relayed...why I would hypothetically want Jerry visited this afternoon, by a dozen unemployed Teamsters who were victimized by Bill Clinton's NAFTA.

As you can imagine, I got literally hundreds of texts, emails and tweets from people I know now, people I knew then, and folks who just happen to read, oh...everything I post anywhere.

There was the David Brock Troll who reminded me that I had predicted that Jerry would NEVER ENDORSE A CLINTON.

There were dozens of other Hillaroids, Shillbots and unidentified Fucknuckles who simply refused to acknowledge that certain words normally associated with the female anatomy, can in context, become gender neutral.

There were Berners who thought that I had "over-reacted"...and that both restraint and "class" were the only way to respond. To them, I say...we are fighting for our political life a week from today, because after ungodly fraud in MA, NC, MD, PA, OH, IL, MO, AZ, NY, and other locations...certain individuals at the top of this campaign, opted to NOT to pursue all available avenues...because to do so, would make Bernie "sound like a whiner".

Had EVERY fraud been pursued, and remedies obtained...IT WOULD BE CLINTON FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE NEXT WEEK.

I'm not going to address the indictment issue tonight. And, I firmly believe that Bernie WILL either win the Democratic Nomination, OR otherwise be a Candidate in November. But, I thought long and hard about the things I said earlier about Jerry Brown...and because I STAND BY EACH AND EVERY ASSESSMENT I MADE regarding his character, person, and worthiness to continue breathing...I decided not to repeat those assertions, in the hope that no one would refuse to read this posting because they don't like "F" words, "B" words, "C" words or any other " " word that about 10% of this afternoons responders found offensive.

I WILL say this, to Jerry Brown.

Homosexuality is not an abomination.
Marijuana is not a gateway drug to Heroin.
Bernie really didn't make the Warriors win Game 7.
Losing the war in Viet Nam did not result in the Chinese taking over Australia.

But YOU, Jerry DID IN FACT sell out.
And, not only did you sell out...you caused people who believed in you to become things that they are not. You made me think, say, and do things that are not only not particularly becoming of an educated person.

More than that, Jerry...in a year in which Bernie Sanders has captured the hearts and minds of not just one, but numerous GENERATIONS, and won the praise even of his political detractors, for his openness, honesty, consistency, forthrightness, and GENUINENESS...YOU have tarnished the record of a generation...YOURS. And, yes...yours is a dying generation, and you, like your sellout namesake Ron Brown, will likely be gone before you ever realize the benefit of whatever bargain you thought you had made...the point I'm sure you failed to consider at all, is that your actions are the very type and kind which drove the under 40 types AWAY from the political process...and will do so again perhaps, should this version of the Clinton Brown Conspiracy actually succeed.

Am I still angry?

Fuck Yeah.

Do I still hate the air you breathe?

Oh yeah.

Did you destroy forever, what 'I have told literally THOUSANDS...that YOU, Jerry Brown, were, along with Bernie sanders, the only two honest politicians I ever met?

Book that...and bet the farm.

Am I sorry I ever spent a MINUTE in support of advancing your career?

As sorry as I am about allowing my ex-wife to force me out of taking a teaching job at the University of Western Australia. Come to thing of it...if I took that job, I never would gave met you...which as of today, would be a good thing.

Two final items should help the world know who you really are...

At one time in your life, you were engaged to a woman named Martha Adkins. Last rime I checked, she was still teaching as a Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University.

When your father was Governor...Martha got her first teaching job...in California, She got the job late, and hadn't yet received her California Teaching Credential.

She asked you to see if your father could inquire about expediting her application...otherwise, your fiancĂ©' was going to lose the job she hadn't started yet. A job she took, in California, to accommodate you.

You said, "I wouldn't do that for someone off the street...what makes you think I would do it for you?"

Now, you might say, you did that because your ethics were more important to you than your then impending marriage. If so...that makes your actions today, not only less explainable...that you would support an anti-green fracker, who was never your friend...and nor a woman you loved.

But, in reality, Jerry...what it really shows is that you, like Mrs. Clinton, have evolved. Whereas Mrs. Clinton consistently evolves from one category of vermin, to another...you have evolved from an ethical human being who, regardless of whether God, Buddha or just plain common sense were your rallying cry...into EXACTLY THE PERSON YOU FOR 60 YEARS CLAIMED TO HATE...

And, now we hate you to...

The disdain of a decent person rarely if ever alters the course of human history...and certainly won't stop you and your new found friends from committing just enough fraud as it might take to steal the California Primary from Bernie. But...in the end, Bernie will sleep peacefully, a successor to the movement he created, will be identified and supported fully. And, when you are soon dead and gone...NO ONE will remember ANYTHING YOU DID...except that you compromised everything you ever believed in, fucked the only people who ever placed their trust in you...and you will have completely destroyed your entire family legacy.

Second item...

In that 1992 campaign, you promised to repay a debt of $9,000 to a man in Pennsylvania named Thomas Lingenfelter. After seeking repayment for several years, Lingenfelter sued you on your promise and won a judgment that to this day remains unsatisfied, according to Mr. Lingenfelter.

Might you discuss having you new best friend pick up your 24 year old obligation?

I'm guessing not.

I despise you and feel for you...because I know, for people who have spent an entire lifetime searching for significance...to know that you will die, no more than a footnote which suggests that your entire existence...was a waste.

Ron Brown died a little over 3 years after he made his deal with the devil...


Monday, May 30, 2016

My Bernie Experience I'll Never Forget...

I originally wanted to begin today's posting with one of those things that usually goes unnoticed, or at least isn't ordinarily given its due.

I intended to follow up the "feel good" portion of the day's events with a hard and then harder hitting piece.

After writing the part where I get to meet one of the coolest old ladies in the world...I decided to save the hard hitting stuff for a BONUS POSTING, later today.

So...enjoy this. And, come back tonight for some major smack, aimed at one or more of my favorite targets...

Yesterday was Memorial Day. As a kid, I remember turning myself, my bike or our family dog into freak show participants by wrapping red, white and blue crepe paper so tightly around all of them, that even the makers of my Schwinn were begging God to "make it stop".

Today, while courting prospective Bernie supporters at a local Memorial Day celebration, I was approached by a woman who, if she was 85, she was 105. I'm sure at some time in her life, she was 5'10", looked incredible in 4 inch heels, and probably was that girl that even her own mother warned her brothers about.

Now however, she was about 4'10", had difficulty negotiating the cement sidewalk in orthopedic tennis shoes...and, probably hadn't had a sexual notion in 20 years that didn't involve first making sure that her Depends weren't going to spoil the moment.

But, for ten or twenty seconds on this day, she was every bit of her old self that no doubt owned the same street we were walking down, as recently as 1966.

Now, I'm not too hard to recognize, and even harder to erase from memory... Put a bright blue, "FEEL THE BERN" baseball cap on me and, well... most people don't have any trouble figuring out that I'm the guy to ask all of your burning Bernie questions.

So... when  Elaine strolled, okay mosied  at best...alright, waddled in my direction....I was already lining up my top 5 answers to why she should switch her vote from Hillary to Bernie, while promising not to make any references to "Weebles".

All of my best preparation went right out the window though, when before I could even say hello... Elaine threw her arms around me as though I was the last Milk of Magnesia Dealer in town.

She held me as tight as any woman ever has, and for at least 15 or 20 seconds...made me wish I was 100, too.

When she broke the hug, there were tears in her eyes, and more rolling down her face...

"You're the Bernie Guy," she said. I pointed to my hat to avoid trying to talk, because I was ready to cry too, and has no idea why.

"You tell Bernie Sanders that I am ON FIRE", she said, as literally her entire little body shook.

"You mean you're Feeling' the Bern," I replied?

"Didn't you hear me, Son? I said I AM ON FIRE," she said again. "I haven't voted in FIFTY YEARS, and if this is the last vote God let's me cast... that vote is going for Bernie Sanders! You TELL HIM THAT!"

I did promise to tell Bernie that Elaine was "ON FIRE". And, as she started to make the slow trek across the narrow street to what was obviously her house, I called out to her and asked what Bernie had done to "start her fire"?

And, as Elaine stood at her open front door...this wonderful little woman screamed loud enough for THE ENTIRE TOWN to hear...


Almost immediately, all of my own tears returned to my bladder. And, I was doubled over, wishing Elaine had spotted me a pair of her "go anywhere" undies.

The two guys with me, and I, just looked at each other, laughed even harder, and agreed that the next time ANYONE asks us why they should vote for Bernie, the answer WILL BE...


Thank you, Elaine. And, let's hope God "let's you vote for Bernie" until at least November of 2020.

Don't forget the BONUS POSTING I promised tonight.

Billy V.

"Bernie 2016... BECAUSE HE GIVES A SHIT!"

Institutional Election Fraud: The True Mark of a 3rd World Nation

Donald Trump wants to 'Make America Great Again". Other candidates from both Parties have challenged this notion, many contending that America is as "Great" as it ever was, or at the very least, isn't in as bad of shape as Little Donnie's vision might suggest.

My own view of who America is and where we stand has been seriously tarnished over the choose of this presidential election cycle. And, as we turn our attention to California, I am compelled to share aspects of how my experiences have changed my perception, of what is absolutely, our collective reality.

"Election fraud," as a campaign strategy, is not a new concept. All a person has to do is knock on a single for in Chicago, New York, Ballrooms, Los Angeles or Philadelphia, and any resident, regardless of Party affiliation, will gladly spend their entire day helping you to understand why their city should be designated as "The Most Corrupt City in America".

Even I have a story to tell here..
A number of years ago, a friend of mine was, and actually still is, a Member of the General Assembly. In Pennsylvania, representing South Philadelphia.

My friend began his political career as a Precinct Captain, later a Ward Leader... and finally, elected  to serve as a State Representative in Harrisburg.

On a November night, some twenty years ago, I wanted to see my friend on s business matter. He could meet me, but since the next day was election day, our meeting had to be delayed, until my friend s stopped by at his Ward Leader's house to "pick up his 'WAM," and find out what "the count" was going to be.

Eliminating unnecessary details. I found out that WAM, was an acronym for "Walking Around Money," and "the count" was the actual vote total that would be reported in tomorrow's election, from his friend's precinct.

Through my friend, I was advised that the WAM was used to pay people on election day, to either get out votes, suppress votes, or just generally reward Party loyalists for their continuing service. At that time, in Philadelphia, Precinct Captains were getting $2000 in the general electron, to distribute...or not, as they saw fit.

In terms of "the count". .. I was told that the results of elections in Philadelphia are ALWAYS known in advance. Party Leaders "orchestrate" the outcome that is "in everybody's best interest". And, at least at that time, voting machines manufactured by a company called "Shoup" were particularly cooperative in achieving the result desired by those Party Leaders.

In Philadelphia anyway, election fraud looked like this...

Voting machines were delivered to polling places a day or more before the electron. The night before the election, "the count" was given to a Precinct Captain. The Precinct Captain would then set those numbers, by simply manipulating counter dials on the inside back of the voting machine, and  disconnecting the machine's counting mechanism... So that when anyone used that machine, no actual votes were being recorded. At the end of the day, miraculously, the vote totals for each precinct were EXACTLY as the Party had predicted.

I can go into far greater detail on cheating in Philadelphia, but the larger issue is California 2016, so...

Many of the tried and true cheating methodologies from around the country have been seen throughout this campaign, almost always being utilized by the Clinton Campaign. I say "almost always," not to suggest Bernie has cheated, but to acknowledge unsuccessful efforts on the party of Ted Cruz, Rubio and others. In the end, I'll have a closing reference to their efforts.

So far in this ejection cycle, the Clinton campaign has achieved Gold Medal status when it comes to cheating.

Bill Clinton has violated election laws, personally, by my count, in at least 9 states.

Absentee ballot and early voting abuses by the Clinton campaign has raised the cheating bar, to standards that no future campaign will ever recreate.

Machine voter fraud, though somewhat less verifiable at this point, is arguable in numerous instances, and along with claims of hacking and outright machine takeover in many states... suggest that some modified version of "The Philadelphia Gambit" remains in Place.

And, what seems to be most prevalent in this cycle, is the overt, blatant and thoroughly arrogant use of local and state election officials who support the Clinton campaign, to free-wheel their powers to predetermine outcomes. In fact, one of the very best Memes, I have seen throughout the campaign, was that of a small girl pondering the question, " How come, every time we hear about voter suppression and election fraud... Hillary winds"?

And, this fraud runs deep.

Take for example, the now both disgraced and discharged head of elections from Brooklyn. She not only purged over 125,000 likely Sanders voters. She also received $6,000,000 for a rat-infested, abandoned piece of property she had owned, which was purchased from her...by a Clinton supporter & donor.

Note however, no criminal charges have been filed against  anyone.

Much of the cheating around the country this cycle was documented in an earlier piece that I wrote. Please refer to that, or perhaps I can add that to this posting later.

For now, however, in California... Know that we are already seeing the same signs that suggest a new Sleeper Cell has been called into service.

Absentee and early voter numbers suggest that by the formal opening of the polls on election day, we may begin as many as a million votes behind.

The Secretary of State... yet another Clinton Supporter, has taken to using the power and authority of that office, to further the interests of Mrs. Clinton.

No Party Preference, or independent voters were twice burdened in this cycle, thus far. When attempting to register as independent, hundreds of thousands of voters were  mistakenly registered not as independent, or No Party Preference... but were instead registered as members of the American Independent Party... Meaning, of course. That they are Party-affiliated, NOT independent... and thus can't vote in the Democratic Primary.

True independents, or No Party Preference voters, fully allowed to vote in the Democratic Primary, are being given Provisional Ballots, instead of Democratic Ballots... and, when filled out, those Provisional Ballots are for some reason, being SEGREGATED from other ballots, and not turned in with the regular batch of  Democratic Ballots.

Massive numbers of DEAD  VOTERS are turning in absentee ballots. And, even though "Dead" might tend to make a person unavailable to actually show up at the polls... the last time I checked, death was also a disqualifying factor in a person's ability to actually cast a ballot.

Look for every Clinton family member or surrogate to show up at polls across the state on election day, again in clear violation of election laws.

Look at the Clinton crowds at events, as compared to Sanders events. In caucus states and open primary states, crowd size has equated to huge wins for Bernie. In closed primary states, and states where a Clinton Surrogate is the Secretary of State... crowd size had merely translated into more intense voter fraud... all of which is subsequently validated by the same Secretary of State, who only hours earlier, was actively canvassing for votes on behalf of one candidate.

Back to the Cruz, Rubio reference, to close this piece...

The attempts by Cruz & Rubio to use whatever power and influence they might have had with the establishment in certain states, failed because the voter turnout in those states was so high, that no amount of cheating could defeat Donald Trump.

This is the ONLY way Bernie can win California.

In virtually every other instance where Mrs. Clinton has "needed" a win... she has gotten the win.

And, she knows that if she loses California, with or without an indictment... she losses this election. Even Mrs. Clinton knows that any Super Delegate who believes that California is in play with Hillary as our candidate, is a potential Bernie convert.

In summary, Friends...

California isn't just do or die for Bernie. It's just pain do or die. And, whenever Mrs. Clinton has seen her back against the wall...

She has cheated her pants suit covered ass off.

How do we win then...when haven't been able to do this before.

First, and foremost... Show up. I'm telling you, we are likely to be a million votes behind before voting begins.

Clinton canvassers have by now hit every nursing home in the state, turning in literally hundreds of thousands of absentee and early voting ballots on behalf of residents who can't remember their own name, let alone who they were intending to support. This has been their pattern and practice, nationwide.

Next... Film everything!

Bernie supporters filming everything has helped to document serious election fraud. In some instances, it has even stopped the fraud. Bernie supporters have captured poll workers throwing away ballots in numerous States. Filming has also shown poll workers committing overt acts of fraud in their own instance, or otherwise allowing Clinton campaign workers to violate election laws in their presence without action.

Filming also operates as the best evidence should the campaign act  to attempt to enforce our right to demand a fair election In every instance.

Use of Voter rights Hotline numbers...

The campaign Continues to provide Voter Rights Hotline Numbers. If you see something that you believe Is out of line, wrong, out , out-of-the-ordinary, or disrupts the free flow and course if a fair election, Call the voter rights hotline immediately. Teams of attorneys Are literally standing by to protect your rights and the legitimacy and viability of the Sanders campaign. We cannot be at every polling place. You can...and we rely on you.

Become a poll watcher. In those States Where the Sanders campaign Has had sufficient poll Watchers To cover every polling location, the instances of fraud Have been dramatically reduced. There is a poll watching training program Which you can take And which will give you All of the information And skills required To effectively protect The interest of our candidate At each polling Location. Where we have not had sufficient poll watchers in certain States the cheating at polling locations has been rampant, and in many cases actually brought about our defeat In those States.

I will have more on cheating and fraud in California, later in the week.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Evaluating the Claims of Guccifer re: Clinton's Email Server

Much has been made recently, by Clinton supporters and detractors, with respect to the potential for indictments coming out of the ongoing federal criminal investigation, where Hillary Clinton and her most senior aides are all Targets..

Some of those who feel strongly about the prospect of indictment point to the claims made by the Romanian hacker, Guccifer, with respect to his having hacked into the server identified with the mail program "clintonmail.com:.

The Clinton Camp denounces the claims made by Guccifer, suggesting that he had, "never made any such claim" prior to March of 2016, and was doing so for the sole and exclusive purpose of inflating his own importance in the grand scheme of things.

Those on the anti-Hillary bandwagon point to the fact that Guccifer has made very specific claims concerning his having hacked into the email account of Clinton Crime Family Capo, Sidney Blumenthal...as early as 2014, and had shared evidence of his success involving Mr. Blumenthal, with a multitude of journalists from around the world, since that time. In fact, going all the way back to 2013, The Smoking Gun website, had corresponded with the Guccifer, not even knowing the hacker's age, sex, location, or really having much actual knowledge of who they were dealing with, other than an online identity.

After having reviewed the present day claims made by Guccifer, concerning his alleged hacking of the Clinton Server, as well as the information provided to The Smoking Gun both current and going back to 2014, and the screenshot of Sidney Blumenthal's email box which shows page after page of emails on various threads, all exchanged between Blumenthal and Hillary, where the content of many of those threads contains information which Blumenthal was sharing in the capacity of something of a go-between, and involved reports of various types and kinds involving Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern locations and nations...

There appears to be no real question that Blumenthal was in fact, hacked by Guccifer. In the body of various written contacts between Guccifer and the NY Times Bureau Chief in Belgium, and again with The Smoking Gun...both of which are now verified as contacts which were between the respective sites, and the hacker, himself, Guccifer went into great detail as to how he would break into an account, get into the account holder's contact list, and then start leapfrogging from that account to the hacking of the accounts of those contacts. This is presumably, the method utilized to get into the Clinton Server.

On this point, Clinton advocates suggest that the timing of the Blumenthal hack...which again, is not in question...does not coincide with with period during which the State Department Inspector General Report suggests that the Clinton Server was most vulnerable. On the other hand,emails pulled from the account of Blumenthal do pre-date Benghazi, and, more than clearly provide contradictory accounts of information which Mrs. Clinton has previously presented in numerous forums.

All of this being aside...I am compelled to comment on the Clinton Campaign's loudest bark, i.e., that Guccifer never specifically mentioned hacking the Clinton Server, until after he was in the US by virtue of his extradition...and then, that when he did...he gave no specific account of what he did, or how he did it, as he had done when discussing other hacks.

It is my opinion, that the Clinton argument in this instance, actually shoots itself in the foot...and relies on a reader, or pair of ears, unsophisticated in the understanding and appreciation of the criminal and judicial process.

Not even the Clinton Campaign disputes that a claim that Guccifer hacked into the Clinton Server...AND THAT IT WAS EASY...has been made. To Camp Clinton, not making the claim until March 2016 suggests that the claim is less than credible, when this supposed low level hacker had essentially boasted of every other hack he had ever completed.

What this argument fails to recognize however, is that at the time that this claim was made by Guccifer...he had already been extradited. He was in the USA, charged with 9 felonies and facing 117 years in a federal penitentiary. He was debriefed by the FBI and the Justice Department, and his absolute only hope of receiving less than what would amount to a life sentence, would be to BE TRUTHFUL with the people who held his very future in their hands.

Yes, maffia "rats" change their stories during the course of their own plea negotiations, in order to enhance their positions in those negotiations. However, when you are hauled halfway around the world, with half of your existing Romanian sentence already completed, and you tell the world you are able to establish that you are comfortable announcing, for the first time, that you have hacked the Clinton Server...UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO BE IN PRISON UNTIL YOUR 160TH BIRTHDAY..."inflating your own self-importance" with FBI Agents WHO CAN HELP YOU...OR...HARM YOU...ah, probably not a real good idea...unless, what you are telling those agents, is unimpeachable, and the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...so help me GOD.

So, the Clinton reliance on the fact that Guccifer supposedly never made that claim before...is of virtually no consequence...especially when taken in light of the fact that Guccifer was not dealing with an American Court, until he was returned here from Romania, and...whether or not he had, or had not hacked the Clinton Server, while he was a Guest of the State at one of Romania's finest state-run institutions, was absolutely irrelevant.

No one previously made aware of Guccifer's claims regarding Blumenthal, disputes either the method employed to break into Blumentha's system, or that the leapfrogging techniques had been employed by this hacker in the case of virtually every other of his victims, as a way to exponentially increase the size of his hacked network.

Why DID, the FBI, after it had debriefed Guccifer, advise the State Department that it could stop conducting whatever review it had been conducting?

Why DID, a plea agreement which had, in essence NOTHING REALLY TO DO WITH any charge involving the hacking of Mrs. Clinton, specifically include language requiring Guccifer to further assist the FBI in the course and processing of "other criminal investigations"?

WHO could have been contemplated by these terms within the body of that plea agreement? It had never been suggested that Guccifer operated with a partner, or that anyone had aided or abetted him in the course of his efforts.

Perhaps MOST important...

Knowing, as likely only the FBI and the hacker probably knew...what the real facts were...who the real targets of any further criminal investigations might be...AND THE IMPACT OF THE VERY FIRST STATEMENT THIS HACKER WOULD MAKE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC...BEING A LIE...it would have been far easier for the FBI to explain, were they TO HAVE KILLED GUCCIFER, rather than allow him to go on national television TWICE WITHIN A WEEK...AND LIE ABOUT HACKING THE CLINTON SERVER.

What's the fastest way to LOSE YOUR CASE AGAINST ANYONE CHARGED on the Clinton Team?

Have YOUR ONLY WITNESS (or at least your Star Witness) TRASH HIS OWN CREDIBILITY AS A WITNESS AT 1, 2 or 10 "further criminal investigations"...before he, or anyone else sees the inside of a courtroom.

Last Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton was likely interviewed by James Comey...at least in part.

Wednesday, a plea agreement was reached, and the hacker's plea of Not Guilty, changed to Guilty...with the plea being accepted by the judge...NONE OF WHICH WOULD HAVE HAPPENED, UNLESS A PROSECUTORIAL ROAD MAP HAD BEEN LAID OUT.

This weekend...Mrs. Clinton announced she would be "taking the weekend off" from campaigning.

Would anyone like to bet that Mrs. Clinton and David Kendall are off somewhere together with metal detectors and rubbing the living shit out of every "Lamp" they dig up, in the hope that a Genie exits at least one of them?

As I stated before, and firmly commit to now... As "insane" as it may sound... it does appear that, just as the Original "Teflon Don" lost his shimmer at some point, and was ultimately ticketed for and end of life sojourn to the Extended Stay Inn at Leavenworth, Kansas... so may be the fate of this Maffia Princess, as well.

Believe me...friends, including some of my best friends have RIPPED ME, for even suggesting that "The End Is No Longer Near...IT'S HERE," for the Clintons. But, the bottom line is, while we all make mistakes in life, the FBI makes fewer than most. And, in this case, the course of events suggests that THEY KNEW FULL WELL, what Guccifer knew, and what of that was true, mostly true, probably true, highly unlikely, or just plain bullshit. And, THE LAST THING the FBI would have done, would be to invite, or even DIRECT that Guccifer unload his best bullshit on the American Public...RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

From everything I have heard, read and seen...

From the way that the White House HAS NOT shut down an investigation that it most certainly could...

From the full course of events last week...

From a public recommendation by a former Obama Administration higher up, suggesting that Hillary withdraw...

To the almost uncontrollable excitement that I see both inside the Sanders Campaign, and inside the Vice President's Residence...

...and to the fact that the only people rushing to the defense of Mrs. Clinton TODAY (as compared to the pre-guilty plea time frame) are Clinton Campaign Staff, Clinton Surrogates, and most importantly, NOT PEOPLE NAMED OBAMA...

I categorically accept the assertions made by Guccifer, and believe that HE WILL bring forth proof that HE DID hack the Clinton Server...that he did it MORE THAN ONCE...and that IT WAS EASY.

I believe he has already shared this information with a Grand Jury...

And, I firmly believe that Mrs. Clinton WILL be withdrawing from this race SOON, whether following indictment, or a plea agreement in lieu of indictment, as was done in the case of General Petraeus.

I believe that Bernie Sanders WILL BE, the Democratic Nominee...and,

I believe Bernie Sanders will defeat Donald Trump on November 8, 2016...IN A REAGAN-STYLE LANDSLIDE.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Donald Trump's Secret Service Code Name...#DudeLooksLikeALady (imho, part parody)

Yes, I know that today was supposed to feature an article about the letters that Guccifer exchanged with a number of European journalists during his period of Romanian incarceration.

However...That article is being moved to Sunday morning, in order to address the issue of Donald Trump's boasts, bluster...and ball sucking. This article IN NO WAY demeans ANY Member of the LGBTQ Community...other than, of course, Donald Trump.

Now, I know that I'm not the only individual who new, the very first time that we all saw Donald Trump waving his little alligator hands like he was straining to reach a nearby dog penis...that Little Donnie had a much bigger secret than what numbers appeared on "Line 21" of his 2015 Federal Tax Return. I mean, the random flailing, the exceptionally supple wrists...the way he nearly dove under the stage in Ohio when A SINGLE UNARMED INDIVIDUAL simply walked from the crowd and headed in the general direction of FIFTY fully trained and heavily armed Secret Service Agents...that Little Donnie had stories he might never share.

And, yet...at virtually every opportunity, an obviously very "confused" Little Donnie will bad mouth anyone and everyone, threaten to bomb multiple countries, steal middle eastern oil, and encourage the "ass kicking" of anybody who should have the notion of disagreeing with him.

One of the major complaints that republicans and democrats alike, have had against both Curious Little Donnie, and every network which has provided him free advertising at this point, is the collective unwillingness of ANYONE  in or out of the business formerly known as journalism...to require Donald "Q" Trump, to validate, substantiate, or even effectively explain any position taken...preferably without lying or just pulling irrelevant analogies out of his ass.

And, while we may not be properly assessing anything associated with this obviously dickless pussy...rest assured that the Vladimir Putin's of the world have his lame and arguably "G," "B," "T." or perhaps "Q" Act, completely down.

So...let's not waste any time beating around the bush. Maybe, I should phrase that another way. I surely don't want to cause Donald "Q" to inadvertently soil himself.

You don't have to be a laser-optic surgeon,, a rocket scientist, or even a "Wharton School Grad" who "knows all the big words," to know that the guy who always wants SOMEONE ELSE to kick someone's ass, runs like a scared rabbit when ANYONE makes a move in HIS direction, and otherwise looks and acts as though he should be running for Mayor of West Hollywood, instead of President of the United States, WOULD NEVER GET IN THE RING WITH BERNIE SANDERS.

In fact, I'm willing to lay pretty much everything on the line, as I suggest that Donald "G" Trump might just have the sweetest chin anyone has ever laid balls on.


"Then...I'll wait wait til most of the cameras are gone, most of my base is drunk, passed out, or has accidentally shot off a body part...AND THEN, I'll back out of the fight with Bernie, BLAME SOMEONE ELSE, AS USUAL, say more bad things about more people, and then fall asleep in my private suite, in my private plane. while getting AN AMAZING MASSAGE, and watching THE GREATEST GUY ON GUY PORN IN THE WORLD! No, I mean it, you should see these guys...THEY'RE YUUUUUUGE!"

I wonder if Putin ever backed out of a debate THAT HE DEMANDED, AND TOLD THE WORLD HE WAS GOING TO WIN?

I wonder if Donald "T" Trump can park a Range Rover in his pussy?

Seriously, Little Donnie...how many threats does it take to get to your Tootsie Roll Center?


THESE are the ways Donald "B" Trump goes after his opponents and enemies. He doesn't debate them. He doesn't engage them in mano a mano ANYTHING...that we know of anyway. What he does, is turn tail and run, before he ends up being forced to stand up to anything, or anybody. Oh sure...he'll drop a bomb on your family. He'll hire people to shoot you, lawyers to sue you, and well...who else he hires, in the privacy of his own bedroom...I'm not sure we will ever know.

What we do know is that if The Sopranos ever get a second run...The Part of "BIG PUSSY," will NOT be played by Vincent Pastore.

What we DO KNOW, is that confused Little Donnie was at least smart enough to know that even before he leveled his debate challenge to Bernie...he was already trying to walk it back. And let me just say THIS, Big Pussy...you really did make the right move...at least in the short term.

Bernie would have ended your "Q" period and introduced you to the business end of a probing that would have had you walkin' on your tippy toes for a month. Oh, wait...you walk like that "naturally". Don't you?

On the downside, Mr. Tranny...you cracked out of turn. Hillary and Bernie BOTH now know, what the rest of us have known all along.

You talk about your debate performance in republican debates where you were able to hide behind anywhere from  six, to sixteen other candidates. Could you not appreciate that Rubio, Cruz and Kasich only wanted to be the last opponent standing...TO GET YOU ON A DEBATE STAGE, 1 ON 1.

Ya see, Little Donnie...they knew, we knew, and now Bernie and Hillary know that EVEN YOU KNOW that 1 on 1...there's no place for you to run...no place for you to park your bullshit...and no gaggle of nearby individuals for you to randomly spazz out at,,,even if you are on your menstrual period.

Only a punk tells supporters to punch protesters in the face.

Only a spineless limp-dicked wimp threatens to bomb civilian family members.

And, I'm guessing that only a dude who has more secrets than Colonel Sanders and the makers of Sugar Frosted Flakes...probably sets off every Gaydar Unit in South Florida so often that even Meliania has a good idea what you do in that YUUUUGE walk-in CLOSET.

YOU WAYYYYYYYYYY over-compensate, Little Donnie. So, seriously...now that you have essentially outed yourself as the nation's Number 1 Vajayjay...GO FOR THE GUSTO, "Gutless". Import an exotic Eastern European bodybuilding champion, write another big check to another ex-"wife"...and let your freak flag fly, Dude. It wasn't a secret before...and after you formally pussied out of the debate YOU CLAIMED TO WANT, with Bernie...even a 74 year old Vermonter is convinced that you secretly chug the cock.

You had no shot to win before this...


You might as well quit while you're still giving head.

Now, I know that didn't come exactly right. But...something tells me you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Ohhhhh yeah.

Enjoy getting your ass tattooed by WHOEVER you debate in this election.

No, really...ENJOY IT.

Contemptuously submitted...

Billy V.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rachel Maddow Hospitalized & Under Evaluation After On-Air Seizure (Part Parody)

What began as just another day in the Rachel Maddow, "How low can I go in my conspiracy to steal the Democratic Nomination for the Object of ALL of my POLITICAL Fantasies"...ended with the sounds of the once third-rate excuse for a journalist, pounding on inch-thick bulletproof glass officially separating Maddow from the real world. Her muffled outburst suggested that she might be simply screaming out, "I'M NOT CRAZY!...I'M NOT FUCKING CRAZY!!!!"

It was almost an hour before the thorazine finally took her down.

"I have to hand it to her," one doctor was given to state. "It only took half that dose to put Rick Santorum out for three days".

And, what was it that transformed Maddow from raving, maniacal, Hillaroid, living on the edge as she awaits the impending unsealing of a most definite indictment...into an incomprehensible, babbling, unintelligible LUNATIC, who had to be hauled off and deposited in a locked-ward, in order to prevent harm to herself...or further harm to Bernie Sanders.

On the show that will soon, no longer bear her name; in a time slot that will remain hers for no more than another few weeks...Madcow fucking LOST IT, last night...yet again. Oh sure, it began as it has, so many other nights. Madcow batted her fake eyelashes at a clip of Shillary Clinton bullshitting some other group of people whose names, location, age, or even mental status, was completely irrelevant. She then went on to talk about Donald Trump. But...she wasn't REALLY talking about Donald Trump. Madcow was talking about how whatever Donald Trump was doing or saying RELATED TO SHILLARY CLINTON.

At some point, well into the show, and after not mentioning a word about Guccifer's guilty plea, or the release of deposition transcripts in the civil case against the State Department...OR, the Inspector General's Report, OR, the virtual certainty of indictments...Madcow got around to her nightly bashing of Bernie Sanders.

Even then, however...Madcow was NOT talking about Bernie in the sense of anything that was specifically "Bernie". Here again, Madcow was ONLY CONCERNED with "how whatever was happening to Bernie" WOULD AFFECT Mrs. Rodham-Clinton-Wannabe-Madcow.

The Democratic Primary was being "HIJACKED"...oh, yeah...BY BERNIE SANDERS!

Donald Trump wasn't really interested in "debating" Bernie Sanders. Trump was "SCREWING WITH THE DEMOCRATIC WINNER...BY DEBATING A LOSER".

Since I used up three days worth of my "Fuck" quota during yesterday's rant...I can only suggest that when I heard the tape of the Madcow outburst...I immediately fired BOTH THE AGENT AND THE ATTORNEY who suggested that I would "easily be able to hammer out a week's worth of articles using a maximum of 144 "F-Bombs".

It's an EFFFFFING Presidential Election Cycle. These FOX should have phaqqing KNOWN BETTER! (Testing, 1...2...3...)

So...let me get this straight....and yes, the "YOU" in the following descriptions relates to not only Mrs. Rodham-Clinton-Madcow...but, also the totality of her co-conspirators...and most definitely, Rachel Madcow.

So...when all of those events occurred... Was anyone HIJACKING the Democratic Primary?

When Mrs. Rodham-Clinton-Madcow had her former Campaign Co-Chair, and now head of the DNC, scheduled only six debates, at times and dates that made Billy Mays come back from the dead, just to reject them for his Orange Glo Infomercials... Was anyone HIJACKING the Democratic Primary?

When Mrs. Rodham-Clinton-Madcow REVEALED YET ANOTHER LIE, by backing out of a previously agreed to debate in California...or when she held a New York Debate hostage... Was anyone HIJACKING the Democratic Primary?


Of course, I could go on providing examples of how Madcow and her gaggle of TREASONOUS, soulless, amoral, sociopathic, hedgemonists, have IN FACT, HIJACKED THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY...for the entire 96 hours of Madcow's "Period of Observation".

But...truth be told, after you've established your opponent as being unworthy even of your continuing disgust, everything else is pretty much overkill.

It IS, however, necessary to comment on the "SCREWING WITH" remark, aimed at Donald Trump...but still only really relevant to Madcow's commentary, AGAIN BECAUSE OF THE IMPACT OF TRUMP'S ACTIONS...on Mrs. Rodham-Clinton-Madcow.

Trump, Madcow says, is "Screwing with THE DEMOCRATIC WINNER" by latching onto "A LOSER" and engaging in a debate...TO THE DETRIMENT OF SHILLARY.

Rachel... If you can hear me through the bulletproof glass...



So...I ask again...



Which amounts to a more egregious example of SCREWING WITH A CANDIDATE?

Agreeing to debate issues, in advance of the last major primaries?



And...while your on ice and being pumped full of more anti-psychotics...ask even your collection of surreality tv star roommates, whether ANY OF THEM would DECLARE SOMEONE THE WINNER of the Democratic Primary...AND NOMINEE OF YOUR PARTY...BEFORE THE FBI AND DoJ HAVE HAD THEIR SAY ON WHETHER OR NOT SHE WILL EVEN BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE, WHAT WAS A FOOL'S ERRAND...FROM THE START?

You would be on far more solid ground at this point///to DECLARE YOUR IDOL TO HAVE BEEN INDICTED...rather than announcing her as the winner of the Democratic Primary...SINCE THE GRAND JURY WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY CAST THEIR VOTES BEFORE THE FIRST SUPERDELEGATE EVEN ARRIVES IN PHILADELPHIA.

At this point, Rachel...we can't know if Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will debate in California.

We can EXPECT that you WILL declare Mrs. Rodham-Clinton-Madcow to be the winner of the Democratic Primary before those California Polls close on June 7th.

Here is the $300,000,000,000 Question...


And, after YOUR HERO is indicted and/or forced to withdraw FROM A RACE YOU HAVE TOLD THE WORLD SHE HAS WON...

Will you apologize to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party, California Voters who stayed home because of your actions...the United States of America...and to the world?

Will you resign, on the air in the disgrace you have cultivated?





And, what level of unmitigated gall, must a person possess, in order to be AS GUILTY OF TREASON AS YOU ARE, and in the midst of your ongoing bloodless coup...BE ABLE TO EXPRESS THE KIND OF UNRIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION which incorporates the terms "HIJACK" and "SCREW" as part of your incredulous mental meltdown which was witnessed by AT LEAST your six or seven regular viewers.

How about this, Madcow?

How about before you declare ANYONE the "WINNER" of ANYTHING...

You explain to the American People, what YOU are going to do, TO FIX THE UNFIXABLE...when your
GRAVEN IDOL is proven to be nothing more than an unelectable career criminal?

For your consideration,

Billy V.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

An Open Letter to Brian Fallon - National Press Secretary for the Clinton Campaign

Dear Brian...

You really need to pardon me for just a second, Brian. I can't explain it, but since Guccifer pled guilty yesterday, to the two most lesser counts of his 9 Count Indictment, and I watched you attempt to fend off body blows, head shots and the odd punch in the dick, from that BEAST of a once mediocre journalist, WOLF BLITZER...I find myself stopping at random times throughout the day to...


There it goes again. YA SEE?

I mean, you guys have been laughing at Bernie and our supporters ALL ALONG. And, we've heard all the stories.

You win a primary, where you got hoards of minions to raid nursing homes in a state to collect absentee ballots from dementia patients.

You used your local support in virtually every major city in the country to sound the alarm with the same precinct captains and ward leaders, and mayors, and councilmen, and aldermen, and congressmen, and senators, and governors...all of whom know and use every trick in the electronic voting machine book to routinely cheat their way back into offices that no one in those cities will ever remove them from.

You use every tried and true method of stealing elections. AND, on top of that...you felt the need, not only to waltz a now obvious Stage 4 Syphillitic former president, through as many polling locations as you possibly could, during actual elections, in violation of rule after rule and law after law...and, you did this all with the impunity displayed by  Kim Jung Un, showing up an hour late for his appointment at his local Sport Clips, in Pyongyang.

I'm not guessing the local constabulary gave Un too much shit that day, either.

 But, back to you, "Bri"..you complete and total Piece of Shit...

Oh, forgive me, Mr. Fallon.  But, you know...like I said...here we are, better than three-quarters of the way into a campaign where your peeps have openly mocked our people. You've presented yourself and shared the so-called and self-proclaimed spotlight with Joel Benenson, where you have collectively DECLARED yourselves to be in possession and rightfully entitled to EVERY SQUARE INCH of the "Moral High Ground"...all while not being able to contain yourselves privately...after stealing those primary elections...only to be caught on tape praising each other for "KICKING BERNIE SANDERS ASS" and high fiving each other, while you laugh and scream, "FUCK BERNIE" at levels that even send California Coyotes over the edge.


Damn...I have to see a doctor about that.

Lord knows, the last thing I want to have happen in my life, NOW, is to give some insignificant, utterly worthless, lacking in all discernible talent, piece of shit, wasted flesh, fucknuckle...such as yourself...a reason to think that I was not necessarily giving you a fair assessment.

So, Bri...How exactly does it feel to have a Gnome, masquerading as a journalist, slap his dick across your face 40 or 50 times, before sticking it your ear?

I only ask, because I have absolutely no idea. Oh, and, of course, because I've always considered myself something of an "Academic Sponge"...Thirsty for all forms of knowledge. And, I was just hoping to add THAT piece of information, to my arsenal...primarily, so I will again be able to understand your personal dilemma on the day that Mrs. Clinton is forced to announce that in light the stroke she suffered after her own 15 Count Indictment was unsealed...that she will be placed on the Physically Unable to Perform List, or "PUP" list...and that all of you cheesy bastards who fostered this fraud for as long you have...will likewise be slinking silently into political and societal oblivion...at which point, "that sound" you hear, will be the sound of every Bernie Sanders Supporter that you have so openly mocked...collectively belting out one final 4-Part Harmony version of...c'mon...sing it with me, you little bitch...


I chose YOU, to write to, today, Bri...because in my three decades in politics, I have to tell you...I've seen some "smug motherfuckers". But, you...my asshole buddy...take the motherfucking cake.

It boggled even my nonsensical, and occasionally warped mind, that you could do the things you know you did...say the things we all heard you say...and THEN...sit or stand in front of numerous cameras BARKING PSYCHOTICALLY AT SANDERS SUPPORTERS who wouldn't grease up and get in line for Round 2 of "the fucking" that you openly proclaimed you had given to us all, during this campaign.



For the first time in this campaign...you were the fucking rat in the box, THAT YOU ARE...and this time, you had nowhere to go, no bullshit to get you out of the death spiral that you were in...and even Old Man Blitzer...who has fed you softballs for a year now, was having absolutely NONE of your bullshit.

Ya see, Bri... Those of us who know you, and your background, and your history, well...ya see...it's not that we're bad people. We really don't want to see you die in a fiery car crash, or...choke on a chicken bone until your fucking face turns as blue as Bill Clinton's balls are going to be when no one wants to fuck him during his soon to be powerless and virtually impotent state. I mean...we don't seriously desire that some moderately disfiguring accident, prevent you from continuing to further your career as a "PROFESSIONAL BULLSHIT ARTIST".

Well...not ME, anyway.

Though, I must inform you, Bri...

You done pissed off a few Bernie Peeps that aren't as understanding, compassionate, or forward thinking, as yours truly.

But...back to your, shall we say, "Come Uppance" at the hands of "Da Vooolf".

I guess you didn't think that Wolf would have actually READ the Inspector General's Report before the interview. And, why would you? He never read anything else that you had previously blathered about. He was NEVER in a position to challenge you ON ANYTHING. I mean, what the Hell was he thinking? Actually READING something that he knew you were going to be feeding him quantum bullshit, regarding?

But...Bri...even if you had advance warning of Blitzer's LOWDOWN tactic of actually READING the report...


WHEW...Remind me never to be a White House Press Corps After-Dinner Comedian, and piss off the entire CNN on-air staff.

Tough luck for YOU, Bri...to run into THAT FUCKING BUZZ SAW.

But, anyway...

To bring everything full circle. Most folks don't know, that you started out your career, such as being a "COMPENSATED FUCKING LIAR" has become a career. I bet you can't lift your grandfather's hammer either, can you, you little bitch? It's okay...you'll still change the world.


Damn! There really is a part of me that feels bad about doing that. A small part, I admit. You could say it's a part that would probably dwarf the collective penis of you, Joel and the former president...but, you know, not quite as sizable as your boss's ball sack. Just to put things in proper perspective.

So...as I was saying, Bri...most folks at least on the Bernie side of this equation, didn't know you, and had no idea that you've been lying your little bitch ass off for almost two decades. They saw you as this little chicken shit, dude, who always managed to squirm out of every fact, and pull borderline unbelievable and totally incredulous bullshit stories RIGHT OUT OF THIN AIR, and to do so with the relative ease of an entire college fraternity having its way with a woman who was already passed out on the living room floor.

You remember your college days at the Ima Fulla Shit House...Don't ya, Bri???

But, here you were...


Doing your best to channel your time as spokesliar to first, Chuck Schumer, and later Eric Holder...

Praying that when you stopped talking THIS time, you wouldn't hear Wolf say, "Put up that part of the report that lets me shove my fist just a little farther up this little fucker's ass"...

But...That never happened. Did it, Bri?

You took things, in places, and depths, from Wolf...that Mr. Blitzer has been saving up TO GIVE TO SOMEBODY...for a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

And, frankly, Bri...All I can say to you...from at least a few of us is...

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving box of camel shit, than it did in this instance. I wanted to feel so bad for you. But, then...I remembered that after Super Tuesday, you were seen ON FUCKING TAPE, laughing, leaping like a fucking douche, bad-mouthing Bernie, and the rest of us and saying things like, "BRING YOUR ASSES OVER HERE"...so that you could "KICK IT...ONE MORE TIME"!

Thank you, for saying that, Bri. I really mean that. Thank you you for being the low-life pussy that you are, and have always been. It so helped me get thru your ordeal with Wolf Blitzer, without feeling the need to enter into any therapy, or otherwise suggest that anger management might be in order, because you see... This isn't anger AT ALL... It's just me, and the rest of us high fiving YOUR MOTHERFUCKING KARMA, BITCH.

Get used to Blitzer's fist in your ass, Fool. You took a check, from a career criminal, to not only attempt to publicly validate her bullshit, on a daily basis...

You also got on board a bus that you KNEW before you started, was going to break every fucking rule of the road, on every trip it took, all while giving the finger to anyone that even thought about getting in its way.

The hacker pled guilty.

The Inspector General stuck a pretty sizable report up your ass.



Oh yeah...and ONE OTHER THING...

How soon after you announce Hillary's withdrawal from the race, will you UNITE BLUE, AND GET IN FUCKING LINE?


Feel the Bern, Bitch.

Respectfully submitted,

Billy V.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


To my many new readers and friends, who only a few hours ago wondered whether or not they should ever again take the time that is usually required to commit to reading my Postings, I say...

If today was the first time you have ever read anything which I have been inspired to write...


For half a year, as the blathering blow jobs from CNN, MSNBC and yes, the Clinton Campaign, went ON & ON & ON & ON about "security reviews," "cooperating with federal officials," and ASSURED THE PUBLIC RIGHT AND LEFT that 'THERE'S JUST NO THERE, THERE,"...I explained to anyone who would listen...exactly HOW the federal criminal investigative process works...and why Mrs. Clinton was playing a dangerous game of Romanian Roulette with not only her own future, but that of every American, our democracy, and to some extent, the very continued viability of the Democratic Party.

Yes, I was told by many, even some from within the Sanders Campaign...that it was ME who had been "out in the sun too long," and that "NO ONE could get anything to stick to a Clinton".

All thanks in this case goes to that so far, unimpeachable Magic 8 Ball that  I never leave home without.

But, let me quickly analyze the The Goose's Plea Deal...

First, and of greatest importance...

Goose was charged with 9 counts, totaling a maximum potential sentence of 117 years.

He pled to ONLY 2...NEITHER OF WHICH CARRIED A SENTENCE GREATER THAN 5 YEARS, and in total a max of 7.

In the previous Posting, I told you...the closer to 1 plea, and the closer to 5-10 years max...the closer Mrs. Clinton would be to political and societal oblivion.

Remember...when the US Government took THE EXTRAORDINARY STEP of grabbing the Goose from Romania IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE HE WAS ALREADY SERVING...he had just over two years remaining on that sentence.

What Goose has effectively done here, is to get the hell put of Romania, avoid 110 years of a possible 117 year US sentence, and, my guess is, be sentenced to 5 years here, where he will serve roughly the 2 1/2 that he had left to go on his original sentence.




Unless...an even bigger fish is already bleeding and IN THE FUCKING BARREL!

The plea deal requires Goose to make himself available and to cooperate in "ALL FUTURE INVESTIGATIONS"...

Well...let's examine this in just a little more detail.

Would Goose have other co-conspirators that he needed to testify against?


Is there an Axis of Weasel who the feds think they just can't crack without the dulcet tones of The Goose, being belted out in broken English?

Ah...not hardly.

Are there five (5) Targets of a federal criminal investigation involving Mrs. Clinton's private server that The Goose says he had skeleton access to?


My Friends...

If, The Goose was, like most geese, and essentially FULL OF SHIT, the likelihood of a plea deal, where the kind of people who he hacked...were hacked...and the kind of damage done...done, BUT...there was NO REASON to either keep him here, or utilize him in any "future investigations"...he would have been pled to a bigger charge, got a bigger max number...and have been squirreled away SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

In the same way in which absolutely every step the government took to get to this point, was a neon sign which shouted "BIG FISH FRY...COMING SOON," everything the government has done TODAY, says the same.

I'm almost surprised that the Federal Judge didn't say, "Mr. Goose...If I may call you, Mr. Goose...I have heard your allocution, and I am prepared to enter my findings...DO EITHER YOU OR MRS. CLINTON HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY, BEFORE I FIND YOU BOTH GUILTY?"

And...all of this on the same day that the State Department Inspector General LAMBASTES the former Head of that Department, for maintaining her own private server...among other things.


YEAH...SURE. That's ALWAYS the way things happen in Washington. Right?

And...to those of you who believed that the Teflon Don & Donnette would be saved by their Best Kenyan Friend...

That ship has both sailed...and sunk.

If President Obama had intended to inject himself into this fray, prior to today...

Ah...that ain't a happ'nin no mo'.

This President is already scarred by what Mrs. Clinton has done, what the DNC has done, and to a lesser extent, what he might have been willing to do.

Legacy is everything to any President. Just look at the number of times Bill Clinton allowed Newt Gingrich to bend him over a table and make him squeal like a pig...just so Mr. Clinton could say that his administration accomplished ANYTHING. Sure, it accomplished everything that a fat lizard from Georgia wanted, at the expense of minorities, the poor, working families and union members...

But...at least he has a legacy.

Barack Obama WILL NOT stop Mrs. Clinton from going down for the count AT THE EXPENSE OF BARACK OBAMA'S LEGACY.

It matters NOT, what MSNBC says today...

Or what CNN says today...

Or what Mrs. Clinton, or David Kendall say today...

The ONE WORD, and 1 WORD ONLY, that was spoken by ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD today, that will make ANY DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE, MY LIFE, or the lives of over 300,000,000 "Merkans...was a word that you won't even find in any English dictionary.

That word, my Friends, is...


Or, at least that's what it sounded like to the Federal Judge who received The Goose's plea, found him guilty AS SHIT...and then went back into the Judge's Chambers, took off the robe, called everyone the judge knows, and said...


Believe it, Friends. This is real. It is happening. And, NO ONE, can stop it, now.

Once Again...You Heard It Here, First!

Sometime today, Wednesday, May 25, 2016...Michael Lehel Lazar, aka "Guccifer"...will plead guilty to some number of charges that he hacked the computers and phones of celebrities and political figures in the United States.

As some of my friends can attest, I have given a play-by-play account of the FBI's "Stiff the Shill" Campaign, since early January.

The mainstream media in absolute, and even the alternative media, for the most part, have either ignored the ongoing federal criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton, has deemed the matter to be yet another example of a 4 decade long "vast right-wing conspiracy," or have just not understood what was happening, and opted to remain silent, rather than revealing themselves to not exactly know their collective asshole from the elbow.

So...What's the BFD? Who cares about another hacker who got pinched for waxing his carrot while looking at a naked selfie of Jennifer Aniston that was clearly only ever meant to be seen by Adam Duritz, Tate Donovan, Paul Rudd, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, John Mayer, Justin Theroux, 56 Syrian Refugees, every Member of the Green Bay Packers from 2004 to Present, all men born on even numbered days whose last name does NOT end with a vowel, AND every member of the USC Trojan Marching Band, regardless of gender...

Okay...so maybe the Jennifer Aniston charge wasn't gonna stick, anyway. The point being...one of us unfortunate victims of non-violent crime, has our shit hacked about every nine seconds. My own phones, tablets and laptop have been compromised at least 12 times in the last 6 years. And, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that three sheep in Kansas and a duck in the Witness Protection Program, are actually wayyyyyyyy more pissed about that fact, even than I am.

But, let's get back to Guccifer for a minute.

"Goose," as those of us who know his work have come to call him, was, until a short time ago, living in a gated community, which housed he and 1199 of his closest friends...in a maximum security Romanian penitentiary. 

Goose had not quite reached the mid-point of a four year sentence for identity theft and other dastardly deeds, when one of the guards was heard to say, "Hey, Goosey!..You 'ave wisitor",

Goose was a bit confused by this advice, since he really wasn't expecting anybody...let alone an Assistant United States Attorney...with an Extradition Order.

Now...here's where we have to sidestep just a second.

Yes, Goose had been charged in the United States, with 9 separate felony counts associated with the hacking of various US Celebrities and political figures. And, his 3 counts of wire fraud, 3 counts of unauthorized access of a protected computer, and 1 count each of cyberstalking, identity theft and obstruction of justice...had the potential to land him in an American penitentiary, for a whopping total of 117 years.

Remember, Goose was only halfway thru his existing Romanian sentence. And, not even "typically," but universally...what happens in that case, is that the United States files a detainer with the Romanian Government, and the prison at Arad. Then...at the end of Gooses's current sentence, instead of getting a new suit, a bowl of borscht and a ride to the nearest cyber cafe...Our Man Goose, would be turned over to the same Assistant United States Attorney, now squirming in his chair in the visiting area of Arad Prison.

But wait...there's more.

The man in the waiting room, with the Extradition Order, really didn't have an "Order" yet. He only had a request. And, the request was for Goose. Our government, put a trained legal scholar, on a plane, with directions to go to a Romanian prison and very politely ask an inmate who had not yet reached the halfway point of his existing sentence...if he would "consent" to being removed from Romania, and the prison, and accompany that Legal Eagle, to a place where instead of serving 4 years...he might end up serving 117.

Now...I know that stranger things have happened. Bernie was projected to win Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and several other key states. Bill Clinton was issued a Certificate of Completion by Sexaholics Anonymous. Debbie Wasserman-Schitz was given special dispensation by the Governor of North Carolina to use "what-ever fuckin' shitter you feel like".

But...the truth is, an Alabama Trump supporter don't e'en need ta take his shoes off'n ta know that "117" is jes' a bit more than "4".

And yet...That Silly Fuckin' Goose was packed up, out of Arad and three-quarters of the way across the pond, before the ink was dry on his consent to be shipped off to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Motherfucking Plea Bargain.

Rewind just another little bit, to put each relevant event in proper sequence.

Shortly before the US sent an AUSA to go and ask Goose to "Come on Down," a man named Brian Pagliano was given immunity from prosecution in the case being investigated against Mrs. Clinton and others.

Brian Pagliano, "Pags"...had previously been employed by Mrs. Clinton to construct the server which was housed in the basement of her home.

Pags had been requested on numerous occasions, to provide specific details on exactly how he had built this server, what protective measures, precautions, and protections had been employed...and, oh, let's just say "a whole host of other questions".

And, on each occasion, when Pags could have been the star of his own show...he politely told everyone from US Senate Committee Members, to FBI Agents, to DoJ Attorneys, to, ah..."take their questions and cram them where the sun don't shine".

I'm not really sure he meant he wanted the investigators to cram their questions into the dark heart of his former boss. But, let's again just say, that Pags had a good enough lawyer to convince the government that full immunity from prosecution was perhaps the only way that the FBI would ever completely understand the true nature and extent of the case they may not have known that they had.

So...Pags gets "the brass ring," a grant of full immunity, and begins singing for his supper like he was Huma Abedin at "Weinerfest 2011".

And, literally DAYS LATER...Goose trades his 8x8 Romanian prison cell...for a suite at the DC Marriott.

If there are any Trump supporters with us today...THAT WAS THE IMPORTANT PART!!!

So...in less time than it takes your dog to realize than MOST pet owners don't smear their own balls with peanut butter before askin' Fido if he's hungry...the government had the testimony of the guy who built the server, the guy who beat the server...and even a little bit more.

Let me just stop here for a minute to say, "The GOOSE is ON THE LOOSE"!! I don't know why, but from the beginning of this posting, I've just wanted to scream that out. 

And, THIS is why today's guilty plea is both EXTREMELY important, and...why it will likely be ignored by most, if not all media.

Watch to see how many of the 9 original charges, the Goose has agreed to plead to...

Listen for what is announced as the agreed upon sentence, and whether that is accepted by the judge.

The closer to "9"...in terms of the number of charges that Goose pleads guilty to...the more likely the Shill escapes justice, yet again.

The closer to 117 years, as an agreed upon sentence...same deal.

On...the OTHER hand...

Goose pleads to a single count and gets a minimal period of incarceration...I will go ON RECORD and bet the farm, 4 kids, every dream I have left AND all three testicles (don't ask unless NOTHING scares you...) that Shillary Rodham Clintone (don't all mob bosses have three names) is GOIN' DOWN!

Do NOT listen to the MSM, or any of the Clinton Surrogates. Even the Surrogates are seriously parsing their words now.

"Has Mrs. Clinton been approached by the FBI?"

Until a week or so ago...the answer to that question was an outright and forceful, "NO!"

Just yesterday...on two occasions, the answer was, "David Kendall has been in contact with everyone connected to the case, since August."

Here is the truth...and again...YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST.

Pags & The Goose have been before the Grand Jury. Huma & the Blowfish were interviewed by the FBI and at least offered an opportunity to make their cases to the Grand Jury...

And, The Shill has, in fact had her interview, as well.


Last Tuesday.

How do we know this?

Goose's Plea Deal WOULD NEVER BE CAST IN CONCRETE until the government knew exactly what they had, AND where it was going to lead.

Should Goose plead to one count and bite off a nickel, or even a dime...

President Obama, the DNC, and EVERY DEMOCRAT INCLUDING BERNIE SANDERS better take off the gloves AND DEMAND that Mrs. Clinton get out of the race, NOW!

I do honestly believe that FBI Director Comey did NOT have a set timeline to complete this investigation.

I really did believe that Comey felt that a timeline would be unnecessary, since NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, would watch this case form around them and tighten like an anaconda on a Peruvian llama...AND STILL believe that continuing to pursue a presidential fantasy that could never be...

But, when Comey watched Clintone, and saw that the immunity had no effect...securing Goose had no effect, and that it was CLEAR, Mrs. Clinton was willing to destroy a party and a country in support of her purely sociopathic end...

The plea deal, and the two additional grants of immunity I foresee coming in the next few weeks, will REQUIRE a Clinton withdrawal.

I hope you enjoyed this piece. And, I promise you a 110% piss your pants funny Open Letter tomorrow night. But, for now, I assure you that if this Goose doesn't get cooked, there will be a Rod-ham on a spit, and Bernie Sanders WILL BE the nominee of the Democratic Party...and the 45th President of the United States.